sailor jupiter

sailor jupiter is the fourth sailor soldier in sailor moon.her name is lita and she is 15 years old.she first appeared on episode 5 act 5 lita-sailor jupiter in sailor moon crystal.she fights people if they annoy her or threaten her in some way.she loves to bake cakes and sweets to give to her friends especially sailor moon because she loves her sweets.sailor jupiter always has a crush on many boys because she is heart broken from her last 4 boy friends.her transformations are jupiter power make up,jupiter star power make up,jupiter crystal power make up and jupiter eternal power make up in the manga.her attacks are jupiter thunder crash,jupiter floral hurricane,jupiter supreme thunder,jupiter thunder zap,jupiter oak evolution and jupiter coconut cyclone in the manga.she has a super form which was given to her by the dream pegasus and eternal form in the manga.her element is thunder/life and her attacks normally paralize the enimies.

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