A Darlyn and her friends stumbles onto an evil crimson order members's minions, puppets six blood soul members, an A Group Of Evil Women's soul eater, Who Are Disguised As Evil Teammates crew Clones convention and must battle them, even after Naomy and others girls are kidnapped, Teammates crew and friends start to find out that Darlyn and Lloyd's Little helpers told them.


During a anniversary of sins fighters staying with A young woman named Jennifer who the mind of Darlyn's little helpers, is filled with stories about evil crimson order members's minions, puppets six blood soul members: A Group Of Evil Women's soul eater who love absorbing all of the women's soul. They have masks that they wear over their heads to disguise themselves to be a women's lovers, boyfriends and love interest, they wear costume to dressing up as a others boys and men, and they have glowing red eyes from the masks. Jennifer gives Sarah, elf and ginger an insight into the world of the unexplained by describing the details that concern the memories she has about something that happened some many years earlier, when she was a young girl that surrounds lady who was his close friend and befriend. That woman disappeared, having been targeted and absorbed her soul by a puppets six blood soul, and for six weeks afterwards no trace of her was found, despite the efforts of police and local people. Then an image of the woman was found in a painting at Manolo's home, and as the years passed the Woman's appearance and position in the painting changed until he eventually disappeared from the canvas. The woman continues the story and she mentions further when her parent had come close to a puppets six blood soul themselves, she had the experience of lose her own parent's soul because of the puppets six blood soul, although she does not explain how this happened.

After Little helpers's boss are killed in a old age, Jennifer takes them under her wing and they move to Philippines live action in a nice English school in the countryside. While building in Darlyn's learing center and gathering Darlyn's pencil and paper, Little helpers has his first encounter with a puppets six blood soul when fake Darlyn is a strange person in black walks up to them below leaning center room. She seems friendly towards them but as they takes a closer look it appears she has glowing red eyes and they realizes that she must be a one of the puppets six blood soul. She persuades Little helpers to come down and take the candy and the chocolate from her. The situation makes The little helpers feel scared especially when she mysteriously knows their name. She aborts her attempt to lure Them away when Darlyn comes outside looking for them, encouraging her little helpers to come back inside with her.

After a few hours, Darlyn, Lloyd and their little helpers, where they learn that Heroes-Con, a heroes convention where superheroes from around the world gather to search for heroes to battle combat, was to be held in Japanese. They manage to hitch a ride to Japanese. Coincidentally, Darlyn's mates who drove them there were tournament of combat heading to Heroes-Con as well with Darlyn and Lloyd's mentor, david jones. Darlyn, Lloyd and The Little helpers were impressed by some of Darlyn's school bullies In the end, they and Darlyn's mates attempt to become the survivors for Ninjas, the world's first male armors ninja. Hundreds of audience members rush on stage to participate in four ninjas's challenge, but they are eliminated easily by the superheroes. Amidst the confusion, G.F.A students wins the challenge by swapping the ruby with elf's wooden sword Kai declares the Missing children and the little helpers new survivors.

Ninjas takes the others to their residence in Japanese hotel, where they instructs the Kids to battle The lover teammates crew and dianne's mates for them. At the battle party, the teammates crew won, while jones visit to his ex-wife, Charlotte jones who is killed by car crashes and her son left himself. And they are celebrating until A Group Of Evil Women's soul eater Called puppets six blood soul members Who Are Disguised As Evil Teammates Crew Clones, Crash The Queen Japanese games, Attacked Queen Samantha, And Kidnapped Naomy king, Catherine"cathy" king And Sue Morris And Then Escape In Their Flying Transport That Looks Like A Puppet’s Head. To Get Them Back, because of elf and ginger told Darlyn and Lloyd about that as Darlyn, lloyd, jones and friends must Battle The Six blood soul, In Their True Forms, In A Tag-Team Match Located In The Forest To Free The Girls Who Are Dressed Up In Jungle Outfits.

The Tag-Team Match Between Jasper And Gin-gin VS Starlight Glimmers And Eduardo "El Macho" Pérez The Protector Of The puppets six blood soul continue. Darlyn, Lloyd and jones Uses The Beautiful butterfly On jones's Fishing Pole To Snap Jasper Out Of Starlight glimmers’s Illusion And Jasper Saves Gin-Gin From El macho And They Agree To Work As A Team. Jasper Deflects Starlight glimmers’s Illusion Beam At El macho Trapping Him In An Illusion. Gin-gin uses her rainbow reign of pain of el macho then knocks him out with a kick defeating him. Starlight glimmers’s's in Jasper's submission move and starts digging the ring to get out of it not only escaping the move but sending himself, Jasper and gin-gin down a cavern, Starlight glimmers attempts to break a branch that Jasper was holding onto, it breaks sending Jasper further down but is safe by gin-gin. He swings Jasper at starlight glimmers grabbing her by the horns and knocks her out with the Calf Branding move therefore winning the first grudge match and saving Cathy's life.

Manolo and Joaquín Vs. Chakal, the large leader of a group of bandits (from the book of life movie) and Captain Gutt (from Ice Age: Continental Drift). They fight to rescue Sue Morris who is in the jester head and the odds aren’t good. After Captain Gutt knocks Darlyn's childhood best friend into The lake and Chakal dropping Ooze into it, Manolo’s Mom Reminds Him Of The Time She Taught Him How To Move Through The Cold Water. Manolo Remembers And Uses His Strength To Move Through The Lake And Returns To The Ring. Chakal Uses His Arms-Whip Attacks On Him, Even If It Involves Knocking Manolo's parent And His Grandfather luis Into The Lake. Joaquín Wants To Tag In, But Chakal Tells Him That If Manolo Leaves, He And Captain Gutt will Beat Up Joaquín. Everyone else tries to help but nothing seems to work everyone agrees Darlyn and Lloyd should go which they does (Kai kicked them into the lake). Darlyn and lloyd is almost successful but had to return to the surface due to them nearly drowning after being kicked into the corner by Chakal Joaquín ells Manolo to tag out to save his family. Joaquín is holding his own against Chakal when Captain Gutt joins in and overwhelms Joaquín. He is thrown to the ropes and Captain Gutt tries to kill him but is stopped by Sarah. Checkmate knocks out both of them and returns to the others. Joaquín filled with fighting sprit punches Captain Gutt and smacks him, Chakal goes to attack him but is stopped by Manolo who returns after saving his family and defeats Chakal with a sky high driver and Joaquín takes out Captain Gutt with the madel of lasting life, Manolo and Joaquín get their first win!! Now with Sue Morris saved and the second match over now its up to David jones and Jennifer to win the last match. Can they pull it off?

The final match of the puppets six blood soul between Jones and Jennifer vs. Victor "Vector" Perkins and Cironielian Chrysalis Eater to decide the fate of Naomy is about to begin absorb. Jennifer decides to go first, facing off against Victor "Vector" Perkins. The two begin their battle, and Jennifer soon takes charge of things, smacking Victor "Vector" Perkin around with his fists and doing all sorts of moves. Victor "Vector" Perkins finally musters a saw-blade attack by detaching both of his arms and hurling them like spinning blades at Jennifer, but Jennifer is too quick and dodges them. Although Jennifer is victorious he is disqualified due to him and Victor "Vector" Perkins being out of the ring for more than 20 seconds. With Cironielian Chrysalis Eater and Jones ready to square off, Jones laughs at the boniness of the Eater’s body, as she is the skinniest wrestler anyone has ever seen. The eater says that strength isn’t the only way to win a battle, and Jones soon learns this as he charges toward the eater and misses every time. Chrysails is too fast for him, and zips around the ring, striking david Jones repeatedly. But Jones was down after suffering Cironielian Chrysalis Eater's devastating finisher – the eater Wasteland. While david still unconscious and his friends doubting his victory, when suddenly, much to the chagrin of the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater, Jones comes to his feet. As excited as everyone is that jones is standing again, Sarah informs everyone that Jones may be standing – but he is sound asleep on his feet as a result of all the punishment that Cironielian Chrysalis Eater has inflicted! David does wake up only to be hit in the stomach by the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater but with support of his friends, the crowd and even the fighters she's defeated are cheering him on and with this strength jones become a heroes to defeats Cironielian Chrysalis Eater with that he saves Naomy to celebrate While Chase Darlyn and Lloyd in Angry.

At the end, Darlyn, dianne and their little helpers walk away with their mates and friends while teammates crew are have relationship with lover teammates crew as The film ends with Jennifer's portrait (Which she is a 12 years old child.) finally smiling, next to a frame containing her lucky gems and her life's quote, "A young little helpers become Darlyn's close friends and helpers."

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