( Episode begins with the crew eating in the dining hall)

Lloyd: I'm sick of eating Beans and Rice!

Sensei: Well, you need to. Every ninja must eat well.

( Suddenly, Nya comes in)

Nya: I got some bad news and good news.

Jay: Like what, Nya?

Nya: Good news is, next week we get to go on vacation.

Kai: Sweet!

Zane: Whats the BAD news?

Nya: Bad news is we cant because the serpentine will try to stop us again....

Jay: What?!? Awww man! I was looking forward to going to the beach!

Kai: Me too! Why would they try to stop us?

Nya: Rattla still wants his revenge against us for destroying his club.

Cole: Really? Could he just get over it?

Jay: Yeah! I mean, why cant they pick on someone their own size?

( Just then the Ultra Dragon begins to roar as loud as it can, the ninja are startled and go outside to see whats going on)

Cole: Whats the matter, boy?

Dragon: Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zane: Its like it senses the approach of an enemy.

Jay: Really?

Zane: Yes.

( Apparently, Zane was correct, the dragon had sensed the coming of the serpentine nearby)

( Pythor had come with backup to Destinys Bounty and launched an attack)

Pythor: Well, well, well! If it isnt, the ninja. Attack!

( Pythors backup did as they were told, they hopped on the ship and fought)

Cole: We need to keep them away from the control room!

Jay: And Sensei, Lloyd and Nya!

Mezmo: Did you hear that?

Rattla: Yessssss, it seems the BLUE ninja has a crush, ssssssssssssso...... lets TAKE her.

( Jay defended the hall from the snakes, but he wasnt strong enough)

Jay: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( The snakes went inside and took, Nya!)

Nya: Jay! Help!

Jay: NYA!!!!!!!!

Kai: SIS!!!!!!

( Pythor then whispered something to Rattla, and Rattla agreed, he took Zane as well)

Zane: Let me go, snake!

Rattla: ( laughing) Ssssssssayssssssss who?

Cole: Zane!

( Pythor laughed and took Zane and Nya away)

Lloyd: ( Comes out) What happened?

( Sensei comes out too)

Sensei: Oh dear. Pythor has taken Zane and Nya, I fear things are far worse than I had thought....

Cole: Well we cant give up! We need to find her and Zane!

Jay: But where?

Kai: Obviously, the City of Ourebourus.

Cole: Good, we'll start looking there, any queshtions?

( Lloyd raised his hand)

Cole: Yes?

Lloyd: Can I come with you on my dragon?

Sensei: Oh, I dont know, Cole, if he can come?

Cole: Yeah, fine.

Lloyd: Awsome! Now I get to fly this thing!

Dragon: ROARRRRR!!!!!!

Lloyd: Oops, sorry. I meant, I GET TO FLY THIS CREATURE, sorry.

( So the ninja all hop on their vehicles, and head for the City of Ourebourus)

To Be Continued........

Next part, comes at 12:00 P.M. noon, dont miss it!

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