Story made by Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508...and told in Cole's point of view....and thought.

Many people have dreamed af having the ability to see into the future through their dreams...apparently...this is a story of how I earned that ability, it all started...long ago....

Chapter 1: Dream Prediction

It was a dark night...the moon had shone brightly in the sky, and the misty clouds turned it ghostly. Me and my friends were in Destinys Bounty, sleeping in our beds. My name is Cole, ninja of earth...I'm part of Sensei Wu's team of ninja, well, I'm actually the leader. But, tonight, something strange and frightening happened while I was dreaming...I started hearing different voices in my head...but only one which made me feel anxious.


I quickly recgognized the voice as Garmadons, Sensei's dark brother had entered my mind! But the queshtion is how? What are you doing in my head, Garmadon?!, I thought.

You highly think that I will so much as give you the answer? Silly boy...for I have come inside here to tell you one thing....

I didnt know what to think to him...I didnt trust him at all, but, I might as well not tell anyone in the morning for their own good. And what is that Garmadon? An evil plot that endangers me, my friends, and master?, I've come to tell you want to know something?


Ha...your mother-is close-by......

And thats when it started, I no longer heard the evil voice of Garmadon, instead I started getting a headache, and my dream swithched into a prediction:

No! Stop!

Heeheehee...why? Is it bothering you?

Just let her go!

Hehehe...why? One step closer and she's dead....


Then, it stopped...and I lied wide awake, my head ached, and my face was all sweaty. I could not believe what I just expierienced earlier. Garmadon had For a moment there, I couldnt believe myself.

Chapter 2: Ambush!

It was early morning...everyone in the Bounty was up, including me. I still couldnt believe what happened last night...but I decided to ignore it, my friends were up, and I was fine, I just wanted to have a relaxing morning for the day. Thats when Jay walked up to me. " Hey are you ok? You seem terrified of something." I instantly remembered the conversation I had with Garmadon last night, if I told Jay now, he wouldnt understand. " No. I'm fine." I said. " Well, if thats the case why not come and train? I nodded my head in agreement, and followed him to the deck, where the other three ninja, Lloyd, Kai, and Zane were training. Sensei and Nya were standing at the top deck. " Ok, get started, try to get the balance of the sword, shurikens, scythe, and nunchuks to harness them in battle..." said Sensei. Lloyd held each weapon carefully in training, allowing him to pass the first test. " Very, challenge the ninja as your opponenets, think as they think and you'll be able to defeat them..." Sensei stated. Lloyd challenged each of the others, but when he got to me... he stumbled down, which was pretty odd. " Huh? Wow, usually you DO defeat me..." I said. " That was indeed strange..." Zane said. Sensei and Nya walked down to us, and Nya helped the others and Lloyd up. " How did you do that?" Jay asked me. " Do what?" I asked. " Defeat me." Lloyd said. I was beginning to think, that if my thoughts, and dreams changed, I would be able to see where or what someone or something is going to attack me, and so I would also be able to outsmart them. " I have no idea." I replied nervously. Just then, the siren started off and all of us jumped. " The sensors must have picked something up! That means an enemy is near!" Nya shouted heading into the Bridge. Everyone else all followed her, and saw what was on the readings. " Looks like theres a tribe of Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Constrictai-" Zane stated. " All of them?!" Jay cut in. " Huh,what do THEY want?" Kai asked. I felt my senses twitch, and I got a bad feeling that I was correct: They wanted me, to tell them something, out of orders from Garmadon. " Nya, set course for them at once..." Sensei said. Nya turned the ship around, towards the WildWood forest. Once we arrived, Lloyd, Jay, Kai, Zane and I all climbed down the anchor and land onto the forest. " This place looks deserted..." Jay whispered to me. " Maybe they chickened out cause thier cowards!" Kai said. " Or maybe..." came a voice. We all turned to face Garmadon with the rest of the Serpentine tribes. " You've been looking in the wrong direction...hehehe...." he laughed as he looked at me. All my insides turned to ice as his red, evil eyes layed upon me. " What do you want, Garmadon?" I asked. " Hmmm? I thought you knew what I wanted, Cole...but it seems to me, that you've forgotten, our little, chat " Garmadon smiled. I felt my heart skip a beat, but, I couldnt let the others know about this so...I took place in battle. " Now!" I shouted. The others all followed my lead as we attacked the snakes...but Garmadon was watching our every move.

" Attack! But, leave the leader alive...." he snarled.

That was when something starnge happend, as a snake warrior was a few 5 inches behind me, I flung him forward as if I've seen him backwards. What?, I thought. How did I do that? The others had noticed me and were deeply suprised. " How did you do that?!" Jay said, electrifying a snake. " I told you, I dont know" I said. Just then, Garmadon laughed, it was a foul sound, and thats when it happened again, the voices, and only one was hearable: Garmadons. Everything around me disappeared, and was replaced by darkness, I couldnt think staright...what was going on!? But again, all I heard was the chilling voice of Garmadon.


Get out of here!

Hehehe...why? Do you not realize that you could cause...a prediction?


You see, once I left, you had a that tells you the future. That is why, I left, that is why I made you do those cause you...pain.

What do you want with me?!

Easy...dont you want to know...wheres your mother?

And then thats when it happened thoughts turned into a prediction:

Whose that?

No idea...its another ninja with...purple and black robes...but that makes no sense.

Hello...may I help you?

Umm, yeah...but first we need to get out of here before Garmadon finds out we're here....

Wait whats that?

I felt water on my face and I opened my eyes to see the others looking at me.

" Cole are you ok? You were knocked by a snake warrior..." Jay said.

" What??" I asked. " What do you mean are they gone?" I asked.

" They just left once they grazed you..." Zane said.

" But seriously what happened? Garmadon was staring at you, and you were looking nervous, is something up?" Kai asked.

" I dont really know, all I do know is that you guys are safe." I replied.

" Well in that case its best we search the area...the snakes might as well be..hiding" said Zane.

" Ok." I stated, as everyone got up. We all searched the area for any sign of snakes, or other enemies. But the only thing I could think about was...the mysterious remark Garmadon made about my mom.

Chapter 3: Nearly Dead

It was noon, and me and my friends were still walking around. If there were any snakes around here, hiding, I think they beat us to it. " Ughhh, my feet hurt..." Jay moaned. " Well, we've been walking for at least half hour..." Zane replied. " But, we'll find some soon, I'm sure of it." " Its getting dark, guys." I said, looking at the sky. I was right, the sun set, and the moon was out, lighting the sky like a flashlight, all except for us covered in darkness. " We need to find a good place to spend the night...or we'll fall asleep in the morning." Zane commented. " Yeah, I could imagine Jay or Kai falling on their faces...(snicker)" Lloyd laughed. Kai gave him a sharp look, but I instantly cut him to it. " Lets go, or we'll be lost in the night....." I said. We found a warm, neat place beside a tree just next to a lake. And so we got ready to sleep. " Alright good-(snore)" Jay slept. " Wow, Jay must be PRETTY sleepy!" Kai laughed. " Shhh! Lets not wake him up, or else!" Zane stated, as he fell asleep. The rest of us, Kai, Lloyd and me all fell into a deep slumber....and thats when my headache started up again, also I heard many voices but out of all was Garmadons.

Hehehe...did you miss me?

Why do you keep entering my mind, Garmadon? To taunt me?!?

Silly boy, again, I've entered your mind beacause to ask you one simple thing...where are The Golden Weapons?

Again with that?! Ughhh! Give up Garmadon! You'll never talk some sense into me or the others!

Are you sure? Would you do it...for this?

And thats when I had another prediction.

Drop the boulder upon the blue one!


(Gasp) Jay, no!

I instantly woke up panting. I had a prediction of Jay! Does that mean something bad is going to happen the next day? cant be, its just a dream, a nightmare that was caused by Garmadons dark power. But how does he enter my head, once I fall alseep? Then, it hit me. I finally figured it out, everytime I fall asleep or I'm unconcious, I dream, and when I dream, Garmadon somehow gets in my head and makes me predict things that are about to happen....I still didnt get it, better yet, I still did not know if my prediction was correct, so I went back to bed, trying hard to ignore the Darkness In my head.

" Wake up!"

" Gah!" I screamed. " Jay! You should be warned before waking me!"

" Umm, why?" he asked.

" Beacause if you scare wont end well...nevermind, we're the others?" I asked.

" Oh, they're already awake, see?" Jay replied.

I could see the others were already up training near the lake, but stopped once they saw me up. " Finally! Now we can go find the snakes!" Kai said. And so we started looking, we looked high, we looked low, we looked left, we looked right, but we couldnt find any sign of the snakes--again. " Ughhh, my feet hurt again." Jay groaned. " Well you know it could get worse, right? I mean, there could be a storm, winds, rocks..." Kai stated. I quivered at Kai's remark, " rocks"... as in my dream with Jay. I couldnt let anything bad happen to Zane, Jay, Kai, and Lloyd. If I did, then I would have myself to blame. " This is taking FOREVER!!!" Kai shouted. Just then, we all heard a twig snap, we all got into battle stance as the noise drew closer...just then, two snake warriors jumped out of the shadows and faced us. " Look, the massster wantssss to do ssssomething with the black I remember..." said one. My eyes faced theirs, as he had made that statement. " As you wish...attack!!!!" came a familiar voice. Garmadon detached himself from the darkness and faced me. " Did you miss me?" he said. " Not much. " I lets finish this, once and for all..." I said as I came forward, the rest followed. But Garmadon was clever, he swooped up on a nearer tree branch, and shouted, " GET HIM!!!" The serpentine all headed towards us, while the other half headed towards me. " Try me..." I said, as I whipped up a tornado of earth and ground. Garmadon shouted to one of his warriors to get a big rock...and thats when I started getting scared. " Now, Drop the boulder upon the blue one!" Garmadon shouted. " Huh?" Jay said. The serpentine dropped the rock and it was falling fast, I knew I needed to do something, and fast. " ( Gasp) Jay! NOOOO!!!!" I shouted as I pushed him out of the way, and thus, the boulder fell on me. Jay landed on the ground, but quickly got up and looked at me, screaming in pain. " Cole!" he shouted as he ran towards me. I was losing air, fast, and my skin turned bright white...I looked up to see Garmadon laughing wickedly, I, in return, gave him a mad look. " I told you...." he said, and left with the serpentine. I started to faint, it was oficial, my dreams had become predictions of the future, except I sacrificed myself for Jay's safety, I was too tired to think, too tired too stay awake. Instantly.... I blacked-out.

Chapter 4: Likely Explination

------Remember me?

Get out, I'm too tired to think anymore....

Then I'll carry on the, will you tell me now, where are the golden weapons?

I told you, I'm not going to reply to that...actually I cant, you almost hurt Jay, but instead you hurt me, and now I'm unconcious...

Yes I supose so...your only concious in your mind...and I'm always here when you fall asleep, black-out, or fall unconcious...

For the last time, I'm very ill, I dont want to talk to you...

Fine, would you rather see....this?

-------What do you want?!?

I told you again.....I asked for the golden weapons....and you didnt respond....and now that I have them....its time to finish this teams main source once and for all!!!

I opened my eyes to see Sensei and Nya at my bedside, treating my wounds. " He's awake!" Nya shouted. Jay, Kai, Lloyd, and Zane all ran at my bedside. " Cole, are you ok?" Jay asked, concern in his voice. I stared st him and said, " Not much, but I'm fine..." " What happened back there? Garmadon was after you! But why?" Sensei put his hand on my forehead...and quickly retracted it, then he answered, " He had a Dream Vision...." " A what?" Zane asked. " Dream Vision, my brother entered his mind on a specific night, and everytime he goes to sleep...he starts to hear Garmadons voice in his head...and when he leaves...he has a Dream Vision..." Sensei explained. " Why didnt he ever tell us?" Jay asked arms crossed. " I was scared if they were true..." I replied. " You were scared?" Jay asked. I nodded my head. " Well, you could have told us, then Garmadon would have known better than to mess with you!" Kai stated. " He wouldnt have listened anyway....but he's making me tell him where the golden weapons are..." I said. " My fathers making you do that?" Lloyd asked. " Whatever you do, dont listen to him, he's taunting you..." Sensei said. " Anyway, is there anything wrong with him?" Jay asked. Nya checked her computer and said, " No he's fine, but he's a bit weak from the boulder...." " But of all of us, why did Garmadon choose to taunt Cole?" Zane asked. " Because, he's the leader, and he cares greatly for all of you....Garmadon needed to taunt someone who actually knew about this team, and its purpose, and so he chose Cole." Sensei replied. " Well we cant just let him do this! I call revenge!" Kai stated. " Me too! Therese no way I'm going to let my best friend get hurt!" Jay said. " I'm in." Zane said. " So am I." Lloyd said. " Then its oficial, you four go find the snakes and defeat them...." Nya said. " But be careful, they'll be angry if you disturb them...making it dangerous for you to defeat them." Sensei warned. And so with that, the others went down from the Bounty to the forest ground, leaving me here...severely ill. " You need some rest..." Sensei said as he walked away. I nodded, and I layed down, closed my eyes and went to sleep...but I still had a vision.

Chapter 5: Kidnapped!

While I was still in my bed, ill...the others...Jay, Zane, Kai, and Lloyd all were speeding towards The Lost City of Ourebourus. " You think they'll be mad enough to be dangerous?" Zane asked. " Umm, well Sensei said so, so I'm not sure...." Jay replied. Finally, they arrived at the main entrance, took out the guards, and sneaked in. Kai and Lloyd scouted ahead to make sure the coast was Kai's signal, Jay and Zane sneaked into the boss room, where Pythor used to sit ( but was now dead)...they made their way up onto the dark cieling, and waited for enemies to come. Soon, Garmadon barged in with a couple of snakes right behind him. " Now that Cole is ill, I'll be able to taunt him more to talk some sense into him...and finally get my hands on The Golden Weapons..." he sneered. Jay showed a mad look. " But why him, sir? I mean, you could taunt the other ninja as well...." one of the snakes said. " Because Fang-Suei...he's second-in-command of my bother...and he knows his teams purpose, thus giving the chance to get information from him." Garmadon answered. " Well, ok...but what if he gets better?" a green snake known as Spitta asked. Spitta drooled venom on the floor. " Ughh, disgusting! I'll tell you later what I'm going to do..but someone, please clean that up!" Garmadon snarled. The snakes got a cloth and cleaned up the mess, and left the room. Leaving Garmadon alone. " Hmm, what should I do, if he gets better? He'll soon realize that I'm the cause for his illness, and that pathetic girl Nya will somehow find a way to cure him!" he stated. Jay's heart was angry at Garmadons remark. " But, oh yes thats it! I could unleash something to finish him off! And make him hurt, he'll be in so much pain, he'll give up...its a truly evil the only thing is what? Hmmm, I'll need to speak with all the monstrous creatures of Ninjago, but first I need to take care of something...snakes!!!" Garmadon yelled. Jay wanted to let him have it, as well as Kai, but Lloyd and Zane calmed them down. Instantly, the dark lord left...and Jay, Kai, Zane, and Lloyd all hopped down from their hiding places and ran outside, unknowingly. They stopped short when they got out of the city and were in the desert. " I'm going to KILL him for insulting Nya!" Jay threatened. " Easy, Jay lets not overtake our decision here...we need to warn Cole whats going to happen..if not, he'll be just a memory to us..." Zane stated. " But, cant he predict it with his dreams?" Kai asked. " Well, we dont know exactly whats going on in his mind, but still, we need to warn him! Before its too late..." Lloyd said. And so the ninja all headed back to the Bounty...but once they got was wrecked. " What happened?" Kai asked. " Nya! Nya? Nya?!" Jay yelled out. Nya was stuck under the debris, but Jay pulled her free, as well as Sensei...but I was no where to be found. " Wheres...Cole?" Lloyd asked. " They took him." Sensei said. " What?!?" Jay screamed. " why?" Kai said. " We dont know...but we're going to find out..." Nya stated. " So now what? We dont have a home..." Zane said. " Actually we can stay with one person." Jay exclaimed. And so the others ninja followed Jay to a unfamiliar forest...they appeared at a house. Eagerly, Jay knocked on the door..and out came a girl. " Guys? What are you doing here?" the girls asked. " We need your help, Nora...our home has been destroyed and Garmadon has kidnapped we need to stay here for the night." Jay replied. " Sure..." Nora said. And so, Nora let my friends, and master stay for the night, while I, was somewhere to far to be known.

Chapter 5: Ninja Tracking Device

I suppose you have something to tell me...hmmm? wont tell you anything....

Is that so? Well, then....I'll force you.....

You cant force me to do anything!

Watch your old enemy is near....

Hey, you ok?

No...( groan)

Garmadon ambushed you, didnt he?

More like shot me down...

I almost lost my life after that. I woke up inside a dark chamber, and I noticed I was tied with chains to a chair. I tried to struggle myself free...but that only made me feel appears that my heart was injured by the boulders fall...and it was beginning to hurt. Just then, Garmadon appeared and faced me. " Garmadon..." I snarled. He laughed and said, " It seems my tending plan....has worked..." I was still struggling. " Your not going to fool me, Garmadon! I know what I had back there...and your never going to trick me...never." I said. Garmadon fought back the anger he felt at those words...and instead he kept talking. " Do you think, I'll ever give up on my plans? Do you think I'm going to let you, your team, and my brother stop me? No...your I dont want things to go over the, tell me...where are the golden weapons?" he asked once more. " For the last time...I'm not answering that!....Urk!!" I yelped, as I felt my throat blocked. I noticed Garmadon had his hands in a tight fist, thus seeming he was choking me. " Seriously! (Gah!) Why dont you just give up?!" I said, as I was losing air. " Not a chance..." Garmadon said, unrolling his hands, allowing me to breathe. He walked up to me, and held a knife up to my throat. " Do you want to live or not?" Garmadon asked. I looked at him, and answered, " You know if you kill wont be getting any answers from me, dead or alive." With that, Garmadon retracted the knife and said, " So be it..." and he left. My heart was still soar from the fall, but I was ok... btu I was concerned that my friends were putting themselves in danger out of concern for me.

Meanwhile, the others were still inside their rooms of Nora's home. Soon, they all awoke. " Ughhh, is it morning already?" Kai groaned. " Kai...we were walking yesterday until 1:00 in the of course it was a short night!" Lloyd stated. " Lets not forget, we came here to get Nora's help to rescue Cole...and until we find another home, we'll be staying here..." Jay reashured. So everyone got out of bed, ate breakfeast and met up with Nora outside. " So, the black one you want to rescue?" she asked. " Yes, but we dont know where he is...thats why we need your help to find him..." Zane replied. " Hmm, I'll see what I can do!" Nora said as she went back inside her house. " Ughh, Cole probably doesnt have much time left wherever he is...we need to do something!" Kai stated. Zane thought for a moment. " Your right, but we need help, we cant just do this on our own..." he said. The Nora came outside and said, " I think I know how to find him..." " Really!? How?" Jay asked. " I got this idea that you could track him down by using his weapon, it would be possible because if your weapon is connected to your element, it'll allow people to find you depending on how dim its glow is, the brighter it is, the nearer your friend is." Nora replied. " Huh, why couldnt we think of that?" Jay said. " Who cares! We got a way to find him...but, where's the golden weapons?" " Ooh! I remember! I put them in a secret compartment inside the Bou-" Lloyd said. Everyone looked at him in shock. " You what!?" Jay screamed. " Didnt you forget, that the snakes tore it down?" Zane asked. Lloyd blushed. " Oops." he said. " Well, we gotta go there to see if ou weapons are still there!" Kai said as he and the others took off. " Dont forget about the medhood!" Nora shouted to them. " We wont!" the others yelled. Sensei had a look of concern on his face. " I fear my brother will get them before them..." he said. I too, felt the same...although I could not see it...I knew it was going to end bad...I just knew it...I wanted to go and warn them of the dangers to come...but, I just couldnt do anything about it. Finally, I let the darkness take me.

Chapter 6: Escape

The others were headed for the last remains of the Bounty to see if the weapons were there...once they arrived, there was only one: My Scythe of Quakes. " Oh, this is just great! The snakes that came here to take Cole had found The Golden Weapons!" Jay screamed. " Well, look on the bright side! And I mean the bright side of the scythe.." Kai exclaimed. Jay picked up The Scythe of Quakes, it was glowing dimly. " He's very far." Zane said, noticing the glow. " Ok, Nora said, that we need to use the scythe to find Cole, and the weapons..." Lloyd said. " But we need to keep on a look-out for snakes or boneheads." said Kai curling his hand into a fist. And so my friends all followed the glow of my weapon to find me...

Meanwhile I was still in the mysterious chamber that Garmadon put me in. While I was sleeping though...Garmadon entered my mind again.

Looks like its a big day today for me...

What are you talking about?

Why should I tell you? That is not for you to know...heheehe

You dont fool me, Garmadon! If this some sort of practical joke, I aint laughing!


What did you just call me?!

You wont be able to escape now that my snake warriors have found the golden weapons...

I opened my eyes, and in fury I broke myself free from the chains. I suddenly heard Garmadons voice again...but for real this time. " Ah, I see you've freed yourself from my trap....but can you get out of the caves?" he said with a laugh. Thats when I realized where I was: The Caves of Despair. I tried to push the rocks out of the way...but it did no help to my heart. " dont want your friends to be put in danger do you?" Garmadon laughed. I felt my instincts eyes turned emerald green, and my skin changed color from yellow to black. I had become a NIght Fury! Garmadon floated away quickly as I roarred as loud as I could... and knocked down a rock blocking the cave I was in... I flew outside and roarred. " ROARRRRRRRR!!!!!!" I roarred so loudly the forest,and earth shook. From miles away, Jay, Zane, Kai, and Lloyd felt the ground shake. My scythe glew dimly bright. " Did you feel that?" Lloyd stated. " Yes, I did." Kai exclaimed. " It was an earthquake...and where theres earhquakes, theres-" Zane said. " Cole, obviously, but what was that roar?" Jay asked. " Probably a hungry dragon...lets move!" Kai reashured. WIth my new power I flew around the forest trying to find the others...but I found nothing. I'm going to make Garmadon pay... I thought. But...I need to find a place to spend the night.... I swooped down and landed on a hillside...I sat down, but I did not sleep...I was too afraid...that my friends were in terrible trouble.

Request night fury toothless wallpaper by bluedragonhans-d4itq5e

Cole sitting on a hillside as a Night Fury

Chapter 7: The Universe Ninja

It was early morning, and I was still awake. I didnt sleep at all last night...but I did not care...all I cared about was my friends, and master about to be in terrible trouble....all because of me. Still, I had no time to think about that, I lifted myself up from the grassy ground, and stretched my black-coated wings. I flew up, and soared with speed through the air. Again, I flew over mountains, forests, and deserts...but I couldnt even spot a single person. Soon, I swooped down near a crystal-water lake and took a break from flying. I dived down into the water, and caught a few fish for breakfeast, they were yummy. When I bobbed up on the surface...I dried myself, and sat down to think for a while. What am I going to do? I thought. I have a low rate of heart...and my friends are being hunted down by Garmadon and his skeleton, and snake army... I cannot let that happen... I need to find them quick and protect them... but what if I'm too late? What if- I felt a cold tear pour down my cheek at the thought of it....but then I stood up bravely. I will not let that happen... I thought. I will find them quickly and protect them from harm... And with that in mind. I flew up, and again serched high and low for my master and friends.

Meanwhile, they were busy looking for me, but they were severely lost. " Are you sure he's near here?" Kai asked, grunting. " Positive, the scythes glow shows it..." Jay replied. " Look, we're in the Frozen Wastelands... I dont think Cole is going to be here..." Lloyd said shivering. " I'm pretty sure we're-" Jay said, but then, my scythes glow died out. " Oh great...its frozen!" Kai said. Just then a dark figure darted past them. " What was that?" Zane said dizzily. Once the figure stopped moving, it was revealed to be a girl with brown hair with grey highlights, a key around her neck as a necklace, a black and purple ninja outfit, and a black patch with a scar on her right eye. It appears that she was being chased by a snake and Lord Garmadon. " After her! She's stolen two of the golden weapons!!!" he snarled. The mysterious new ninja jumped up and turned into an unknown type of dragon coated with black, emerald blue, dark and light blue, and purple scales. The others couldnt believe their eyes as she swooped up and shot out a blast of cosmic energy. The snake retreated, but Garmadon wasnt done, he ran after her...I was glad he didnt go after the others...and as for them, they were curious of how this was going to end, so they followed the girl and Garmadon out of the Frozen Wastelands, and into the Forest of Tranquility. " You made a fital mistake, whoever you are!" Garmadon said. The girl readied her dark, katana spear and said, " As you wish...." She striked the spear on the ground, and it caused a sonic stream...Garmadon was dazed for a moment...but then he quickly recovered. The girl grred and slashed Garmadon on the stomach. " Gah!" he yelled. He humphed and looked at the girl, who put her dark katana spear away. " Fine, have it your way.... but I'll be back..." Garmadon said, as he ran away. " Whose that?" Jay asked. " No idea...its another ninja and purple robes...but that makes no sense..." Zane stated. The girl turned to see the others, she said, " Hello...may I help you?" " Umm, yeah....but first we need to get out of here, before Garmadon finds out we're here..." Kai stated. " Wait..whats that?" Jay asked pointing to the key on the girls chest. " Oh, thats the key to the most secret places in all of Ninjago." the girl said. " Whoa...anyway...why were you being chased?" Lloyd asked. " I stole these from Garmadon..." the girl replied, taling out The Shurikens of Ice, and The Sword of Fire. " Sweet!" Kai yelled. " Thank you." Zane proclaimed. " No said you needed help?" the girl asked. " Oh, umm, yeah! We see our friend got umm, taken by Garmadon, and we want to rescue him." Zane replied. " Sure, I'll help along the way...but, I need to leave now, catch ya later...oh and if you see the mon turning dim black, that means I'm that?" the girl stated. " Yeah, ok. See ya! Wait! Whats your name?" Jay yelled. " Its Andrea!" the girl shouted as she flew away as a dragon, and the others watched her leave. " Nice girl." Kai said. " Ok, she said that when the moon is dimly black she'll be lets wait till night so we can find her again, in the meantime, we can look for Cole...." Zane reashured. My scythe glowed dimly in the sunlight. " He's not close...we need to move..." Lloyd said. And so the others continued their search for me.

Concurrently, I was still loking for them...yet, I still did not find them. Oh, guys....where are you? I thought. Just then, I spotted Garmadon running inside the forest below me. I almost fell out of the sky at the seems as though he was running from something. Then, he stopped, my heart almost skipped a beat. Dont look up...dont look up... I said to myself. He looked up. I'm doomed. " You!" he screamed. He jumped up, and almost ripped my scales off with his hands. I flew up out of reach, and Garmadon took out a bow...he shot arrows straght for me, but he missed a coupleof times. " You cant outsmart me, Garmadon!" I shouted. He snarled, and this time when he shot the bow, he shot my back, I screamed with pain and was shot down, right into a mysterious trench inside the forest. " Hahahaha..." Garmadon laughed wickidly. From my landing, I was beginning to faint, when...the girl with the key necklace walked up to me...she was very beautiful.
Kais sister


Night fury by Lilian art

Cole near the crystal-water lake.

Chapter 8: Love Lesson

" Hey, you ok?" she said. I still stared at her, but then I snapped out and said, " No...( groan)" Andrea gently plucked the arrow out of my back. " Owww..." I moaned. " Garmadon ambushed you, didn't he?" she asked. " More like, 'shot me down'...... I was just looking for my friends-" I replied. " You mean the other four ninja I saw earlier?" Andrea asked. I lifted my head and asked, " What? You saw them??" Andrea nodded. " Yep, they were a few miles just north from here...but I never realized that you were free....they'll probably be looking in the wrong direction then." she stated as she studied my wound. My back had a small hole where the arrow used to be, it was bleeding, it felt painful. Andrea noticed my look and she said, " Your a very handsome dragon for a Night Fury." I blushed. " That arrow Garmadon shot, it went halfway into your skin, but your injury should heal in 2 days..." Andrea stated. I felt grateful for that as she wrapped a sling around my back which stopped the bleeding. I lifted myself up, but quickly fell down. " Easy, you dont want it to get worse do you?" Andrea asked. I shook my head. " Ok, hmmm, its getting dark you should get some rest then, your gonna need it." she said. And so I limped to a nearby cave with the help of Andrea and layed down to rest, while she stood outside as a dragon guarding the grounds. That night, while I was sleeping, I heard the most beautiful sound of Andrea singing outside...she seemed to be singing in Korean or Japenese, but it was so sweet I fell asleep listening to it.
RELAX-Chinese Bamboo Flute Music-Beautiful Chinese Song-Peaceful Relaxation Calming Tranquil05:26

RELAX-Chinese Bamboo Flute Music-Beautiful Chinese Song-Peaceful Relaxation Calming Tranquil

Andreas Song

In the morning, I woke up to the smell of fried fish. I limped outside to see Andrea frying fish with her fiery breath. " Oh good! Your up." she exclaimed. " Have some fish, it'll regain your strenght..." I ate the fish that was fried and spit out the bones, I had to say one thing: they were good, and my back started to heal a little after that. Once we both were finished with our food, we practiced training to help gain my backs strenght. " Turn back into a human..." she stated. I did so. " God, you look hot!" she exclaimed. I smiled. " Anyway, aim your weapon towards your opponent to give him/her or it a strike..." Andrea said as she handed me her dark katana blade. I aimed the weapon at the tree in front of me, and leaped forward, then I slashed the tree's mark, thus nearly chopping the back instantly almost felt stronger. " Good! Feel any better?" Andrea stated. I faced her and said, " Yeah." " Great, with that in mind, we could start looking for your friends..." she replied. And so for the rest of the day.... me and Andrea trained side by side, each task made my back feel almost as strong as before, as well as my one task, Andrea nearly fell in my arms...we laughed at that part awkwardly, and then got back to training. By the end of the day, we both sat by the crystal-water lake and looked at the darkened sky lit by the emerald white moon. " So, ummm, I never got your name..." I stated. " Oh, umm, my names Andrea...yours?" she asked. " Oh, uhh, Cole..yeah thats my name." " must be the ninja of earth..." Andrea stated. " How'ed you know know that?" I asked. " Sensei Wu informed he would be getting four different one is earth." she replied. " You know Sensei Wu?" I asked. " He used to be my teacher, he raised me after my parents died....and once Garmadon turned bad....I left the dojo." she replied sadly. I felt her sadness, and I remembered the time I ran away from my father. " Andrea...thats a beautiful suits you, you know?" I said. Andrea faced me and layed down beside me she said, " Your a good guy, Cole. I could use a fellow ninja beside me, at times of fights...for now get some rest, your back will be better in the morning...." she said as she fell asleep. I layed down next to her, and was about to sleep when, I saw a snake detatch from the darness. My eyes narrowed, but once it saw me it left. I looked at Andrea...and showed a look of concern on my face. Instantly, I layed down and fell asleep. The snake noticed me with her...and I knew exactly what was going to happen the next day.
Infinyr Great Universe Dragon by Ahrkeath

Universe Dragon-Andrea

Chapter 9: Reunited

Wake up....

Garmadon? Grrr...what do you want?

I see you've found that girl....

You know her?

It goes way back when me and Wu raised her together....but once I became evil, she ran away like a little girl....

She did what she needed to do! She knew she was in danger and so she left!

Highly unpredictable.....wake up, Cole....we took her....

I pried my eyes open to see Andrea gone! Oh, no.... I thought. They took her..... I got up and got her dark katana blade, which she put near a tree, and I turned into a Night Fury and took off. I serched high and low, near and far, but I could not find Andrea...but I did see one thing though. While I was flying I spotted the others being ambushed by the Serpentine!!! I decided to take charge, and swoop down right in front of them. " Whoa!" Jay exclaimed seeing me. " ROARRRR!!!" I screamed as the Serpentine backed away. " Itssss a Night Fury!!!" yelled one of the snakes. I released a shot of earth and rock at them that chased them away. " That'll teach you not to mess with me and my friends" I said panting. The others gasped. " Cole?!?" Jay shouted. I turned to face them, and I smiled. " Yep." My scythe was glowing rapidly, and they knew it had to be true. " How-" Kai asked. " I have no idea how I turned into this thing.... I just went on a rampage in the Caves of Despair and BOOM, here I am." I replied. " Wow, I wish I was a dragon..." Jay exclaimed. " I bet you guys could turn into dragons too, but first.... I need to go find Andrea....." I replied sadly. " Her? You've seen her as well?" I nodded and said, " She helped me when I got shot with an arrow by Garmadon....and she's been taken." " Wait WHAT!?! Garmadon shot you down?!" Kai screamed. I nodded my head again. " Well, we'll help you look for her!" Lloyd responded. " Really?" I asked. " Yeah! Your our friend Cole, and we're not going to let you down!" Jay stated. I smiled and said, " Ok, lets go then!" And so my friends climbed on my back, and I took off. I flyed through the clouds, and scouted down below for any sign of Andrea...yet, I found nothing. But even though I was still worried, with my friends by my side conforted me, which made me feel braver, with my friends by my side....nothing would stand in our way.
Five Best Friends

The other Ninja at Cole's side

Chapter 10: Struck Down

Me and my friends ( who were on my back) were still flying around to see if we could spot Andrea anywhere...unluckily, we didnt spot anyone. I was starting to feel concerned that Garmadon would try to finish her off. Finally, we all decided that we should take a break, and so I landed in the middle of the Forest of Tranquility...where Nora's house sat...the only thing was, she wasnt home. " Was, Nora here before?" I asked. " Yes, why?" Zane asked. " She's not here, and so is Nya and Sensei!" Jay exclaimed. " WHAT?!?" Kai screamed. He grred and punched down a tree...thus mysteriously making his eyes glow yellow, and turning his skin to scales. Kai had become a Monstrous Nightmare! Me and the others gaped, and Kai looked down at us and said, " What?" " Ummm, K-Kai?" Jay stuttered, poiting towards a watering hole near us. Curiously, Kai walked towards it, and saw his whole body and face, he almost screamed ( well actually, he did). " AHHHH!!!!" he yelled. " Kai! Shush! You could atract unwanted attention!" Jay stated, covering his ears. " Sorry...its just, how did I turn into a dragon!" Kai exclaimed. " I have no does this happen?" I asked. " For now, we dont have time, first we need to go and rescue Nya, Andrea, Nora, and Sensei Wu from evil Lord Garmadon....come on lets go!" Jay stated. So, Zane and Jay climbed on my back, and Lloyd climbed on his back. We both took off for The WildWood Forest.
Httyd monstrous nightmare by cavyspirit-d3456tw

Monstrous Nightmare-Kai

Finally, once we and Kai swooped down quietly, and landed on the grassy ground. Once everyone hopped off, and me and Kai turned back into our normal selves...we started hearing voices. We all crouched down behind a rock, and listened. " Unhand me snake!" yelled a voice. I recognized the voice as Andrea's. " Not a chance, little girl..." I felt my heart beat faster. " Ssso Lord Garmadon, what sssshould we do with her?" Garmadon turned around and said, " Use her against Cole, thats what...." Jay looked at me and snickered, in return I gave him a mad look. " I ssstill dont ssssee, how thisss isss going to work..." the snake asked. " Trust me, Spitta, its going to... and once the ninja arrive to rescue Sensei, Nya, and that other girl....we will use Andrea to lead Cole into a trap while the others arent looking...." Garmadon responded. Ok, I've had enough of Garmadons blunders, I jumped out from our hiding place. Garmadon grabbed Andrea and held a knife up to her chin. " No! Stop!" I yelled. Garmadon laughed and said, " Heheheee...why? Is it bothering you?" " Just let her go!" I screamed. " Heheheehee...why? One step closer, and shes dead...." Garmadon hissed. I couldnt take anymore of this...Garmadon first was going to threaten me with a statement of my mom, and now with a girl I have a crush on...THIS ENDS NOW!!! I turned myself into a Night Fury and flew forward, Garmadon let go of Andrea, and readied his bow. I dodged each one, and did a nosedive towards him. I landed on him, and we tackled each other, but before I could do anything, he stabbed a needle into my skin. " ROARRRRR!!!!!" I screamed, as I fell down, uncoucious. The others lifted their heads to see what happened, and saw me on the ground. They all gasped. " OH THATS IT!!! YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE!!!!!" Jay screamed at the top of his lungs, instantly, his eyes turned light yellow, and he turned into a Deadly Nadder! Kai Zane and Lloyd all gasped, but not a moment too soon, Garmadon tied Andrea up, and put me in a net..and then, we all disappeared. Jay turned back into himself, and grred as he looked at the spot where Garmadon used to be. " Well I guess me, Cole, and Jay are all dragons now...but, how?" Kai asked. " First things first, we need to go and rescue everyone else from danger..." Zane said. " We could figure out the dragon mutations later...." " Right!" Jay exclaimed. And so Kai turned into his dragon form and allowed Lloyd to climb on, and Jay turned into his dragon form and allowed Zane to climb on, and they all went towards The Lost City of Ourebourus...where everyone else...where about to be in terrible trouble.
Deadly Nadder-Jay

Deadly Nadder-Jay

Chapter 11: Mind-Talking

I woke up inside a cage that seemed to be attached to a Skull Truck. Garmadon and some skeletons were piloting it. " Faster!" he said in his always, evil voice. I saw Andrea sleeping inside a cage next to mine....and I also saw that the Skull Truck was going through the Frozen Wastelands...what a suprise, no doubt Garmadon was trying to get back to The Lost City of Ourebourus to lock us both up. Just then, the ropes fastening my cage snapped, and my cage fell in the snow. Garmadon heard it, but ignored it and sped away along with Andrea still inside her cage. The cage tumbled down a snowy mountain, and it pried open. I flew out just in time to avoid getting injured by getting slammed into a tree. That was close.... I thought. " Now what?" I asked myself landing in the chilling white, snow. I sat down to think, but I felt a sharp pain on my I got up and plucked out that needle Garmadon stabbed it into. I read the lable, and to my read poison. " This is bad...very VERY bad..." I stated. I knew I was alergic to poison...and soon I was going to have a reaction to it. I guess Garmadon knew that, cause now I was starting to feel queasy. " Ohhh...I dont feel so good..." I moaned. I tried to walk towards a nearby tree near me, but the reaction was getting to me quick, that I stumbled and fell. I need to make it... I thought. The others need me... So again, I tried to get up, and I made it, I kept walking and I soon found myself in the Forest of Tranquility. " Ha...." I said in a low moan. " I made, to find the rest...." I limped forward, the poison was setting in, and I was starting to feel sick....but I kept matter how hard it was. As soon as I made it halfway across the forest...I was soon starting to collapse when...a familiar appeared in the air. Out came a familar face: Kira. She saw me and gasped. " Need a hand?" she asked. " Yes, thank you..." She lead me to her home, and studied me...she soon found out I had venom inside me, and so she started working on the antidote.

Meanwhile, the others were still headed towards The Lost City of Ourebourus....when, they saw the Skull Truck heading there slowly. Kai and Jay hovered above it slowly, and they all listened:

" Umm, master?" said one skeleton known as Kruncha. " What are we going to do with them?"

" I told you already!!" Garmadon yelled in his cold voice. " We are going to force them to talk so we can get answers...which I doubt...."

" Sir?" said a skeleton. " One of them's missing..."

Garmadon turned around to see that my cage was gone. " WHAT?!? Grrr! He must have fallen down while we were driving through the Frozen Wastelands!"

That gave my friends an idea. But just as they were about to fly off, a skeleton known as Nuckal spoke up.

" Well, look on the bright side! I stole this comic from your son from the ruins of the Bounty!" he chirped.

" We dont have time for stupid things Nuckal!" Garmadon yelled, as he took Lloyds comic, and ripped it to shredds.

Ok, he shouldnt have done that...because, Lloyd threw a fit! He grred and his eyes glowed green thus turning him into a Hideous Zippleback! The others gasped as Lloyd swooped down and used his two blasts to turn the truck to ash. Garmadon turned to see his son as a dragon and screamed, he and the skeletons jumped off the truck and Andrea's cage rolled into Nuckals hands...great. " RUNNNN!!!" Garmadon yelled as he and his skeleton warriors all ran towards the lost city. Lloyd, Kai, and Jay landed, the Kai and Jay turned back into himself. " Lloyd! Say something!" Lloyd tried to speak, but all that came out was a roar. " Huh? How come he cant speak and we can?" Kai asked. " Most importantly, how did Cole, me, Kai and Lloyd turn into dragons???" Jay asked confused. Zane looked at Lloyd, and Kai and Jay. " Hold on...Cole said he went on a rampage in the Caves of Despair, thus turning him into a dragon, and Kai got mad went he found out Nya was taken, and Jay got mad once Cole was hurt...and Lloyd got mad when his father ripped his comic..." Zane stated. " So your saying-" Kai said. " That maybe you guys turn into dragons once your mad..." Zane explained. " Oh...thats a problem...." Jay said. " Why?" Kai asked. " Zane said that we must be angry to turn into a dragon...but how is Zane going to get angry? Its impossible!" Jay screamed. " Oh, I see...maybe, we can make him angry..." Kai stated.

That wont be possible.... said a voice in Kai's head.

" Who was that?" Kai asked.


" Who?" Kai asked.

" Who are you talking to?" Jay asked looking at Kai, a strange look on his face.

" Theres a voice in my head...."

Turn around... said the voice.

Kai turned and noticed Lloyd's eyes were glowing. Kai almost screamed. " Your talking to me?" he asked in disbelief.

" What are you talking about?" Zane asked. " Lloyd was talking to me in my head! I think thats how Garmadon gets inside Cole's mind. " No way...but how does Garmadons power pass onto- ohhh, now I get it...." Jay stated.

" So maybe, we can use Lloyd mind-talking skill to see where Cole is!" Jay exclaimed. Kai turned to Lloyd again and said, " Do that thing again, and see if you can tell us where Cole is" Lloyd closes his eyes, and when he open's them again, his eyes turn bright green.

Very far away from where the others are...I'm outside of Kira's house, resting....and thats when I hear Lloyds voice in my head.


I couldnt believe my mind.

Lloyd? How did your voice get in here?

I-I'm a dragon now...and I just got this skill...

Really? How are the others?

Fine....hey...we're looking for you...where are you?

At Kira's house...she found me fainting near the Frozen Wastelands....I got poison inside of me...

Ummm, why are you fainting?

I'm alergic to it.....

WHAT!?!? Then me and the others need to get there now!!!

Calm down...I'm not dead...yet...but the reaction is starting to get to guys better hurry....

Ok, we'll be on our way....

Just then, Lloyd's eyes turned normaly dim green. " What did he say?" Jay asked. Lloyd roarred, and Jay understood...he told the others. " He's ALERGIC to venom!!! He should have told us his medical conditions before he joined this team!" Kai exclaimed. " Well, he's having a we need to!" Jay said as he turned into his dragon form, as well as Kai and Lloyd...but as Zane was about to hop on Lloyds back, a large group of skeletons came and and threw nets on the others. They stole Kai's sword, and Zane's shurikens...Zane was starting to feel angry, and his eye's turned white, thus turning him into an Ice Dragon!!!! the others gaped as he knocked each down with his bushy tail, but then, a skeleton dropped a net on them too....and they dragged them all back to the lost city. Just then, I woke up, Oh, no....they've gotten has to be just a stupid nightmare! But, I soon realized it was true...and so I thought about it for a moment...Garmadon was going to pay for this! But, for now I needed some rest...tommorow when the antidote was done, and I was feeling better I could rescue everyone...and this time...with my own skills.
Hideous Zippleback-Lloyd

Hideous Zippleback-Lloyd

Ice Dragon-Zane

Ice Dragon-Zane

Chapter 12: Dragon Duel

I woke on a bed. My vision was blurry, but I still could see Kira working in her lab. " Oh good, your are you feeling?" she asked. I lifted my head to speak, but I was too weak I couldnt. Kira frowned. " Its getting worse....the poison is soon going to enter your blood stream..and your probably going to go into shock...but not to worry, I finally finished making the antidote..." she exclaimed. " Good..." I said in a low moan. But as she was about to hand it to me...we heard a crash outside the house. Curious, Kira told me to stay here, and she went to check it out. I waited, and when at least 5 minutes passed, I heard a loud scream. I slowly limped outside and saw Kira on the grassy floor...I saw a snake warrior next to her, when he looked at me, he snatched the antidote and ran off. I knew I was weak, but I couldnt take any more of this, and so I retracted my wings and took off after it. Spotting the snake from below was easier than spotting a clouded leapord in the bushes...I swooped down and grabbed the snake warrior with my talons. I dont think so.... I thought, as I built up all my strength to try to pry the antidote out of its scaly hands. " Get your handssss...uhhh, I mean clawsss off me!" the snake yelled. " Not a chance..." I said. But after that, I started to faint again, and soon I felt sick, so I managed to get the antidote out of the snakes hands and pop it in my mouth. After that...I felt better....and I dropped the snake in a lava pit in the Fire Temple as I flew over it. " Well, that takes care of" I stated as I flew back to Kira's house. She was unconcious when I landed, I woke her with a little water. " ( Cough) Cole? What happened?" she asked. " A snake knocked you out, but he's gone" I responded. " Wait he got the antidote!" she exclaimed. " Its ok, I'm fine, I drank it." I responded. Kira sighed in relief and got up. " So what now? You gonna look for your friends?" she asked. I nodded. " And another girl..." I added. Kira jumped. " A girl? Is she a ninja?" she asked. " Yep, and she's been captured, by Lord Garmadon." I replied. Kira looked at me and said, " Dont worry, you'll find her and the, maybe me and Chancler can aide you in your journey?" she offered. I smiled and nodded, I gave her a sign of farewell and flew off.

Meanwhile, in The Lost City of Ourebourus... my friends and the rest were in different cells...cold, chilly cells. " Brrrr....this colds freezing my butt off!" Kai exclaimed. " Tell me about it...." Jay moaned. Zane was alseep as a dragon, and Lloyd as well. Just then Garmadon came up to the cells, and Kai grunted. " What do you want?" he said rudely. Garmadon slashed Kai in the eye. " Oww!" Kai screamed. Jay seemed suprised. " How did you-" he stuttered. " Dont ask, I grew these the last time I spoke to Cole....and now....I'm officially a dragon...." Garmadon spoke. Zane awoke. " And which kind Garmadon?" he asked. Garmadon looked at Zane in disgust, and said, " Your not going to see me, but I know someone else who will..." Just then he jumped up on top of the cieling and flew off. " This is bad..." Jay exclaimed. " Why?" Zane asked. " If Garmadon already catched us, then there's someone else who's-" Kai stated. " Cole....its Cole isn't it?" Zane asked, concerned. Jay and Kai nodded.

Meanwhile, I was still flying to the lost city, when I saw something dark in the sky. I looked up to see a black and red dragon with unmistakenable red eye's. I gasped, it was Garmadon, and the dark dragon swooped down at me and pinned me down on the dirt floor. " I haven't seen you since we...talked...." he hissed as he and me fought. " How are you a dragon?!" I yelled. Garmadon stood up and said, " Impressive isn't it? But I dont know either....but all I do know are going to die...." I roarred and lunged foward pinning Garmadon to the ground. Angrily, he slashed my chest and eye. I screamed in pain as the blood started to drip. I pushed him away, and looked at myself...but thats when Garmadon lunged forward and pinned me to the ground. He sinked his claws in my right arm, and I felt my bone snap: he broke my arm. In pain, I hurled him away from me and he flew away...but before he left he said one thing: Meet me at the Fire Temple in 5 days....then we'll talk...
Red Eyes Darkness Dragon by Maplefur


Chapter 13: Dark Storm

I watched Garmadon go, panting for breath. I limped towards a tree, but instantly collapsed once I got near it....I couldnt take any much more of this, I wanted to end this madness, and tell Garmadon right in his face to leave me alone....but I couldnt, because....I was very tired, and I passed-out.


Lloyd....please, another time....

No, I need to speak with you right now!

Is it about Garmadon trying to attack me?

How'ed you know that?

He ran into me, and I broke my arm...and he slashed me to death...

Oh my god! Are you alright?

Yes, but I think I'm about to be sick....

Dont worry, we'll try to escape....wait, did the poison kill you already?

No...I just passed-out....but I'm fine....

Ok, we'll try to escape once my dads gone...wait, he's already gone!

Really? Good, try to blast the bars with all of your blasts to melt them...then you'll escape...

Thanks for the the way, where are you?

Dont know...didnt have time to check....goodbye, Lloyd....

I woke up near the tree and got up. I looked at myself, my bloody chest and eye were still bleeding, and my right leg was bent. Owww.... I grunted. I limped towards a watering hole beside me....and looked at myself again. " I'm a mess...." I muttered, bending down to get a sip of water. But suddenly, I heard a twig snap. I lifted my head and scouted around, to see if anyone was around here to mess with me. But instead of an intruder or enemy, I saw....Chancler. " Cole?" he asked, looking at me in disbelief. " Chancler?" I asked back. He came up to me and hugged me. " Its been long since I saw you, and your a Night Fury?" Chancler asked. I nodded. He looked at my injuries, and stated, " What happened? Did someone ambush you?" " Garmadon, he's a dragon too, as well as my friends, who are still trapped." I responded. Chancler's eye's grew wide. " Your friends are dragons as well, and their trapped somewhere in Garmadons fortress?!" he exclaimed. " Umm, more like, the snakes fortress, and I wasnt quick enough to save them..." I said, lowering my head. He patted my arm, and I responded with an 'OW!'. " You have a broken arm? Boy, that dark lord must have had a tight grip on you..." " Yep...anyway, what are you doing out here?" I asked. " Oh, well, I was on my way to Kira, but then...I saw you." Chancler answered. " Oh, well, you want to come along to help me?" I asked. " Sure." Chancler responded, as he turned into a griffin and took off, I as well.

Miles Garmadon's dark fortress, he was overlooking me and Chancler flying to The Lost City of Ourebourus with a magic globe.Trying to ditch out are we?...Well two could play at that game.... He changed into his dark form of dragon and roarred in front of the globe.

Suddenly, a dark storm erupted from the clouds and me and Chancler were knocking into each other. " Whoa!" I exclaimed, as a dark bolt of lightning nearly shocked my scales. I was glad that I could see an opening through the dark clouds. Seeing this, Garmadon roarred with rage which created the biggest, darkest, and most dangerous lightning bolt out of the sky....and guess who it hit? Thats right, me. It shocked me so badly, my wings stopped flapping, my eye's closed, and I was speeding towards the ground. I remembered Chancler yelling my name, but I was too tired to think again, instantly, I landed with a boom...lying there as if I was dead. Garmadon changed back and laughed wickedly as he saw me dead on the ground. I could feel Chancler next to me, but I still layed there, perfectly still......but not dead.
Dark Lightning

Garmadons Lightning Surge

Chapter 14: Transformation

My friends had finally managed to escape their prisons and soon all flew off to where I am at. " So...did Cole tell you where he was?" Jay asked. Lloyd responded with a 'No..he did not' in dragon language. " ( Sigh) Well, what are we gonna do then?" Kai asked. " I do not know..." said Zane, looking at the sky. " But I do think he's ok...."

Ok, Zane? Well, your wrong....I'm not ok. Miles away from where they are, I'm still laying unconcious, and Chancler is trying to wake me up. " Cole please wake up...." I heard him say. And as for me, well, lets say that shock didnt do me any good, for I was all singed, and my face was a bit pale. Finally, Chancler managed to get me awake with just a little cold water. " Chancler?" I said, with a cough. " What.....happened....." Chancler helped me sit up, and said, " That dark lord you were talking about...he created a Dark Storm zapped you...I thought you were dead." I got up, but I quickly fell down. " Ohhh, I feel sick..." I moaned. " Well, you have been flying through a cold, chilly storm yesterday, now were you? And so, you have'nt awakened ever since....until now." Chancler explained. I looked at myself, my black suit was singed, and my skin was bright pale. I think I'm going to be sick.... I thought. " We need to get you to a doctor or something, your skin isnt its natural color, and your feeling sick...come on, lets move...before that, Garmadon comes and finds out your alive..." Chancler stated. Chancler helped me walk all the way to Kira, and once she saw me, she nearly pass-out. " Are you feeling ok?" she asked, once she saw me. " Not really..." I groaned. She put me on a bed, and studied me, she said I was going to be ok....but I needed rest for 3 days until my medicine was done....3 days....3 days... Garmadon had said ' Meet me at the Fire Temple in 5 days....then we'll talk....' I couldnt think about that now, not that I'm sick...I just needed to relax....for now.

Meanwhile, in Garmadons dark always, was plotting another plan...but this plan was different from all of the other ones...for it was the most, dangerous. " Now that the black ninja is gone...that'll give me enough time to think of what to do with the others...." he spoke. Just then, two snakes known as Spitta and Lasha barged in with news. " Your evilnesssss, we just reported that the other ninja have esssscaped!" cried Spitta. Garmadon gaped. " Wha-?!- What?!?" he screamed. " Its true massster...and some of our sssspiessss sssspotted Cole awoke from the blow...." Lasha said. Garmadon screamed. " WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT!?!?" he said so loud it shook the whole fortress. " This CANNOT be true!" he finished. " Well...." Lasha and Spitta said. " It isssss." Garmadon sent them away and went up to his throne, he sat down and thought. What am I going to do?! He thought. Hmmm, if Cole is alive and the other ninja escaped.....then my plans are at risk! What do I do now!? Then he looked over his side and saw the golden weapons all placed on the table. He smiled, a wicked smile. " If he wants me to show up for a fight....then I'll show up....but with more.....expierience...." he stated. He changed into his dragon form and walked over to the golden weapons, he flew up with the help of his darkly powered wings. The golden weapons floated, and spun around, and they each formed a cirlce which caused a giant BOOM. Garmadon soon stopped, and the golden weapons had stopped floating, but the golden weapons were not four anymore....this time, they became one, big Mega Weapon! Garmadon changed back and picked it up, he laughed wickedly and said, If he and his friends are trying to stop me...then I'll destroy the one thing that cares for the team more then itself.....and then, they'll have nothing to do about it!!!!!!

Chapter 15: Booby-Trap

I felt very sick. Kira and Chancler were still working on my medicine, and I my friends were still in peril, least I thought so. A few minutes ago, I had another dream vision...but not with Garmdon in my head, another prediction:

He's not breathing!


There's too many water in his lungs...


Jay! Jay! Calm do-


After that, Chancler walked up to me. " You feel any better?" he asked. " Nope...." I groaned. He looked at my face, I had my cheek a little singed, and my eye had a bloody slash as well as my chest. " Whose doing this?" he asked. I sighed and told him. " Do you know Sensei Wu?" I asked. Chancler nodded, and listened. " Well, he has a brother, Lord Garmadon...and he is somehow getting in my mind each time I sleep, pass-out, or black-out...and everytime he talks to me...I have predictions...." I explained. " What kind of predictions?" Chancler asked. " Dream Visions....and everytime I have them, what I think of them is true...and so Garmadon wants me dead...but so far, he hasn't made any progress." I finished. Chancler chuckled at that part, then again, he looked at me and said, " Your too hardcore to die, Cole. This, Garmadon should know that depending on how much you've battled him..." I smiled. " Dont worry, we're almost halfway finished with your medicine...then you'll be able to teach this dark, lord a lesson...." Chancler stated as he walked off. Kira still was working and Chancler seemed to go out looking for an ingredient. And me, I just layed still trying to fight this cold Garmadon inflicted on Iayed down and closed my eyes.

3 days later.....

" Alright, Cole. We finished your medicine...but be careful out there for that dark lord..." Chancler said, handing me the medicine. I drank it, and I soon felt better. " Thanks, you guys are a real saver." I said. Kira smiled and Chancler gave me a ' no problem' look. And with that, I flew off.

Meanwhile, in Garmadons dark fortress...he was observing his newly constructed Mega Weapon. " It looks, if only I had something to use it on..." he spoke. Then an idea appeared into his head. " Wait, I do have something to use it on...hehehe...Cole...if only I could find him.....wait, didnt I tell him to meet me at the Fire Temple in 5 days? Oh yes...a perfect opprotuinty to use this beauty...and finish him off.....hehehe...hahahah!!!" Garmadon laughed.

In The Lost City of Ourebourus, Andrea and Nora were somewhere secretly hidden....a place where no one in the city ( except Garmadon and me) had found out about. " Its been like three days we've been in here!" Nora wined. " Just, calm down...we'll get out of here...I'm sure of it...." Andrea reashured. Just then, they heard a loud crash, and I stepped inside the chamber where they were held. " Cole?!?" they both exclaimed. " Yep, you two ok?" I asked. " Yeah, now that you came and broke us out...but how did you know-" Nora asked. " One time, I broke in here and found out about this place, me and Garmadon only know about it..." I answered. I lowered myself so that the two girls could climb on, then with just two flaps, I flew skyward high above in the sky. " Woo-hoo!" I exclaimed. Andrea and Nora were enjoying themselves to the ride, when all of a sudden, we saw a blue, white, red, and green flash in the sky. I suddenly realized that the flashed were the others and so I called after them. " Guys!!!" I yelled. Jay was the one who heard me, he looked up to see me with Nora and Andrea. He gasped and called out to the others and they too looked up. " Cole!" Kai said with joy. They all flew up next to me and hugged me using their snouts. " I missed you too..." I responded. " So now what? Now that Andrea and Nora are free....we can go look for Sensei and Nya!" Jay exclaimed. I showed a puzzled look on my face. " Wait, they were'nt in the cells next to yours?" " Nope...we couldnt even find them in the city...and how did you find those two and not find the others?" Kai asked. " Oh, umm...well, there was a secret cell underneath the city, and so I drilled them out..." I responded. " Hmm, that would mean that if we checked the whole city, and that Cole checked as well...then that means Garmadon locked them away somewhere else secret." Zane explained. " But where?" Jay stated. Soon, we were seeing the sun lowering...the day was ending...and I had a bad feeling. " Its getting dark..." Kai said, already lowering down. " We need to find a place to sleep...." Jay, Zane, Kai, Lloyd, and me all landed, and Andrea and Nora climbed off of me. " ( Yawn) I guess it is getting dark... I guess I should- ( snore)" Jay said as he fell asleep. Ok...I'm going to ignore that.... Lloyd spoke to me. I laughed at that. " Come on Lloyd. Funs over, you can change back..." I said. Lloyd turned back to his old, little self and fell asleep, as well as Kai, Zane and Nora. That only left me and Andrea awake. " Thank you for saving me..." Andrea said as she kissed me on the cheek. I blushed madly...but I turned back to normal when Andrea left me and fell asleep. I smiled as I saw the rest resting, but soon changed my mood when I remembered Garmadons words. Meet me at the Fire Temple in 5 days....then we'll talk... And tomorrow was the last day I had to go there. I worried, and not just about Andrea....about my friends, friends girlfriend, and master. I climbed up a nearest tree to think. What am I going to do? I thought. Garmadon told me to meet me at the Fire Temple...but what if its a trap? I think I'll have a decision in the morning.... And so I made myself comfortable on the branch I was sitting on, and instantly, fell asleep.


Could you cut this out!?!

No....listen...I told you to meet me in the Fire Temple in 5 days...and you disobeyed...

Your lying, I'll have my decision tomorrow...

Fool....tomorrow....turned into today....

I woke up after that. What Garmadon said was was tomorrow already, and the others were still asleep...Garmadon told me to meet me at the Fire Temple...and my decision was made: I'm going to go in, and teach him a lesson! So I snuck off to the Fire Temple, unknowingly, and went inside. Inside as usual, was hot and bright...I looked around for Garmadon. Maybe he was too afraid to come... I thought. But, as soon as I took 5 more steps forward, I soon found myself wrapped in chains...and me facing Garmadon. I grred, and he in return again, broke one of my bones ( the wing, not another arm or leg)." I warned, you....." he said as he chuckled, wickedly.

Chapter 16: Rough Fight

I struggled so hard to free myself from the chains which held me...but they were so tight, I wasnt even close. Garmadon raised his weapon, and I gasped as I saw what it was. " You didnt!" I exclaimed. Garmadon chuckled and replied, " Oh I see Cole...not only I made this to give me more power, but get rid of you..." I struggled again, but the chains were too tight, it hurt me. " Easy now, the more you struggle, the more pain you cause...and thats exactly what I want to occur..." Garmadon laughed. I burst into rage, and finally freed myself from the trap. Just then, I heard a muffled voice from above.

Cole! Get us out of here!

I gaped, and looke up to see Nya and Sensei Wu in a metal cylinder trap on the volcanic ceiling. " Guys?" I stated. Sensei nodded and said, " Yes! Can you help us out?" Suddenlly, I heard footsteps behind me and I turned to see Jay, Kai, Zane, Nora, Lloyd, and Andrea standing there...preparing for battle. " Alright Garmadon!" Kai yelled. " What have you done with my sister and our Sensei!?!" " Oh dont worry, they'll be nice and hot once I deal with them..." Garmadon said, pointing above. The others looked up to see Nya nd Sensei. " NYA!!!!" Jay screamed. " Dont worry, Jay! I'm alright...I think...AHHH!!!!" Nya screamed, as the two cylinder containers lowered slowly towards a large, hot, lava pit. " Dont worry, sis! We'll get you out!" Kai stated, already heading up. But as Kai, jumped up, Garmadon waved his Mega Weapon and Kai went tumbling to the ground. I grred at him and lunged foward. He laughed and changed to his dragon form, with the Mega Weapon on his back. Zane, Jay, Andrea, and Nora all watched carefully as me and Garmadon approached each other. Jay became concerned and took a step forward, but was stopped by Nora. " No." she said. " This is Cole's fight against Garmadon..." Once me and Garmadon stopped chasing our tails, Garmadon lunged forward and slashed my right leg. " Ahh!" I yelped, as the blood poured on the heated floor. I grred at him again, and lunged forward, this time..slashing his eye. He glared at me eyelessly, and stretched his wings, he flew up and roarred as loud as he could, creating the biggest, darkest lighning bolt I've ever seen. It struck me like before, and I was stunned for a minute, but I soon recovered and faced him again, and this time, I clawed out his left arm. " GAH!" he screamed. I landed on the floor in front of him, and panted...I had won...for now. But then, thats when things started to get really dangerous, Kai managed to free Nya nd Sensei from their captivity while I was distracting Garmadon, and just after that, Garmadon lunged forward and grabbed Jay by the throat. " Ack!" he gaped for air. My eyes grew wide as Garmadon was choking my friend, my insides turned into battle mode, and I faced him again. Garmadon laughed, which made me even more annoyed. I turned back to a human and looked Garmadon right in the eye and said, " Let....him...go..." Garmadon chuckled and increased his grip on Jay, and stated, " Why? Does it bother you?" " SHUT YOUR MOUTH OR I'LL RIPP IT OFF FOR YOU!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Kai, Nya, Nora, Zane, Andrea, Sensei, Lloyd, and Garmadon all froze at my statement. But again, Garmadon chuckled. " No. Do you want to see your friend be destroyed?" he asked wickedly, holding the Mega Weapon up to Jay's head. I gasped and jumped forward and knocked Garmadon off his feet. Jay was free, and so he ran back to the rest as me and Garmadon prepared for battle again. I lunged forward and tried to pull the Mega Weapon out of Garmadons decieving hands. Me and him tugged on the weapon, but he threw me off balance and I rolled outside of the temple and soon nearly fell off the ledge of a nearby cliff. I tried to climb up, but Garmadon beat me to it, he stepped on my hand and I fell.
Cole VS Garmadon

Cole and Garmadon fighting for the Mega Weapon

Chapter 17: Cole's Sacrifice

All I know is, if it wasnt for Jay and the others, I would fell off the cliff. Jay, Zane, Kai, and Lloyd all caught me in a combined chain that kept me from falling, while Andrea and Nora held Lloyd up on the edge of the cliff. " Got ya!" Jay exclaimed once he caught me. I breathed a sigh of relieif, but I didnt stay that way for long. Garmadon must have turned into his dragon form and and caused a dark, electrifying whirlpool in the water below me. The surge of the whirlpool was sucking everything, tree's, rocks, bushes, and anything else near it. I looked over to it, and I suddenly realized what I was born to do: I was a ninja leader who needed to take the consequences for the safety anf life of my team. I closed my eyes for a minute and yelled to teh others. " Let go!" I yelled. " Are you NUTS!?!" Kai screamed. " No! I-I...W-We cant lose you!" Jay staggered, nervously. " Just do it!" I yelled. " I dont want to lose you either!" I heard Andrea scream. " Look, I like you ok?" I felt my heart thump wildly at Andreas words for me, but I knew that I had to protect the life of everyone in this team, so I let go of Jay's hand and let myself fall into the electrifying sea. " NOOOO!!!!!!" everyone screamed, as they saw land in. Soon, after that, Garmadons powere died down, and his surge got destroyed. " Nooo!!!" he screamed. He landed inside the forest with a loud 'thump'...and he got up and saw that the Mega Weapon converted back to our original, four golden weapons. Garmadon faced Sensei and the others once they got off the cliff. " Its for the best, brother..." Sensei said. Garmadon just glared at them and said, " I'll be back, you hear me?!?" Then he walked off. After Garmadon left...Jay was about to dive down into the sea for me when. " Jay, no. I-I'll get him.." Zane said to him. He dived in, and a few moments later, he came up with me, eyes closed, all soaking wet. Jay ran to me and listened to my lungs. " He's not breathing!" he exclaimed. " WHAT?!?" Andrea stated running over to me on the ground. Zane felt as well. " Theres too many water in his lungs..." he said. " WELL WE NEED TO GET THE WATER OUT...NOW!!!" Jay screamed. " Jay! Jay! Calm do-" Zane said. " HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?!? MY BEST FRIENDS NOT BREATHING!!!!" And as for me, I was unconcoius...but in my mind, I was still awake:

Dinners Ready!


A boy with short shaggy hair, a boy with short, smooth hair, and a girl with long, bright pink hair all sat down at the table.

Mom? Why do family need to stick together?

Sweetie, thats because if we stick together...we'll have a great life ahead of eat up, so you get your tummys full...

I'm going to beat you!

Not if I beat you first!

The three siblings all raced their father to the finish line, it seems that the short, shaggy-haired one won.

I won! I won!


Yeah, wait a go brother!

( Grumble) Whatever.


Yes sweetie?

Will I ever become a great leader?

Well of course, son. I think you'll make a great leader...and that no matter what'll always stand out for your team. And if you ever become a great leader one day, remember me, your father, brother and sister, and think about how proud you made us, Cole.

( Gasp!) Cough! Cough!----Cough! Cough!

" Cole's alive!" I heard Jay say, patting my back. Jay patted my back until I choked up all the water trapped in my lungs. And once my eyes opened, I looked at everyone; Sensei, Jay, Kai, Zane, Andrea...and everyone else looking at me. " Guys?" I asked. " Yes, Cole...yes.." Andrea said, as she kissed me. I felt my heart rebeat again. Once she was done, my friends hugged me. " I was so worried!" Jay said. I smiled at him and the others, and I got up. " You did the right thing, Cole..." Sensei said, smiling. " You gave your life for the safety of your friends..and thats what a real leader would do..." I smiled at him and said, " Thanks, Sensei." After all that, me and my friends headed home, which we all worked together to rebuild. After everyone finished eating dinner, and everyone, ( but me and Andrea) were in bed...I spoke with Andrea. " Andrea?" I said. Andrea turned to me and smiled. " Yes, Cole?" she asked. " I was wondering..." I said. " Yes.." she said. " W-Will you go out with me?" I asked nervously. She smiled with a beautiful smile and said, " Yes, Cole...of course..."

And in those days....I gained the ability to see the future through my dreams...I hadnt heard Garmadons voice for a while, and nethier did Lloyd...but while I had that ability...and I saw and thought my visions...I knew...our battle with him, was not over yet....

The End

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