aka Nikita

  • I live in australia
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is i am a anime freak
  • I am male
  • Precure12345

    amulet heart

    October 5, 2014 by Precure12345

    amulet heart

    amulet heart is a shugo chara guardian who protects little childrens chara eggs from turning into X eggs.her chara guardian eggs are ran miki sue and dia. she can change into amulet heart amulet spade amulet clover and amulet jewel.she uses the chara locket to transform by shouting character change unlock.she does this to fight dark easter.she is the strongest shugo chara guardian of them all.she can also change her appearance by using the chara locket.

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  • Precure12345

    Meeting the sailor soldiers

    queen mirage:kindabads destroy all of malaboo city.

    (starts blowing things up)

    megumi:hey hime kindabads are destroying the city.

    hime:lets stop them

    ribbon:quickly transform into precure

    (precure rolling mirrior changing)

    hime:blue wind dancing in the sky cure princess!

    megumi:immense love spreading throughout the world cure lovely!

    hime:lets go


    queen mirage:yes! yes! keep destroying.

    megumi:no so fast!

    hime:we are precure and we will stop you!

    queen mirage:hahhahha you really think you can stop me

    ribbon:they can because they are precure warriors.

    queen mirage:whatever go kindabads!

    hime:princess bullet machine gun!

    (blows up the kindabads)

    megumi:lovely explosion bombs

    (kindabads explode everywhere)

    ribbon:keep going th…

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  • Precure12345

    sailor jupiter

    October 3, 2014 by Precure12345

    sailor jupiter

    sailor jupiter is the fourth sailor soldier in sailor moon.her name is lita and she is 15 years old.she first appeared on episode 5 act 5 lita-sailor jupiter in sailor moon crystal.she fights people if they annoy her or threaten her in some way.she loves to bake cakes and sweets to give to her friends especially sailor moon because she loves her sweets.sailor jupiter always has a crush on many boys because she is heart broken from her last 4 boy friends.her transformations are jupiter power make up,jupiter star power make up,jupiter crystal power make up and jupiter eternal power make up in the manga.her attacks are jupiter thunder crash,jupiter floral hurricane,jupiter supreme thunder,jupiter thunder zap,jupiter oak evolutio…

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  • Precure12345

    happiness charge precure chapter 1

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  • Precure12345

    sailor moon s chapter 1

    September 20, 2014 by Precure12345


    sailor moon s 

    rei:come thorth flames and tell me.

    (starts takling in tounges)

    (hi si ki vnf di na as supa)

    rei:looks like theres no explanation.

    rei:strange what could this dream possibly mean.

    (starts looking anxiouis)

    rei:maybe i should tell serena and the other girls about this.

    (starts ringing)

    rei:hey guys come to the temple quick.

    (says that they will come over)

    rei:ok good see you then. 

    (have arrived)

    rei:hi guys come and have a seat.

    serena:so whats this about rei BTW im hungry.

    rei:this is serious serena.

    amy:so what is it rei.

    (girls stare at her)

    rei:well i had a wierd dream about this darkness covering the world then these 3 crystals shining bright.

    mina:that sounds wierd.

    lita:when did you have this dream rei?

    rei: last night.

    (start looking str…

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