Victoria Artemis Romava is Cole's wife who made her first debt appearance in We Are Junior Ninjas. She is a world famous fashion designer and billionaire heiress. She is CJ and Maria's mother.

Appearance Edit

Vicotria is a very beautiful woman. She has dark green eyes and long wavey brown hair which is often tied into a braid or bun. Black pearl earings, a diamond necklace and her wedding ring adorn her neck ears and finger. She wears a black designer suit over a white strapless undertop, a navy blue raw silk pencil skirt and a pair of designer heels. As an Assassin/ Sniper she wears a black cat suit with bullets strapped to thigh and white steel collar bone plate and white heeled boots. At night she wears a revealing black negligee.

Biography Edit

Victoria is born in Romania to the wealthy Romava Family and spent her childhood growing up in the Romanian countryside and lived a life of luxury, she grew up during the oppressive regime so she was trained in combat and firearms to better her chances in case of a military crack down. She graduated from high school aged 17 and enrolled in fashion designing college in Ninjago where she met her former childhood sweetheart and friend Cole. They eventually started dating. She moved in with Cole on to the Bounty but later on found out she was going to have Cole's children, unknown to her, Cole has also been keeping something from her. He was trying to ask her to marry him. So they both confessed their secrets and surprisingly were able to tie the knot in the same ceremony as Kai and Cassie and Jay and Nya. She then gave birth to twins, CJ and Maria. She is currently living with the Ninjas and the other kids.

Personality Edit

Victoria is sweet gentle and kind, she is a very dedicated mother and wife. But she is also a very serious and independent woman and a cold blooded killer when she needs to.

Skills and Abilities Edit

She is a skilled and professional fashion designer with a successful company but she is also a skilled pilot, assassin and sniper. She is very skilled in hand to hand combat and prefers guns over ninja weapons. Her favorite gun is a high caliber sniper rifle that she nicknamed Red. She might as well be considered a ninja but she prefers sniper.

Relationships Edit

Cole Edit

Victoria is Cole's wife. They both grew up together and met again as grown ups. After Cole became a ghost, Victoria begins to feel unsure of their relationship, whether if they could still be together now that Cole is a ghost. After Cole became human again, they are now as solid as ever.

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