sailor mars

sailor mars is the third sailor soldier in sailor moon.she is a shrine maiden in cherry hill temple with her grand father.her name is rei and thinks sailor moon is always annoying.she has the element of fire and is the third strongest out of the sailor soldiers.her first appearance was episode 3 of sailor moon crystal .her transformations are mars power make up,mars star power make up,mars crystal power make up and mars eternal power in the manga.and her attacks are mars fire ignite,mars fire excorsim,mars charm banish,mars burning mandela,mars flame sniper and mars fire snake in the manga.she can burn her enimies by using her attacks.she loves to sing and bully sailor moon so she can get pleassure when sailor moon cries.sailor mars has her normal form and her super form which she got from the power of the dream pegasus and a eternal form in manga.sailor mars uses fire to help her with problems like to find out whats happening.she can also sense evil when it is near.she also has a eternal form which is in the manga.

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