Description Edit

The Viperondrai Tribe is one of the many Serpentine tribes in Ninjago Fanon. The Viperondrai are known for their infamous leader-- Vipor V. Swipesworth. They are also known as one of the Rivals of the Anacondrai Tribe. These venomous snakes sport a red and black body. The Viperondrai have not one, but two distinct abilities, Biting victims and turning them into red and black serpents, and their second distinct ability, which is to shape shift into anything, but, black spots will still be seen in transformation. Note, Viperondrai snakes may also be able to spit a venomous venom, which can cause horrible diseases to enter the bodies of sprayed victims. The Viperondrai Tribe's symbol is a venomous snake tongue.

Known Members Edit

  • Vipor V. Swipesworth (Formerly a Scout/Solider/Warrior, Currently the General)
  • Vipario (Warrior)
  • Venoku (Solider)
  • Vipera (Scout)

General Info Edit

Affiliation: Vipor V. Swipesworth, Serpentine

Weapon of Choice: Mini Snakes

Status: Alive



Viperondrai Tribe Symbol


Vipor, the General


Vipario, the Warrior. (Note that he is supposed to look like Vipor V. Swipesworth.)


Venoku, the Viperondrai Solider.

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