Hi! N.E.R1508 here! So, I was thinking on starting to wrote poems about the Ninja...but people get to guess who they are in the poem!

So...heres the first one:

Legend of The Black Serpent

                      A poem by N.E.R1508

              This creature cries,

every day and night.

But appears in the village,

without a cause for fright.

       He lurks in the sea,
                                                                        with no need for harm...     

                                                                               But of course,          
                                                               you'll have to lure him with a charm.       

                                                                            Toss a great whale,                                                    
      in the depths of the sea...

and he'll appear,

but without no smile or glee.

               If you tame him, 

he might change his mood...

         and reveal his secrets,
   beneath his black hood.

   His cries are a mystery, 
           to villagers around...

 but the answer might just be,
        beneath the ground.

          Still, he howls, 
        and he weeps...

        but some people say,
   that he rarely sleeps.

            So why does, 
  this mighty snake cry?

          Nobody knows, 
  until three friends came by...

and from that moment on...

'this Black Serpents weep....

was completely...


Could you guess which ninja this was? Place your answer in the comments below!

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