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    Problem: Inactive Staff

    February 14, 2013 by Starscream7

    Hello, everyone. I'm Starscream7 - here with a very important blog post.

    I saw that this Wiki is very inactive, and we have few users that edit here. I am creating a film titled Ninjago, which I am using as my potential storyline. However, we have an issue with both inactivity entirely and an inactive staff.

    There are "Senseis" (I believe they're called) on here that have not edited for months - some for even a year or so. I say that it is time to take action and adopt the Wiki, only we need someone who can do so. I'm not sure if anyone is fit to do it, but the only way that I can stay on here, and that anyone can stay on here, is if we get more active. Are there any nominees for "Senseis"? Whether it's yourself or another person?

    BIONICLE: Uniā€¦

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