Heres the test for Darkness In My Head:

1. What happened in the first chapter of Darkness In My Head? Explain your answer.

2. Why did Cole think that his dreams were beginning to turn to reality? Exxplain your answer.

( Some quiz's will have more than one ' explain' queshtions...but dont worry!)

3. Why was Cole so il?

A. He's been dancing in the rain for hours

B. He got struck by Garmadons lightning

C. Chancler bumped into him

D. He faced Garmadon

4. Why did Cole sacrifice himself for the safety of his friends? Explain your answer.

You know what to do, answer all of them, you get story ideas, you get at least half, I give you a little ideas for your stories, if you get all of them wrong, you get one or more nice comments on your stories. Remember, easy test, write answers in your comments, and Good Luck!

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