Queen mirage

Queen mirage is the queen of phantom empire in happiness charge pretty cure series.she used to be a shrine maiden in japan and also a guardian of hope cure mirage.she became bad becuase blue sama rejected her love and her anger turned her heart full of sorrow and despair.after she turned bad a mirrior named despair mirrior controlled her to spread despair all over the world.she hates love and gets headaches when love is brimming.she sends her servants to defeat pretty cure all over around the world and to summon terribads to wreck the world.her strongest servant is phantom which has defeated half of the worlds pretty cures.she lyles down on a pink couch in the blue skys kingdoms highest room.

Queen mirage has blonde short curled hair with a black ribbon with red eyes and a tear drop on her left eye.she has a black outfit with grey butterfly wings and a baby blue skirt.she also has a huge power septer on her left hand.with long black gloves and long black her pretty cure form she has short pink hair a red and pink skirt with long white a shrine maiden she has a white robe with short dark blue hair with a golden maraca.

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