• Tallnuts


    November 19, 2012 by Tallnuts

    So.. here it is. Enjoy!

    In the last adventure of the four Ninja, they saved the world from a wormhole with a Tornado of Creation while trying to bring Lloyd to the right age, creating a great amount of energy that molecularly scattered the wormhole across the universe, giving the ninja new suits and weapon upgrades, but the landmass they were on, including the Temple of Light, turned to stone, including the Stone Army & Sensei Wu.

    The energy blast also made everyone beyond a 3 mile radius from the temple forget who the green ninja was. It also took away a lot of Lloyd’s energy and spreaded it around Ninjago. Lloyd returned back to his normal age and the ninja retired.

    30 years later, Jay founded and became the CEO of Walker Industries, got ma…

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