sailor venus

sailor venus is the fifth sailor soldier in sailor moon.her name is mina.she was a sailor before sailor moon was.her partner is artemis.she is annoying just like sailor moon and can get peoples nerves when she is trying to do things.she almost has the same strengh as sailor moon.her transformations are venus power make up,venus star power make up,venus crystal power make up.her attacks are venus crescend beam smash,venus crescend shower,venus love chain me and circle,venus love and beauty shock.her attacks can damage her enimies by using beams of light,love and beauty.her element is love.

sailor venus has long blonde hair with a big red bow on top of her head with a orange sailor outfit with a golden tiara and orange crystal circle brooch.with long white her super form she has a long orange bow at the back of her skirt which reaches her legs.she also has  a yellow crystal heart brooch with orange straped high heels.

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