Zap is Maria 's brother and Clark 's cousin. He travels around the world to help stop terrible falling demons' colorful crystal blood. Zap and Maria saved their parents, Jay and Nya, from the Shadow Ninja with the help of Jaz. Zap is a teen and a Ninja of Lightning. He, just like his father, is very creative, strange, and talkative. He is still being trained for Spinjitzu, but he shall be the future Ninja of Lightning. His worst enemies are the scorpions.

Chapter 1: Swimming in the PoolEdit

(Clark is sleeping in his dream until he sees Maria.)

Clark: Maria, what are you doing?(sees her in her swimsuit) Um...

Maria: Come with me.

(Clark and Maria swim and dance as some fireflies fly around them.)

Maria: I love you Clark...

Clark: I love you too...

(Clark begins to kiss her while Lloyd wakes him.)

Sensei Lloyd: Clark, wake up!

Clark: (wakes up) Ahh!!! Oh, sorry Sensei.

Chapter 2: TrainingEdit

Clark: Hey Maria, I'm getting tired. I'm about to get some rest.

Maria: Yeah, me too. Training is too much work for me.

Sensei Lloyd: Come on, Ninja. You must go train.

Zap: But training is so hard! And behinds, I'm very tired.

Titor: I agree with Zap. I'd rather go to sleep for a thousand years.

Zap: See, I really want to sleep.

Sensei Lloyd: I demand that you all train. That's not an option.

(Clark, Maria, Zap, and Titor complain.)

Chapter 3: JasonEdit

Clark: iHey Josh. What are you doing here?

Josh: I was thinking maybe I'd train with you guys.

Sensei Lloyd: I'm afraid not. Only the Ninja can trin.

Josh: But you don't understand! The demon's crystal blood is lost, and my cousin Jane is dead! (opens up the vision smoke). What's this? Oh, it's Jason!

Clark: Jason? Who's Jason?

Josh: He's a Shadow Ninja that's been put under the spell. Hmm, lemme see if I can bring him here... (summons transportation spell and Jason appears)

Maria: It really is Jason!

Jason: Wh-What?! Where am I? Who are you all?

Chapter 4: The Young Shadow NinjaEdit

Jason: Oh no, not the ultra dragon!

Clark: We're only doing this for your own good!

(Jason runs away only to be chased by Clark, Zap, Maria, and Titor.)

Jason: Get away from me!

Clark: It's okay! You don't have be afraid of us!

Jason: I've lost my sister, Jaz...I hope we can still be a tea. Maria, Zap, Titor, Clark: Yeah, teamwork!

Sensei Lloyd: That is very excellent. Now you must learn about it.

All Ninja: Ninja, GO!!!

The End