Meeting the sailor soldiers

ACT 1 Army of the kindabads

queen mirage:kindabads destroy all of malaboo city.

(starts blowing things up)

megumi:hey hime kindabads are destroying the city.

hime:lets stop them

ribbon:quickly transform into precure

(precure rolling mirrior changing)

hime:blue wind dancing in the sky cure princess!

megumi:immense love spreading throughout the world cure lovely!

hime:lets go


queen mirage:yes! yes! keep destroying.

megumi:no so fast!

hime:we are precure and we will stop you!

queen mirage:hahhahha you really think you can stop me

ribbon:they can because they are precure warriors.

queen mirage:whatever go kindabads!

hime:princess bullet machine gun!

(blows up the kindabads)

megumi:lovely explosion bombs

(kindabads explode everywhere)

ribbon:keep going theres still more kindabads.

hime:princess ball!

(queen mirage shoots a powerful beam at hime and megumi)


queen mirage:see you cant stop me retreat kindabads. 

ribbon:you guys where so close.

ACT 2 Blues helpfull idea

hime:i hate those kindabads.

megumi:we just have to keep trying to stop them.

hime:queen mirage is so powerfull.

ribbon:because she used to be the most powerful precure cure angel.

blue:you guys have to try harder.

hime:master blue

blue:you guys became precure to stop phantom.


blue:he is the monster controlling queen mirage

blue:cure angel is trapped in a mirrior of despair and her soul is being controlled

by phantom.

megumi:how can we stop her.

blue:combine your precure powers together and fight her.

hime:yes! thats what we need to do!

blue:if you combine your powers you will unlock a new power.

ribbon:you guys should try it

blue:i sense it! queen mirage is back with the kindabad army.

ribbon:hime megumi lets go quickly

hime:lets transform!

(precure rolling mirrior changing)

ACT 3 The sailor soldiers arrival.

queen mirage:kindabads hurry and destroy everything.

hime:you cant queen mirage.

queen mirage:so you precure are back hahhahah! kindabads!

ribbon:use your attacks!

megumi:lovely heart tsunami.

(blasts the kindabads)

hime:princess tornado!

(smashes the kindabads)

queen mirage:kindabads combine together!

(start to combine)


ribbon:all no there super form terribad!

serena:we will help you

(because we are the sailor soldiers)

quuen mirage:are those precure?

ribbon:they dont look like precure.

serena:we are sailor soldiers of love and justice

(sailor moon! sailor mercury! sailor mars! sailor jupiter! sailor venus!)

queen:whatever terribad defeat them.

lita:not so fast jupiter coconut cyclone!

rei:mars flame sniper!

queen mirage:terribad get up!

ribbon:quickly combine your powers.

hime:light of courage turn into scared power loveprebrace,precure blue happy shoot!

megumi:light of love turn into sacred power loveprebrace,precure pinky love shoot!


queen:how dare you defeat terribad you will pay nex time.


ACT 4 The precure and sailors team up

megumi:who are you guys

serena:we are the sailor soldiers

hime:sailor soldiers!

mina:yes me stop evil villans allaround the world.

amy:we came to help you

lita:we heard that japan had been under attack

hime:yes by queen mirage she sends her rmy of kindabads to destroy japan. 

ribbon:maybe the sailor soldiers can help you stop mirage.

megumi:sounds good can you please.

serena:sure we will help you we have been through many evil times.

blue:you guys should all go to mirage kingdom where she lives.

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