cure fortune

cure fortune is a member of the happiness charge pretty cure.her name is lyla and has a sister named maria which is cure tender.cure fortunes fairy partner is glasses which helps become a good pretty cure.her transformation is pretty cure rolling mirrior changing but is now pretty cure shining star symphony.cure fortune does karate practice to get strong to defeat phantom empire.she lost to phantom empire once and lost her pretty cure powers.but got new powers by the fortune piano(pretty cure shining star symphony).she is really tough and is hard on the other pretty cures so they can become stronger.her first appearance was episode 1 of happiness charge pretty cure.cure fortune has a big grudge against cure princess for being a losser pretty cure.cure fortunes attacks are pretty cure star dust shoot,pretty cure starlight ascension,fortune star rings,fortune impact,fortune star comet,fortune star stream,pretty cure oriental dream(form change attack),pretty cure dance of the cherry blossom blizzard(form change attack).cure fortune can form change into arabian belly dance and kaisu animitsu.cure fortune attacks by using her love prebrace and star tambourine.cure fortune is the strongest in the happiness charge pretty cure.she also has another form change which is her innocent form the form that holds all her powers in.her innconet form attack is pretty cure crystal illusion.

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