what ever happen to kai was kidnapped by unknown (What ever happened to Kai was kidnapped part 2)





Original Airdate

july 2 2014

Song and Short

ultimate anime hero/ eren birthday!!!

That's All Folk



why Kai has a pet.


crime girl!

read to talk

Transcript 6

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Darlyn and the survey crops develops amnesia and save Kai who was goes missing being kidnapped by evil demon crystal woman named Helena jones who wanting to kidnap him for her plan.


The episode start with kai find himself in the mystery woman lair labs, he screams at the mystery woman who capture him to be Helena jones, a daughter of demonic queen/Bella claraline.

Kai realizes that she is wanting to turn him into were demon like snakes as Helena turned Kai into were monster with transform ray gun, meanwhile darlyn awake herself in her bed from her nightmare she meet a leader of survey crops wanting to save her adoptive brother Kai, to be her friend Finn and jake.

Darlyn have to save Kai first, because of eren gave to two piece of rainbow heart gems, she become horrified of her adoptive brother in danger as darlyn goes to journey now.

Meanwhile, emmet is in prison as his punishment for free the wild wolves, bad/good cops is so angry at him for bad idea,darlyn arrives to ask where is Kai the bad/good cops,

In outside, darlyn attacks Eren for abandoning his adoptive brother (who be kidnapped by Helena jones). He insists with a little time, his adoptive brother could have been saved. With darlyn struggling to punch him again, Eren explains that darlyn didn't have the strength to save his adoptive brother, further infuriating her. However, he then says that the reason he didn't save Darlyn's adoptive brother, was because he didn't have the courage to face the Helena jones. As they are lead toward Anywhere, lloyd has a flashback of dead Jason stronger and emma stronger before remarking about the decedent of this event.

Meanwhile, Buffy is finishing her jobs as she see somethings was coming from revealing to be Kai turned to demons Buffy attacks demon Kai, but he strong then Buffy, until kidnap Angela as she screams, Eren hears for help, while give strength food, but Darlyn is unlike it, as he put her mouth with good food as demon Kai spot and eat them, Darlyn,finn and jake look for Eren who turn to titan shifter to get out of there, wu and Garmadom arrives to find out they wearing survey crops and attack to make him normal but Finn had idea, darlyn shoot Kai into face with gems on arrow (without sharp blade) and bows, Kai is now back to normal but he not wearing clothes and run to tree, they sorry to him for good, Helena got snophiey he realizes now that his pet get kidnaped and running off with the wild wolves. However, she runs directly through the anywere into a wall sina.

They look for snophiey gone while Helena is squashed, badly, as wu promise goodbye to his pet and samukai fire her off the wall onto Smiling titan' hand, who mistakes Helena as a survey crops and chases her around the circle.

On the plane where they wearing the zx suit, Kai wanted missed his pet revealing snophiey ride back to the states on airplane, wanting to stay with them.

In epilogue, snophiey is seen slepping on Kai bed along with Kai when Darlyn and lloyd walks in and demands he gets off Kai bed. Seeing that snophiey won't listen, Lloyd tries to assert himself and darlyn as the dominant male, but fails and is attacked after poking Snophiey's eye, having their suit ripped off their body wearing underwear in an instant. Lloyd and darkyn then leaves, stating that he's more comfortable on the bed.


Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

Lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Snophiey the wild wolves

Other skeleton army

Samukai (cameo)

Good/bad cops

Emmet Brickowski

Eren Yeager (debut)

Mikasa Ackerman/Yeager (debut)

Armin Arlert (debut)

Annie Leonhart (debut)

Keith Shadis (debut)

Alexandra Helena jones

Cryptkeeper (debut)

Buffy summer

Officer max (debut)

Max henchman (debut)

Smiling titan (debut)

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