shiny luminous

shiny luminous is a girl named hikari and is a memeber of the pretty cure in we are pretty cure max heart.she holds immense power of hope which can stop the dark zone.she first appears on episode 5 of we are pretty cure max heart.shiny luminous is actually the queen of the garden of light but when the queen lost her life force it formed hikari which she had no memory who she was.she can lend her power to cure white and cure black by using her heart batton.she has two fairys named porun and lulun which is poruns sister.lulun can use her miracle commune to give shiny luminous a pink crystal heart brooch which can shoot immense power of light.her attacks are lumnious heartiel action and the extreme luminario which powers up cure white and cure black. hikari transforms by using poruns swipe commune and shouting out luminous shining stream.

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