sailor aliminium siren

sailor aliminium siren is the second galactic sailor of madam galaxias sailor soldiers in sailor moon stars.she used to be good but got her star seed taken away from her which caused her to be evil.she works at galactic studio with the other galactic sailors.she works on her computer and looks in magazenes to find targets to steal their star seed.she sometimes teams up with her friend sailor lead crow.she first appeared one episode 12 of sailor moon sailor stars.she can transform by using her galactic bracelets and shouting galactic power make up.the galactic bracelets holds her life force.she disguises her self by using a posh outfit.she died on episode 19 for not finding a real star seed when she said she would.she uses items that contain liquid to use her attack sailor galactic tsunami.she normaly acts nice to the sailor soldiers cause her good self comes on and off cause of lost memory of her stolen star seed.she is very weak compared to the other galactic sailors.

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