chapter 1 Waking Up I woke up and smelled the air it smelled like pancaked and hot cocao .i looked to the right of me and there andrea washing her teeth "good mornin" she looked at me and said "yay you woke up " . Me and Andrea have been friends since kids .we were ninja princesses we could master any weapon and we had fire , ice , lightning , and earth in our blood . me and andrea were super strong and super fast .NOWONE could beat us. i walked outside and felt the heat everyone was in the pool except sensei wu he was medatating in his room . i walked over and sat down at the edge . all of a sudden something grabbed my foot " ahhhhhh" i screamed it was kai messing around with me. " kai dont ever do that again " he couldnt hear me he was to busy laughing . i went inside and changed then i ran did a flip in the air and landed inthe pool .andrea came outside and cole looked at her he had a crush on her but she didnt know . nya screamed "Nicole!!" i went over to nya who was tanning i sat down next to her and said "hey nya " she looked up and said "hey" i talked to her and then it started to rain so we went inside and played board games we didnt know what was yet to happen so we werent ready.

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