cure princess

cure princess is the first pretty cure in happiness charge series.her normal name is hime.she is the princess of the blue skies kingdom.her fairy partner is ribbon. when phantom empire invaded the blue skies kingdom she left to japan and lived in a hidden mansion.she was looked after by blue sama.she has a big fear of fighting terribads.her attacks are pretty cure blue happy shoot,princess ball,princess tornado,princess machine gun,princess twin fists,princess bombs,pretty cure arabesque shower(form change attack),pretty cure hawaiin alo alohe(form change attack) and princess cutter.her form changes are sherbert ballet and macadamia hula dance.she is a cry baby but later on matures with her other pretty cure friends.

in her normal form she has cyan hair colour with a school her pretty cure form she has 2 big baby blue coloured piggy tails with a princess crown. she has a blue outfit with a love prebrace on her left arm with a pretty change mirrior on her right side of her skirt.she has dark blue leggings with small white boots with a blue bow on each boot.

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