Name: Viperess                                                                 
IMG 2105

Chibi Snakes (I don't know if they're Slizzela or Viperess.)

Rank: Soldier

Race: Snake Hypnobrai

Occupation: Wife of Skales

Gender: Female

Bio: Little is known about Viperess, but she's a strange Snake. She was never  locked up, but she appeared randomly at times. Some say that she just came to the Snakes after they were freed, but she isnt easy to please. Her daughter, Slizzela, is the most known Snake. Viperess was flirted with by every snake, even of those who were of Fangpyre, Venomari, and Constrictai.

She is friendly and has been in Pokemon Demensions. She contains many Pokemon, like an Arbok named Viper, who's been in the Kaijudo too. The picture on the bottom right is a Kaijudo.

Saturday - Basshunter - Lyrics03:05

Saturday - Basshunter - Lyrics

Vipress's Theme Song

Disney's Hercules- I won't say I'm In love02:30

Disney's Hercules- I won't say I'm In love

Vipress's Love Song

IMG 2107

This Viperess

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