sailor moon s 

CHAPTER 1 The death busters arrival.

The death busters arrival ACT 1 

rei:come thorth flames and tell me.

(starts takling in tounges)

(hi si ki vnf di na as supa)

rei:looks like theres no explanation.

rei:strange what could this dream possibly mean.

(starts looking anxiouis)

rei:maybe i should tell serena and the other girls about this.

(starts ringing)

rei:hey guys come to the temple quick.

(says that they will come over)

rei:ok good see you then. 

(have arrived)

rei:hi guys come and have a seat.

serena:so whats this about rei BTW im hungry.

rei:this is serious serena.

amy:so what is it rei.

(girls stare at her)

rei:well i had a wierd dream about this darkness covering the world then these 3 crystals shining bright.

mina:that sounds wierd.

lita:when did you have this dream rei?

rei: last night.

(start looking strangely at one another)

amy:could this be a new enemy we must fight.

lita:it could be amy.

rei:well anyway lets go to the fire and see what the results are.

(ok they say all toghether)

serena:i still feal hungry.

(serena they shout)

serena:fine ill behave ahhhh.

The death busters arrival ACT 2 

rei:hopefully i can read the dream again.

(starts talking in tounges)

(hi si ki vnf di na as supa)

serena:i want food!!!

(they shout at serena to be quiet)

serena:ahhh i never get my way.

lita:so rei did you read anything?

rei:not at all what could this mean.the prediction of the worlds doom.

amy:hopefully not.

mina:dont worry rei we will find out soon.

rei:hopefully anyway guys would you like some snacks before you go?

serena:yes i do i do i do i do i do!!!!.

rei:of course you can serena.

(everyone sighs)

rei:se ya everyone 

(bye they all shout)

serena:thanks rei these cakes and cookies are the best.

The death busters arrival ACT 3 

doctor tomoe:kaorinite show your self.

kaorinite:im here doctor.

doctor tomoe:kaorinite you are my assistant so i need you to do something.

kaorinite:what is it doctor?

doctor tomoe:i would like you to steal a pure heart of someone.

kaorinite:you mean heart snatching i love doing that.

doctor tomoe:perfect i shall make a daimon egg to give to you for your pure heart snatching mission.

(starts making a daimon egg)

doctor tomoe:all done now find the owner of a pure heart.

kaorinite:sure thing.

doctor tomoe:but before you leave what is the mission of the death busters?

kaorinite:to steal 3 pure hearts in order to collect each talisman in the heart to unlock the power of the

holy chalice.

doctor tomoe:excellent you may proceed kaorinite.

kaorinite: thank you i wont let you down or the death buster members.

The death busters arrival ACT 4

rei:i still cant read anything.

rei:this is my fird fire read but still nothing.

rei:i know maybe a good luck charm will help.

(goes to the good luck charm box)

rei:here got one charm.

(starts reading the charm)

rei:bad luck! seriously well i am in bad luck after all.

rei:better tie it up on the charm tree.

(kaorinite watches rei)

kaorinite:she looks pure,pure enough to hold a heart crystal.

kaorinite:i shall take her pure heart go! daimon egg.

(daimon egg goes into the charm tree)

rei:now lets tie it on.

(suddenly a flash appears out of the tree)

rei:ahhh whats this strange light.

daimon:heart snatcher!!!!!!!

rei:huh i knew evil will come back.

rei:cant fight here better go to the back.

daimon:come back here heart snatcher!!!!!.

(follows rei)

rei:you cant fight me.

(starts to transform)


rei:all no!!!!.

daimon:you cant escape!!!!.

kaorinite:hahaha now daimon heart snatcher steal her pure heart.

daimon: ok kaorinite.

The death busters arrival ACT 5 

serena:huh all no i forgot something at reis house better go back.

rei:who are you guys.

kaorinite:shut up girl and serrender your pure heart.

daimon:time to steal her piure heart!!!!

(fires a beam at her heart)

rei:ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! ouch stop that.

daimon:hahahha yes i will take your pure heart.

kaorinite:excellent job daimon heart snatcher.

serena:fiinally i can get my forgotton item.


serena:huh thats reis voice shes in trouble!!!!!

(starts transforming)

serena:moon crystal power! make! up!.

kaorinite:ill leave the rest to you heart snatcher.

(kaorinite dissapears in red glitter)

daimon:so thats her pure heart.

serena:stop right there! im sailor moon the sailor soldier of love and justice

in the name of the moon ill punish you!!!!!.

daimon:sailor moon? i dont know who you are but your going to regret this!!!!!!

(daimon throws a huge whip which is on her head)


daimon:now take this.

serena:ouchy ouch! that hurts!.

(the other girls appear)

amy:what is that thing 

lita:never mind that lets just transform.

daimon:no you wont!!!!!

(daimon shoots a weed net at them)

lita:dam it where stuck.

serena:dont worry guys leave this monster to me.

(starts to attack)

serena:moon princess illimination!!!!!!

daimon:ha pathetic take that.

(wacks sailor moons attack back at her)

serena:its not over yet

daimon:yes it is sailor girl!!!!!

(slams serena on a tree and traps her)

(and takes a big bite into her moon crystal locket)

serena:hey stop that no!!!

(the locket falls and breaks)

(serena changes back)

The death busters arrival ACT 6 

serena:now i cant do anything without my locket!!!

daimon:time to bring this pure heart back to kaorinite.

tuxedo mask:no you dont

daimon:hey another one of those brats

tuxedo mask:im tuxedo mask ill punish you by using the red roses beauty.

(daimon shoots a weed net at tuxedo mask)

tuxedo mask:sorry i couldnt help you.

serena:its not your fault tuxedo mask.

daimon:finally i can get to business.

michelle:no you wont because im sailor neptune!

haruka:i also wont let you beacause im sailor uranus!

daimon:theres more!!!!!

michelle:you shall be punished!

(michelle starts to attack)

michelle:neptune deep tsunami!!!!

daimon:help im drooooooowwwwingggg!!!!!!

haruka:ill finish it off

(haruka starts to attack)

haruka:uranus world shaking!!!!!!


(daimon egg comes out of the tree)

(and cracks open)

haruka:now lets look at this girls pure heart.

michelle:it doesnt hold a talisman

haruka:your right neptune.

(suddenly they dissapear)

serena:who where they.

amy:quick rei her heart!!!!.

(the girls put her pure heart back)

girls:wake up rei wake up!!!!!

rei:what happened.

serena:your awake rei!!!!

(serena gives a big hug to rei)

rei:so looks like we do have a new evil fource.

amy:yes and it looks like they want pure hearts.

mina:but who where sailor neptune and sailor uranus?

lita:we dont know but from now one we will becarefull 

(the girls all agree)

serena:any way tuxedo mask are you ok.

tuxedo mask:yes im okay

serena:thank good ness.


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