What Happened to Kai?





Original Airdate

April 11, 2013

Storyboard Artist(s):

  • Tim Hill
  • Stephen Hillenburg


  • Phil Lord
  • Chris Miller


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Thomas must save Rachael from the evil leader of the vampires. After a Japanese vacation party is plunged into darkness for a month, the attenders are attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires while Wu warns the slime bubble. A robber, however, plans to use them to steal the Rainbow Heart crystal.


The episode starts with the Smith family visiting Kai, karen and Nya's cousin Kate's house after Mr. Rose gets killed. After parking the car at the head of the driveway, following a bizarre coincidence in which a tree topples onto the car, they walk down a path to Kate's home but find the house left open. Kate is nowhere to be found, and there are drawings and wall-scratchings hinting that Slenderman was here. Kate explains to her cousins, uncle, and aunt that an evil vampire killed her grandfather. Thomas prepares to fight the vampire, but Rachael gets kidnapped, by the leader of the vampires named Marlow, who turns him into a vampire.

It's a typical day at the summer pool, and Kai, karen, Nya, and Kate are having fun. They meet new friends named Jay, Zane, Cole, Angela, Kalen, and Kira,colena,jayna,suzane. Suddenly, large green volcanic slime bubbles, also known as "Super Bubbles", arise out of the water. They came out of a crack at the bottom of the pool.ten bubbles approach Kai, Nya, Kate, and their friends. Just as they're going to use them to bounce like a ball, Wu and Garmadon approach them. They claim that these bubbles are dangerous. However, Kai uses them anyway. Meanwhile, the crystal robber (Alex's uncle) tries to steal the crystal from the Rainbow Heart museum when Jennifer smashes him with the drop of her house. Kai, Nya, Kate, and their friends use their slime bubbles to bounce and smash Jennifer and her belongings. More bubbles begin to arise from the pool, and the other people begin to use the bubbles. Wu and Garmadon try to explain to Kai,karen, Nya, Kate, Zane, Cole,jack, Angela, Kalen, Kira,colena,jayna,suzane,kate the other people, and the crystal robber that the bubbles are dangerous. He says that they are safe when stable, but if unstable, it can coat all of Ninjago City in a poisonous slime. The crystal robber hears this and builds a machine to find a bubble large enough to destroy the entire city as most are rather small. Then he goes under the water in a ship to find the crack where the bubbles are coming from.

Meanwhile, everyone continues to use the slime, although Wu and Garmadon said it wasdangerous. Kai,karen, Nya, Kate, and their friends continue using the slime as bouncy balls. Jennifer begins to use the slime as a scarf. The other citizens continue to use it for their own purposes as well. A reporter girl begins to report for Ninjago City News with Jack. She states how the gooey slime bubbles are popular at summer pools. While airing, Wu and Garmadon, now going partly insane with their theory, say how the bubbles are dangerous again. Everybody still thinks they're wrong, but soon they will be right.

Meanwhile at night, Thomas attempts to look for and save his wife. Marlow warns that if he wins or loses, the sun will rise to his death, and he will never become a human again. Marlow ends up beating him, and Rachael cries in horror as he beating hims again. Back at the beach, the crystal robber continues on his quest to find the ultimate slime bubble in his ship. He sets to find the crack at any cost. Soon, he finds it. The crystal robber and Alex widen the crack and unleash the largest slime bubble. It rises out of the beach, and everybody now agrees with Garmadon and Wu.

The trio examine the bubble and realize that it's dangerous. They need to stop it with supplies from Wu and Garmadon's space ship. Kai,karen, Nya, Kate, their friends,Jennifer, Wu and Garmadom, proceed to their space ship. However, Angela's grandmother gets swept into the bubble, now controlled by the crystal robber. The duo gets into Wu and Garamdon's airplane at their ship then proceeds to save Angela's grandma.

They soon find the giant bubble and send down a rope to grab Angela's grandma, who is sitting on the slime. Angela grabs her grandma and climbs up the rope and into the plane.wu get angry and throws her at pillow factory, and then they all prepare themselves to stop the bubble.

They soon discover that the crystal robber is controlling the bubble after they see his ship. The recently reformed trio pursue him around the bubble. They oddly catch him seemingly easily. Sadly, the crystal robber outsmarts the trio and sends them off the bubble. He also destroys Wu and Garmadon's airplane.

The trio then pursues the bubble on foot through Downtown Ninjago. They end up at the Rainbow Heart Museum. Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd,jack, Angela, Nya, Kalen, Kira, Window, Kate,colena,jayna,suzane,Wu, Garmadon, Misako, Emma, the museum manager,jennifer , and the other Ninjago citizens confront crystal robber and the bubble. Then they attempt to send the bubble away and foil his plan. Their attempts are failures, however.

The crystal robber then demands the Rainbow Heart Crystal Necklace or else he will pop the bubble and coat the entire city in a poisonous slime. Left with a choice of giving up the crystal necklace or being chased by an angry mob, the museum manager reluctantly surrenders and gives him the crystal necklace. The crystal robber outsmarts them again and pops the bubble anyway. The city is now covered in a poisonous slime. The crystal robber proceeds to read the "crystal necklace" on his ship. It reads, "The only thing that's stronger than slime is...T.N.T.!" He realizes that the crystal necklace is fake while the T.N.T. explodes and kills him, ruining his plan. The museum manager turns out to be Slenderman, and he tells Kai that his father will die. Now Kai,karen, Nya, and Kate must go find his parents and fight Marlow.

As the month comes to an end and the sun rises, the vampires start to burn down the town to destroy evidence of their presence and prevent any survivors from telling the world what happened. Realizing he cannot beat the vampires in his current state, Kai is shocked at the fact that his father turned himself into a vampire via injection with Kai,karen, Nya, and Kate's infected blood. He confronts Marlow, who accepts Thomas as the "pack leader" of the humans (referring to him as "the one who fights"). The two engage in a vicious battle for supremacy, which ends with Thomas punching a hole through Marlow's skull. Leaderless and with the sun about to rise, the remaining vampires flee to death.

Thomas, and Rachael watch the sunrise together. While Rachael rests on Thomas's shoulder, they share one last kiss. Rachael holds Thomas tightly in her arms as the sun brightens the sky, and Thomas dies, his body burning to ashes. Rachael dies in her sleep while Kai,karen,kate and Nya run to see that their parents are dead. They all look at the sky, coming to grips with what has happened.


  • Mr. Rose (killed by Marlow. Kai, karen,Nya, and Kate think slenderman is killed their grandpa)
  • Other People (death by slime bubble)
  • Crystal Robber (dies in explosion)
  • Marlow (punched by Thomas)
  • Vampires (burned by the sun)
  • Thomas (by sunset, as a vampire)
  • Rachael (injects herself with poison, she brought it from her father)


  • Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith/Fire Ninja
  • Nya N. Smith/Samurai x
  • Kate Marie L. Rose/Police Woman (debut)
  • Karen Laura smith/the agent 1#
  • Jason "Jay" Walker /Lighting Ninja (debut)
  • Jayna walker/the agent 2#
  • Zane Julien-Roberts/Ice Ninja (debut)
  • suzane Julien-Roberts/the agent 3#
  • Coleman "cole"Brookstone Hence-Buckets/Earth Ninja (debut)
  • Colena Hence-Buckets/the agent 4#
  • Angela William G. Dragson/samurai 0 (debut)
  • Kalen aka P.I.X.A.L Alison E. Johnson/female samurai (debut)
  • Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson/ samurai Storm (debut)
  • Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon/Energy Ninja (debut)
  • Window sarah Wu/Young samurai (debut)
  • Crystal Robber (debut)
  • Thomas Smith
  • Rachael Smith
  • Slenderman (debut)
  • Alexander "alex" jones (debut)
  • Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon
  • Sensei/lord Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon
  • Misako Garmadon
  • Emma Wu
  • Son Goku (debut)
  • Chi Chi (debut)
  • Max's Father (debut)
  • Flaty the Dummy (debut)
  • Bubble Giant (debut)
  • Marlow, Leader of the Vampires (debut)
  • Other Vampires (debut)
  • Jennifer Fanson (debut)

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