Warning: Article contains some strong language. Weebjago Cult is a group of people dedicated to debunking the mystery behind the weaboo tendencies of the infamous show LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

If you're interested of joining, don't be shy! We shall debunk all the mysteries hidden in this ripoff anime show.

Please come and be part of a meme-making history, after all, we were born to make history.

~ Master of the Memes

History Edit

Foundation Edit

This cult was founded by three anime fans who were formerly LEGO Ninjago fans, Kurohaa, Ninjagozane and Catspade, around the end of December 2016 on Google Hangouts. Kurohaa suggested the name Weebjago for the group chat, and the two girls agreed on it, claiming it's the perfect title for the little trio.

Ninjagozane became founder and president of the little cult and was nominated with the title Master of the Memes, making a reference to the VOCALOID franchise Evillious Chronicles by Akuno-P. She began making memes on January 1, 2017.

Kurohaa became the vice-president, checking it daily to see who would be willing to join the little trio. She is dubbed Master of Saltiness.

At last, we have Catspade, the secretary of the trio. She is dubbed Master of the Memes.

Later on the second day of January 2017, a new member named Memetrashninja has joined the cult, making her the cult organizer.

Later in January, a new member by the name of The Justice Lady joined. She is The Master of Justice, who represents the true justice of the world [and the Ninjago Fandom], memes and exposure. What does she expose? Terrible theories, disgusting plot and character development, and of course, the common and questionable weaboo acts of the LEGO: Ninjago fans.

Creation of Memes Edit

IMG 6852

Ninjagozane's very first meme of the Weebajgo Cult.

Catspade sent her first screenshot of an old episode of the LEGO Ninjago series on the Weebjago group, and Ninjagozane decided to edited it, soon, the group was spammed with memes from Catspade with the original screenshots and Ninjagozane editing them and sending them back while Kurohaa laughs back as a reply.

Ninjagozane's huge love for memes didn't stop her from making for more the little cult of Weebjago. She decided to stay up and make more memes for the Weebjago research group. Those memes can be found in this gallery.

Parodies of original songs Edit

While discussing about how to make the dark and undergorund cult better to mark its name in the LEGO Ninjago fandom, Catspade made a parody of The Fold's original song, which also serves as the main opening theme for the show, The Weekend Whip, with informations mentioned by Ninjagozane with the Ninja's elemental symbols.

  • "平" for Kai, which bears the meaning of flat and peaceful.
  • "羊" for Jay, which has the meaning of sheep.
  • "牛" for Cole, which means cow or cattle.
  • "斗" for Lloyd, which means fight.
  • Although not mentioned, Ninjagozane has a hunch that Zane's elemental symbol resembles greatly to the Chinese character "山", which means mountain.

Lloyd likes fighting

Jay is lazy ass who thinks of sheep

Cole is a fat cow

Kai has a flat mind about life

Zane loves mountains

Jump up, kick the weebjagos back whip around and spin

And now shout back and do it again!


Mascot Design Edit

IMG 6922

Kurohaa's design for Weebjago Cult's mascot.

As soon as they were set with memes and an official Wikia page, the three girls decided they should make a mascot. Kurohaa designed the very first draft of the mascot.

Characters Nicknames Edit

While editing out the LEGO Ninjago Wikia, Ninjagozane, Catspade and Kurohaa came up with some interesting nicknames for the main cast of the series.

  • Kai is nicknamed Ripped-off Roy Mustang, which is a reference to the Flame Alchemist in the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist created by Hiromu Arakawa.
  • Misako is nicknamed Side Bitch, due to the fact that she's getting closer and closer to Wu as the series progress, and she knows she had a husband who she loves. Ninjagozane also claims that she's incredibly useless, she say stated the following: I was watching Day of the Departed earlier, and I just realized how useless Misako is. Her own son is fighting against a snake and is under a rock, but she stands there petrified when she knows Spinjitzu and martial arts.
  • Wu is nicknamed Fuck Boy, because he hits on Misako when she's married.
  • Jay is nicknamed Jay Weeb, because Catspade stated that he would be a great meme face for Weebjago.
  • Zane is nicknamed Monotone Robot Boy.
  • Cole is nicknamed Fat Cow, this came from how Cole loves cake and how his element symbol means cow
  • Lloyd is nicknamed Kirito, a reference to the anime Sword Art Online, which every anime fan hates.
  • Nya is nicknamed Weeb Bitch, just so anybody who doesn't know who Nya is can get the relative idea.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the Weebjago Cult is to debunk many of the mysteries of Ninjago, including its tendencies to create Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus based off of Kirito, the Black Swordsman in Sword Art Online, why Zane's liking a robot who's actually only 3 years old, and more.

Trivia Edit

  • The mascot's temporary name, Weiba Gogo, is derived from the cult name, Weebjago.
  • The original draft for the Weebjago Whip was: Jump up, kick the Weebjagos back and spin. Until Ninjagozane told Catspade what the Ninjas' elemental symbols were on the Wikia.
  • All members of the cult have an abbreviation for their Titles in the Cult.
    • Ninjagozane is the Master of The Memes, which is shortened to MoTM.
    • Kurohaa is the Master of Saltiness, which is shortened to MoS.
    • Catspade is the Master of Derpiness, which is shortened to MoD.
    • Memeninjatrash is Master of Troll, which is shortened to MoT.
    • The Justice Lady is Master of Justice, which is shortened to MoJ.
  • All of their positions as Masters are related to the Internet.

Gallery Edit