Story told by N.E.R1508 and told in my point of veiw.


It was just an ordinary day, I just got back from school along with my best friend: Nicole. We went into my house to see my little brother, Isaac watching 'Regular Show'. " Hey Isaac...watcha watching?" Nicole said, in a rather cute voice. My friend thought my brother was cute, but to me...nuh uh. " Oh, I'm watching Regular Show were Rigby goes into a coma..." Isaac replied. We both rolled our eyes and quickly stumbled into my room...I let my bookbag drop to the floor, and jumped tiredly into bed. " Ughh...too much work in school...." I groaned into my pillow. I heard Nicole jump down next to me and whisper, " Well, would you rather be watching Ninjago?" I shot up. " Ninjago?! Where?!" I yelled. Ninjago was my most favorite TV show....and everyone I knew, knew it. " Well, we could search it on your computer....come on..." Nicole stated, getting up. I sat myself down on my blue chair, I quickly typed in my favorite episode: Ninjago episode 13: 'Day of The Great Devourer' Just then, Isaac barged in. " Aww..the TV broke down...hey! What are you watching? Can I watch?" he asked in his so-called, super annoying voice. I grunted and said, " Fine." Finally, we found the episode and clicked on it, we waited for it to load. " Whens it gonna start? Why's it taking so long? Can we speed it up?" my brother asked. " If you wont shut up I'll ask you to leave!" I yelled to him. Isaac stayed speechless. Finally, it played, and we watched. If you have not heard of Ninjago then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! No offense though....Ninjago is like, the awesomest show I've seen by far...ever! And believe me when I say this because if you watch it, you know I'm not wrong. We were halfway done with the episode when we heard a loud click, the power went out, and Isaac started freaking out. " AHHH!!!! I'M DYING I'M DYING!!!!!!" he screamed. " Shhhh!!!!" I hushed. " Shut up! Its only darkness!" Then, I heard a loud woosh, and before you know it we ended up inside a blizzard. " What the?" we all said at the same time. Nicole called out to me but her voice sounded muffled by the snow falling, I could hear her a little but it was too difficult. Then I heard the sound of something hissing, and thats when...

I blacked-out.

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