madam galaxia

madam galaxia is the evil queen of the galaxy in sailor moon.she lives in the galaxy on a glass platform where she watches the galaxy.her servants are sailor soldiers but evil versions of the good sailor soldiers.madam galaxia used to be sailor galaxia the strongest sailor soldier of all.she turned bad by the evil will of chaos which possesed her body when she was fighting chaos to protect the galaxy.when she was about to turn fully bad she released her star seed to the galaxy so one day when she is good she will find it.madam galaxias goal is to have all the star seeds in the galaxy.she does that by sending her sailor soldiers throughout the galaxy.when the sailor servant hasnt found a star seed she will take the galactic bracelets of the sailor servant.the galactic bracelets holds the life force of the sailor servant.when she takes them of they explode to star dust straight away.when madam galaxia turns good again she finds her star seed on episode 200 and defeats chaos on the last episode of sailor moon.

madam galaxia has a golden pharoah outfit with a golden hair wig and heaps of jewelery.she has galactic bracelets on each hand with long golden boots.she has also long red and gold hair but is kept hidden in her golden hair wig.

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