( Episode begins with the ninja training in the upper deck)

Kai: Oh yeah! Thats what Im talking about!

Zane: Ok win...

Cole: I dont approve.

Kai: What do you mean, ' You dont APPROVE? ' I won the sword fight fair and square!

Cole: Yes. But you dont have to bet for MONEY after each and every fight...

Zane: But since you won...I'll give you 5 bucks....( Zane gives Kai the money)


( Just than Jay comes in)

Cole: Hey Jay. Whats up?

Jay: Oh nothing....( giggles)

Kai: I've seen that face before....whats going on, Jay?

Jay: ( Laughs) I got a date...with Nya!

( Cole and Zane gasp, and Kai flys into a rage...but Zane holds him back)

Zane: Kai! Calm yourself!

Cole: Congratulations, buddy!

Jay: Thanks...( giggles)

Kai: There is absoluely NO WAY your going on a date with my sister!!!!

Cole: Oh come on Kai. Your not going to ALWAYS be there to protect her...give the man a chance.

Zane: I would rather agree with Cole. You are a bit protective of her, you know..

Kai: Alright,fine...but you BETTER take care of my sister...or else Im going to turn your Nunchuks...into one of my blacksmith hammers!

( Jay gulps)

Jay: Ok! Ok. I'll, take care of her....

Kai: You better!

Jay: Anyway...does anyone know any places to eat know, FANCY?

( Everyone shakes their head)

Jay: Darn it. I'll ask my parents than.

Cole: Ok, see ya.

( Jay leaves)

Zane: Concerned much?

Kai: Yeah...

Cole: Kai, if I know Jay, he wont let ANYTHING bad happen to Nya...Im sure of it, now come on...its almost time for dinner...

( Kai, Zane, and Cole go inside...while Jay went to his parents for advice....)

( Once that was overwith, Jay headed back to the Bounty to get dressed...)

Jay: Which one should I wear? Dark Blue, or Light Blue? Dark blue, or Light Blue?

( Once Jay finally decided, it was time to take Nya to the restaurant....)

Nya: You sure your ready?

Jay: Oh yeah. Yep, as ready as I'll ever be!

( Nya laughs, but than stops when Kai comes in)

( Kai gives Jay a look which made him feel nervous...but soon Kai left)

Jay: Whew!

Nya: What is he planning on doing THIS time?

Jay: Turn my Nunchuks into a Blacksmiths Hammer.

Nya: Oh brother...anyway, lets get going, or they'll take our seat...

( So Jay and Nya headed to Ninjaman express to eat...)

Nya: This is the place.

Jay: Yep, well dont want to rush lets go.

( While Jay and Nya enter, the Fangpyre are watching their every move...)

Fang-Suei: Masssster, issssssn't that the ninja you want revenge on?

( Fangtom steeples his scaly fingers and replies...)

Fangtom: Yesssss, thatssss the one...

Snappa: Sssssso, what are we going to do?

Fangtom: Firsssssst, we ly and wait...Sssssssecond, we ambush the two...' Love Birds' once they get out....and lasssst-

( All his troops look at him and wait for the final word to come out...)

Fangtom: We KIDNAP the girl....

Fang-Suei: I-I ssssir.

( Fang-Suei leads the rest away but is stopped by Fangtom)

Fangtom: Fang-suei.....if I want my revenge, I want it to be ALIVE....sssso go! Go now....

( Fang-Suei bows and leads his troops away... while Jay and Nya talk and enjoy their date inside...)

( The fangpyres wait outside near the restaurants...while Jay and Nya seem to be having a conversation..)

Jay: So, ummm, what do you like?

Nya: Oh, ummm, I like gymnastics, training, and being with you....

Jay: Oh, yes....I enjoy those things too...

Nya: So, what do you like?

Jay: Umm, well I also like training, hanging with my friends, and being with you mostly....

( Nya laughs)

( Outside, Fang-Suei tells his troops to wait and listen...)

Fang-Suei:( In a low whisper)Patience, boyssss. Fangtom wantsssss hissss revenge ALIVE, sssso dont kill the girl, got that?

( The troops nod and wait)

( Finally when the day is about to end..Jay and Nya head back home....)

Nya: That was kind of, a short date...

Jay: Well, it would have been longer if the place didnt have to close so early...

Nya: Yeah. But still I like it....there, being with you.

( Just than Fang-Suei appears and orders his troops to attack)

Fang-Suei: Attack!

Snappa: Yessss, sssssir.....

Jay: Well...

Nya: I never thought I'd be needing this, but...

Jay: You never know...

( Jay whips up a tornado and he appears in his ninja outfit and Nunchuks of Lightning, Nya presses the button on her bracelet, and her suit appears on her, and her Exo-Suit arrives....they each get ready to fight...)

Jay: Ready?

Nya: You bet.

( Jay and Nya take down the snakes using both their skills and strengths. Just when half of the snakes were about to feel exhausted..)

Jay: Alright, surrender or face our fury!

Nya: Yeah, and if you leader has anything to say about it, tell him we'll come back another day to finish you off!

Fang-Suei: Oh, but he wont be here next sssssummer.....( he launches a giant net on top of Nya's Exo-Suit)

Nya: AHHHHHH!!!!

Jay: Nya!

( A Rattlercopter comes and carries Nya in her Exo-Suit, and all the troops and Fang-Suei aboard....)

Fang-Suei: Sssssee ya! Bwahahaahahaaahaahaaa!

( The fangpyre fly away with Nya...leaving Jay alone in the woods....)


To Be Continued...

Will Jay rescue Nya before Kai finds out? Will Fangtom finally have his revenge? Find out in the next episode!

Rescue Mission

Comes at 6:00 dont miss it!

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