aka Justine

  • I live in Heartlake City!
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is LEGO Friends nerd and Ninjago fangirl
  • I am An ornithophile
  • Purplebrick333

    Hello ninja! I was going through some of my stuff earlier today and discovered I actually have decent-sized collection of Ninjago art. So I thought I'd share it. Most of it is fanon stuff you've already seen if you read my articles, but there's some others as well.

    if you happen to be interested in my other non-Ninjago art, I can link you my DA.

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  • Purplebrick333

    .*wisp of air materializes into a purple and silver ninja* Hiya! Someone asked about how to make a character page. Though there's no real set formula for it, I thought I'd put together some instructions on how to make a simple but functional character page! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments. For an example, check out my Lin (Breeze) page here.

    I assume you guys know how to use the "Create A Page" button. Make sure to use the "blank page" option. If a page happens to have the same name, maybe add the name of their story or your username in parentheses on the end.

    So, you've got this page titled with the lovely name of your character, buuut it's looking pretty empty still. The next thing to add would be an infobox. And we h…

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