cure ace

cure ace is one of the four trump cards and a part of doki doki pretty cure.she is the good half of princess mary ans heart.her name is aguri and lives with her foster grandmother.she is the daughter of selfish king and the sister of regina.she has the power to transform by using the miracle jewels.her weapon is the love kiss rouge wich polverises selfishes with her attack ace shot.her fairy is aichan which lends her the power of the miracle jewels by giving her a box named the ace kit.she has the most power out of all the doki doki pretty cure.when she transforms she grows nine years older but her pretty cure form only lasts for 5 minutes.

she has long red hair with a golden  heart bow on her left side of her head.with pink eye shadow and red eyes.she has a long white dress with a golden brooch in the middle of her dress with a pink bow which reaches her long white boots.and she has two feather bracelets on each hand.

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