Zen (element)
Users *Jack
Abilities *reality influences
  • energy force
  • Explosions
  • Low Level Hypnosis
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Zen Is an fanon "elemental" power in Ninjago.Zen is a spiritual power like Chi/Ki,The Name originates from a schoolar in buddhism.

User`s AbilityEdit

  • Spinjitzu Of Zen-Spinjitzu
  • Forseeing-With this ability the user can infact telegraph his or her opponent`s next move
  • Zen Ball-The user can cast an ball of a pale purple and dark pale blue energy that causes energy to blast
  • Flurry Rush-With this ability the user can dash towards his or her opponent and hit her many times with the the energy of Zen.
  • Healing-Healing through Zen
  • Slowmotion-With this ability the user can slow down his or her opponents by making it look like the enviroment goes slowmotion despite the fact its the zen that makes the user quicker than the enviroment.
  • Hypno Trick-Similiar to jedi mind trick from star wars, an element master of Zen can use this ability to influence thoughts of his or her target
  • Electricity-Despite not being an elemental master of Lightning the user can use Lightning and electricity as an side Power, using his or her inner negative energy the user is able to use electricity and Lightning abilities such as chain-lightning or fire electricity

Reality affecting ability

  • ​Pillar creating creating-With this ability the user can create pillars and plattforms just simply using the ground
  • Spikes-create spikes nearly out of nearly anything
  • Explosive force-With the power of Zen,the user can cause explosions through casting an transparent force that later causes smaller explosions