Ok, I'm going to do this thing called, Story Quiz's, and each time I finish a story, I'll have a test for it...dont panic! Its not that hard if you read the, here's the one for Kingdom of Ice:

1. Who killed Sensei and Garmadon father?

A. Garmadon

B. Ice King

C. Julie

D. Kasey

2. What happened, when Cole got bit by the Ice Snake? Explain your answer.

( When you get to a queshtion like this, just right the answer in your comment along with the rest, ( seperated))

3. What was inside of Zane when he and Jay were locked up inside an Ice Chamber?

A. A juice box

B. A bomb

C. A pencil

D. Milk

4. Who was the real enemy in the story, Kingdom of Ice?

A. Ice King

B. Fangdam

C. Garmadon

D. The Great Devourer

If you get all of them right, I'll give you some good ideas for your stories, and if you get all of them wrong, I'll comment on your stories. ( Nice ones) Write your answers in your comments for each one. Good Luck!

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