Wyatt is a character created by Sensei PurpleBrick. Please do not use without her permission.


Wyatt is a kind, caring, thoughtful Water Ninja, though he has a tendency to be very impulsive and burst into songs at the worst times. His weapon of choice is a scythe.


Wyatt has dark blue hair styled in spikes meant to look like a rolling wave, and gray eyes. He wears a light blue/black gi with a maskーbecause, you know, a hood would mess up his spikes. Nobody messes with Wyatt's hair, it takes him an hour every day to get his hair like thatーand that's not counting the days he has to re-dye it.


Early HistoryEdit

Shortly after Wyatt was born, his mother died. His father remarried several years later. Surprisingly, it is his father, not his stepmother, that Wyatt has trouble getting along with. He became a ninja through the training of an old Elemental Master.

Back To LifeEdit

After learning of his element's effectiveness against ghosts, he makes them his speciaty. But that all changes when he meets Tara Zhen just after she turns into a ghost, and decides to help her find a way to turn back to human form.


  • Tara - Wyatt helps Tara out of compassion, hoping to bring some cheer into her lonely ghost life. The two soon grow deeply attached to each other. Ship ship ship!