cure honey

cure honey is the third member of happiness charge pretty cure.her name is yu yu and she owns a super market which has deliscious food like rice and home made honey candy.she became a pretty cure unixpectidly and when she became one she quickly found cure princess and cure lovely to join there group.she sings songs about happiness and about sweet food and every one enjoying there food.her form changes are popcorn cheer and coconut samba.her attacks are honey crystal barrier,honey ribbon spiral,honey crystal song,honey healing rythm,honey teleport,honey super sonic,pretty cure sparkling batton attack,pretty cure ribbon heart explosion(form change attack) and pretty cure maraca rythm spark(form change attack).she attacks by using her honey batton.

cure honey has yellow hair in a bun with a orange bow in her hair.with a yellow outfit with a yellow curvy skirt.she also has long white boots with two yellow butterflys on each boot.

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