Strory written by Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508, and told in Kai's point of View.

A story written by my sister, about how me and my long-lost brother got along at last.....


It was a dark, stormy night. Guards were all over Gong Prison, and many vicious, dangerous creatures were inside very particular cells. But over all of them, in the middle of the the prison...was a chained up Fire Lion, with unmistakenable power to turn anything or anyone into flames. One night in the prison, the Lion awoke, and struggled and struggled to get free from the chains...then, soon, he became free! The guards were alerted and they all shot arrows straight for it. But the Fire Lions invincibility was just too much for them, and so they died during battle. And guard by guard, the Lion raced for the exit and soon was indeed, free. He went up onto the biggest mountain it could find, and it roarred. And then it spoke, not in growls, no it actually spoke. "Games over....Kai."...

Rahja escapes, from Gong Prison

Chapter 1: Rise of Rahja

I was alseep in my bed, and then I heard it, the unmistakenable voice of someone. Games over....Kai... I lied wide awake, my heart pouding. I looked outside our bedroom window, the sun had rose, and the sky was was morning. "(Yawn) Kai? Whats wrong?" asked Jay, my friend. I turned to face him, and I said, "Nothing, I'm fine. Just then, my other two friends, Cole and Zane woke up. "Hey, Kai..." Cole said sleepishly. "Kai. You look nervous, is something wrong?" Zane asked. I looked at all of them, if I told them that I heard a voice in my sleep, they would say thats impossible, because only two of us could talk to other people in our and their sleep: Cole and Lloyd. So I just responded the same thing: "I'm fine." After that, we all ate breakfeast, and everybody was up, including Andrea; a new member of our team. She walked over to us, and Cole layed low. "Hey guys, whats up?" she asked. "Nothing. We just got up." I responded. "And you?" Cole asked, faintly. Andrea giggled at that. I had figured that Cole and Andrea were dating a few days ago when Garmadon spoke to him in his mind...and so the same thing goes on and on each day. "I'm alright...whoa! I gotta go." Andrea said looking at the time. "See ya guys later.." "Ok, buy." I said. A few minutes later, Zane went to the Forest of Tranquility with Sensei to meditate, Andrea and Cole went to the Sea of Sands to practice fight, and me, and Jay went to the WildWood Forest to train. "Ok, you lunge forward, and try to strike me..." Jay explained. I readied myself, and lunged forward towards Jay..but he dodged. "Ha! Try again." he said. I looked right in his eyes, and readied myself again, but again, as I lunged forward, and I missed him again. "Aww, come on, Kai! You were better before, whats gotten to ya today?" he asked. "Lets try that again." I said. "Ok, but, I predict that it'll happen again.." Jay teased. I growled, but I readied myself again. I watched Jay, he watched me. We each eyed each other, ready for battle. But this time, I lunged forward, I saw a red figure detatch from the trees, making me tumble in midair, and land on my face. "Kai? Kai! Are you alright?" Jay asked. I lifted my head and said to him, "Yeah, I-I'm ok..." But, as I lifted my head, I saw that the red figure was----Rahja? My eyes grew wide as his eyes met mine. I wonder if Jay could see him, but he couldnt, only fire creatures could see others. And Rahja of course, saw me too and said, "You'll soon be finished, old enemy..." I said to him, "In your dreams..." But as I heard Jay's voice again, Rahja...dissapeared. "Kai!" he yelled to me. I snapped out of my vision and got up. "Whats up with you today, eh?" he asked me. "Who were you talking to?" I looked at where Rahja stood, but then I faced my friend and said, "No one, lets go.." And as me and Jay walked back to the Bounty...I knew...that my friends...were in terrible danger.

Chapter 2: Kidnapped!

Jay and I walked across the forest, and I kept an eye out for any other...'fire creatures' around. "Kai, Kai!" Jay said. I snapped out of comission and faced my friend. "Whats up with you today, your acting weird..." he told me. "I told you, I'm fine." I responded, going ahead of him. "Its just, that your kinda acting 'off track'..." Jay stated. "Of track? Huh, Jay, I'm totally-" I stopped as I faced a Fire Owl screeching as loud as it could. It slashed me in the eye. "OW!" I yelped, as I fell to the floor. "Kai! You ok?" Jay asked, running towards me. I heard a couple of wings beating, and a scream that made me revive. I looked up to see the Fire Owl taking Jay! "KAI!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. "JAYYY!!!!!" I yelled. I dropped down to my knees and of my best friends has been taken by one of my WORST enemys yet. "Oh you dont have to worry about him...." came a voice. I turned to see more fire owls, but only one I knew. "Ora...." I said under my breath. She looked at me and smiled, a wicked smile. "Thats right, is I, Ora, now taking orders from the mightiest fire creature in Ninjago..." I lunged towards her, but I missed as I did with Jay. "Is that all you got?" Ora teased. I turned, my eyes flashing. I tried again, but I missed. "Ha! You call that a whip attack? Your like my dinner trying to escape being my lunch..." My heart beated faster and faster at her remark, I was so angry that I wanted to explode into flames! (Literally) So I positioned my feet into battle stance, and crouched below. "Really?" Ora spoke. I had had enough....I ran towards her, and my eyes glowed brightly in the sun, just then, my feet turned into red, hind legs, and my hands turned into paws. I landed in front of Ora, now a Flaming, Fire Wolf! "Bring it on...sour puss..." By that, I growled, and lunged straight for her...I missed a couple of times, and again and again. Just when the battle was just about to end, I heard a roar in the mountains. Ora listened and said to me, "See ya breather...." I glared at her as I watched her go, but I was too tired I couldnt have the strength to stand up. Soon, I collapsed.
Fire Wolf-Kai

Fire Wolf-Kai


Fire Owl- Ora

Chapter 3: The Fire Tribe

"He looks very worn out...."

"He looks awful, hey, why is there blood all over his right eye?"

"Dont know, maybe- a snake attacked-"

"Shhh! He's moving!"

I pried my eyes open to see Cole, Lloyd, and Zane standing beside me. "Hey, Kai are you alright?" Cole asked. "Yeah, and umm, wheres Jay?" Lloyd asked. I felt a sense of sadness in my heart, but I should've covered my face when I felt a tear roll down my cheek. " \Kai, is everything alright?" Zane asked. I sighed, and told them. " \He's been...taken..." I said sadly. Cole, Zane and Lloyd all gasped. "What?!" Cole exclaimed. "B-By who?" I got up and sat down on a rock. "He's been taken by, a Fire Owl." I said. "Huh?" Lloyd said. "And its all my fault..." I said, as I felt a couple of tears roll down my cheek. Cole came behind me and conforted me. "I dont get it, what exactly is a Fire Owl?" Zane asked. When I was done crying, I lifted me head and said, "Let me tell you a story..." "Long time ago...when my father and mother were still, Nya, Andrea, and another boy was born...we were seperate from the scared tribes of life: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and family was in the Fire tribe....and that meant that my dad was the king, of all the tribes of life....but my brother, Rahja, wanted to become king, but I was next in line to be king, and he he was overcomed with jealousy and so he tried to kill me. Mom and Dad found out and he was banished from the tribes of life forever...but he returned and so he was sent to Gong Prison for his crimes...he was held there, until he" Lloyd gaped and Zane's eyes grew wide. "Wait, did you say, Andrea was born with you?" Cole asked. "Does that mean, she's your----sister?" "Yep, always have been...." I responded, crying again. "And your brother is, evil?" Lloyd asked. I nodded. "Interesting, just like Sensei and Garmadon." Zane stated. I kept crying. "Kai, calm down...we'll help you get Jay back, he's my best friend too, you know..." Cole said. "Yeah." Lloyd said. "As well as mine as well..." Zane stated. I turned to see my friends, and then I smiled and said, "Right, well lets go, we dont have much time...." I let the sun make me glow, and just then, I changed into my elemantal form. Zane, Cole, and Lloyd looked at me with their mouths open. I landed cleanly on my feet and stared at their looks. "So, what do you think?" I asked. They looked at me for a minute, and then Zane said, "Well, your covered with fire all over your fur, and you still are alive...just, dont get too close to me or I might melt..." I laughed and led the way, the others followed. But as I led them to the beginning of our journey, I didnt know my brother was watching my....every...move.

Chapter 4: The Ice Tribe

So me and the others headed towards the first part of our journey: Sinners Rock, it was a long way there, and I noticed the others started to feel thirsty. " Uhhh, my mouth is so dry...." Lloyd moaned. " Me too..." Cole moaned. I stopped, and looked around for something to drink, I soon spotted a watering hole near some far trees. " Over there..." I said, pointing to the spot with my nose. The others ran towards it, and drank...I waited for them to finish when Cole offered me some. " Oh, ummm, I cant touch water..." I said. " Huh?" Lloyd said, as he turned towards me. " I'm lights up near heat and flame, and burns out when touched by water." I said backing away from the water. " But, what about in your human form?" Zane asked finishing his sip. " Oh, well, yeah I can drink like that, but I rather prefer drinking some, Fire Water." I stated. " Fire water?" Cole asked. " Its a liquid made from a Golden Fireball from the Fire Temple, I used it to heal your Frost Bite remember?" I asked. " Oh, yeah..." Zane said, remembering the time Garmadon placed a bomb inside of him, and Cole got bit and was starting to freeze. " Anyway, so your going to get thirsty on the way there, then." Cole said, getting ready to go. " I'll deal with it, all I want to do is rescue Jay...." I said. But just as we were about to keep moving, I heard a familiar flap of wings from above. I grred and turned around to face, Lacy, apprentice of Ora and Rahja, my brother. " Kai..." Cole said as he turned around. Once everyone else turned around, Lacy swooped down towards me and almost clawed my eyes out. " Hey! Stay away from me!" I said. " Whys that? " she asked smiling. " Grrrr..." I growled as she swooped towards me again. She missed, but managed to sink her talons into my right leg. I felt my wound: the blood was starting to pour, and it hurt. " Kai!" Lloyd screamed. I turned to see Lloyd being taken by Lacy. " NOOOO!!!!!" I screamed. Just then, another swoop came by, and I heard the sound of Lacy's apprentice, Tracy. " A Fire Wolf...hmmm, you must be Rahja's little brother aint you? " she said. I dodged every attack she threw at me, but just after a few more misses, she swooped towards Zane instead. She picked him up by her talons and flew away. " We need to get Lloyd and Zane!" I said already running. I was about to go after them, when I felt a pull on my tail. " Kai! Cease yourself, immediatly! If you rush into things that much, you'll get yourself captured...we'll go after them..are those the Fire Owls that took Jay?" Cole asked. " No. It was another one of those....jerks. Alright fine, but we better act quickly...theres no telling what my brother will do to them.." I said. Cole turned into his dragon self as a Night Fury, and I kept myself as a Fire Wolf. Together, we each raced off after the others.

( Zane)

I didnt know where I was being taken...all I knew arms were being held by a fiery, Owl. Its flaming feathers made my skin feel hot, but, I could take it. " Where are you taking me?" I demanded. The Owl just kept flying, and she answered, " Where you would never find out....." I struggled, to try to free my arms from this, painful grasp, but I could not get free. I wondered if the others, Cole and Kai were headed towards me and Lloyd, who also got picked up by an Owl. But, before I could think of another way to free the grasp, a rock shot past me. I looked down to see two, white wolfs, one with wings, one had only legs. Who are they? I thought. The wolfs down below kept lunging rocks my way, but it seems as thought they were trying to help me, not hurt me. " I think you need to work on your aim..." I heard the one with wings say. The other wolf glared at her and threw the rock, this time at the Owl's head. " Ha! What aim?" the one without wings said, jokely. The Fire Owl carrying me, dazed, dropped me from its grasp and flew away in pain. " Ahhh!!!" I screamed as I nearly fell to my death. But, thanks to the wolf with wings, I lived. She landed and gently let me down on the snowy ground. I got up to my feet and faced the wolf, when the other one arrived. " Why did me?" I asked. The two wolfs looked at each other. " Umm, well, we saw you in trouble, so...we decided to, well, you know-" the one without wings spoke. " Oh be quiet, Jack." the one with wings snapped. I looked at each of them, and asked, " Where am I, and who are you two?" " My name is Lily, second-in-command-of the Ice Tribe ruler." the winged one said. " Yeah, and my names Jack." the one without wings spoke. " Oh, my names...Zane." I said. Lily and Jacks eyes grew wide. " Zane?" Lily said looking at me in shock. " Lily! Its him!" Jack said, kind of suprised. I looked at their faces, what was going on? They seemed suprised to hear my name, but why? " Why, are you guys suprised, or shocked?" I asked. Lily looked at me, and I looked at her. " Because, your the king of the Ice Tribe..." she answered. I gaped at those words. I'm a king? No, it just cant be." How am I king?" I asked. " Well, you are the master of ice, and your father who built you was Ice Tribe Ruler first, so obviously, your the king." Jack explained. My eyes grew wide as I heard his words. My father, my creator, he was the king long before I was made, and now that he's gone, I'm a Ice Tribe King now? " So let me get this sraight, I'm the new Ice Tribe King?" I asked. " Yep, hey! Everyone in the tribe doesnt know your back yet! Come on, lets take you to them!" Jack said, already running. Lily turned towards me and said, " You coming?" " Umm, sure." I said. I hopped on her back, and she flew way up in the sky. Finally, she swooped down when I saw a small opening in the snowy forest. Once we landed, Jack was already there. " Come on! Your, highness..." he joked. Sort of reminds me of, Jay.... I thought as I followed Jack and Lily into the clearing. When we came through, I saw at least more or dozens of Ice Wolfs, ones with wings, and ones without wings, I also saw some Snowy Owls as well. Jack climbed up on the highest rock and announced, " Hey! Everyone! The tribe king has returned!" and he pointed at me. Everyone else looked at me, all in shock. " I didnt even know I was king.." I said. " Well, you do know, and we'll teach you all the basics to be one.." Lily said. And so for the rest of this day, Lily and Jack tried to teach me the ways, of being a good king, first they introduced me to all the tribe animals. " This, is the group of male ice wolves, they dont have wings, their names are Skyro, Froddo, and Louise..." Jack explained, then Lily too me over to the winged wolves. " These are the group of female ice wolves, they're the ones that have wings, their names are Haily, Saya, and Nala..." she told me. " Nice to meet you all.." I said. " Nice to meet you as well, your highness." said the male and female wolves. The next day, me and Lily took me to a large, snow-capped mountain. " Umm, what is it you want to teach?" I shuddered, looking down, the jagged cliff. " Just, try to imagine yourself like a winged-wolf, or a nutural wolf, then you can rule as your animal..." Jack stated. I looked down the narrow, jagged gap coated with snow. " I have to jumb or climb down this?" I asked. " Yep, to prove your elemental animal...." Lily said. " Well, ok..." I said, confidence in my voice. I began to climb down carefully. I looked down the narrow cliff as I made my way down, but then, I slipped and was falling. " Ahh!!" I screamed. " Zane! Imagine yourself flying!" Lily shouted. I did so, but nothing happened, but as I thought I was about to meet my end, some claws grew out of my hands. Lily and Jack gasped as they saw me grow black and brown fur, pointy curved ears, and curved retracting claws. By the use of these new instincts, I was able to climb up to the nearest ledge, and get back up to my new friends. They ran towards me and looked at me, gaping. " Zane! Y-Your a Lynx!" Jack said joyfully. " I-I am?" I said looking at myself. " Yep! Those curvy pointed ears give it away.." Lily stated. " I-I thought I would an Ice Wolf lie you two, but why did I turn into a cat?" I asked. But before they could answer, I heard a familiar loud scream, and then the flap of wings. I recognized the scream, as Cole's, Kai and Cole were in danger! I ran toward the forest, and Lily and Jack ran behind me. " Were are we going!" Jack yelled. " To help my friends.." I answered. " You have more friends?" Lily said, flying down next to me. " Yes, one of them is a Fire Tribe elemental..." I replied. Lily gaped. " Ice and Fire are enemies you know that right?" Jack asked. " Yes, but he's one of my best friends..I need to help him and the rest..." I stated, still running. " Ok, any friend of yours is a friend of ours!" Lily said. " Yeah!" Jack said. I smiled at them both, and we all headed towards the scream. Once we finally came to a clearing, to my shock, I saw Kai on the grass, and Cole being taken away by another Fire Owl.
Winged Ice Wolf-Female Ice Wolfs( Lily, Haily, Saya, and Nala)

Female Ice Wolfs

Male Ice Wolf ( Jack, Skyro, Froddo, and Louise)

Male Ice Wolves

Snow Lynx-Zane


Chapter 5: The Earth Tribe

( Kai)

" Kai!" I heard Zane shout. I was unconcious on the ground, and I could not get up. It appeared some other guys were with Zane, for I heard many other voices. " Umm, Zane? I think, he's you know..." I heard a girls voice say. " No. He and my other friend got ambushed, he's just unconcious, help me get him awake. I felt the sense of furry paws on my arm, I instantly awoke to see Zane, and some other animals. " Who-Who are you?" I asked. " Kai, meet Lily and Jack, they helped me from the Fire Owl that caught me, also telling me I was king of the Ice Tribe...." Zane explained. My eyes grew wide. " You mean you were after the long-dead king that used to rule the snowy creatures of the snowy forest?" I asked. Zane nodded. " Sup?" Jack said. " Nothing much, except my friends got taken by those-those.." I said, my fur starting to catch fire. " Uh-oh...he's reheating again..." Jack said, backing away slowly. My fur soon catched a red fiery color, and I howled so loudly, I almost caused an avalanche, but Zane happened to turn into an Ice Lynx and cool me down. " Kai, re-lax..." he said to me. " We'll get them back, but first, you need to control that temper of yours..." Lily and Jack turned back into their human selves, which made me look towards Lily. " S-Sis?" I asked, in disbelief. Lily quickly recgognized me. " K-Kai?" she asked looking at me in shock. I lunged forward to hug her, and she did the same. " Its been so long!" she cried. " I know!" I said, smiling. Zane and Jack looked at each other awkwardly as me and Lily hugged each other. " A-hem.." Jack said. " Oh, right, the where exactly do we go to?" Zane asked. I jumped up on top of a tall rock and looked around, I then saw a volcano at least dozens miles away. " That way." I said, pointing my nose towards east. " Ok, then, lets begin..." Lily stated, smiling at me. So again, I led the way, as me and my new companions, and friend headec towards TorchFire Mountain.

( Cole)

I woke up to the sound of flapping wings. I looked up and saw that I was being taken by another Fire Owl. I grred in anger and retracted my fangs, then, I bit the Owl's leg. It screeched in pain, and it let me go. I found myself falling, but thanks to my wings, I glided down below the eastern forest. I landed on a high tree, and scouted around, there was no sign of Kai, Zane, Lloyd, or Jay...much to my dismay. Great...I thought. I made myself down the tree, and landed on the leafy floor covered in fall-colored leaves. Thats odd.....its not even October....I thought. I walked around, and saw many oak trees that had the same colored leaves, orange, yellow, and red. This is very strange....I stated. I then heard a twig snap. My instincts turned to battle-mode, as I heard the growl grow closer. I looked around for what it was, but I saw no one, or anything. And thats when, it hit me. I tumbled down into the forest floor, as a Wolf almost my size clawed at me. I fought back bravely, and me and the Wolf circled each other, ready for who to strike. " Stay back!" I snarled. The Wolf stayed put, and looked at me in horror. " C-Cole?" she asked. My eyes grew wide. " Sis?" I stated. We both turned back into humans, and we both looked at each other. My sister, had, grown...she had long pink hair, and jaguar patterned blue and black shirt, she also had an eyepatch over her right eye. " I havent seen you since---" I stopped, remembering what happened to our brother. " Yeah.." she said, remembering as well. " So anyway, what happened to you?" I asked. " Oh, well, you know sticking by one of my favorite hangout places...father used to be the ruler of this place, and so now that he's gone that means---" she said. " I'm the new ruler?" I asked. " Yep." she answered. " What do you mean, ruler? What do I rule?" I asked. " The mountains, lands, everything on the ground..." my sister responded. " Really?" I asked. " Yep. Hey, I can show you around! This place is cool! Come on, brother!" she offered, as she mentioned for me to follow. I followed my sister through some tree's, craters, and deep rivers. Finally, we came to a halt, at last, I was able to catch up to my sister, and see what she was trying to show me. I looked down with her, and to my suprise I saw Bears, Wolves, Hyena's, Fox's, and Wood Owl's. " Whoa..." I said, as I gazed upon the gorge. " Pretty neat isnt it? And you rule it all..." my sis told me. I smiled at the sight, it looked amazing, and very neat...neat indeed...and I got tobe the ruler after my father. " Come on..I'll introduce them to you." Thorn stated, making her way down, as well as myself. As soon as we got down the top gorge, we could hear the animals conversations. " Ughh, when is Thorn coming back! I'm starving!" said one of the bears. " I'm right here..." my sister said as me and her made our way to the clearing. The bears stared at me, their eye's hungry. " Finally we can eat!" said one of the bears. " Ohhh, no. This ones not on the menu, boys...he's my brother, Cole." my sister explained. All the animals drew into silence as they looked at me in shock. " Cole? Your brother? Son of Rhomeo?" one of the fox's said. " Yeah, pretty much." I stated. The animals all bowed, and I showed a look of confusion. " Umm...." I said. " You'll get used to it...first, let me introduce you to them..." Thorn said to me. She first came to the group of bears. " This here's Jake, Jackson, Taylor, and Jose." she said. The bears all bowed to me, and in return I bowed as well. Next, she showed me the wolves. " Here's Jason, Adrien, Tyler, and of course, me, I'm part of them." Thorn said jokely. I laughed, and smiled at the wolves. " Its an honor to meet you." Jason said to me. " Thank you, I stated. After that, she showed me the Hyena's. " These here, are Simba, Ed, Finn, and Flinn." Thorn pointed out. " Nice to meet you all, I said. The Hyena's smiled. Next, she introduced me to the Fox's. " Here's Sorro, Percy, Grover, Alicia, and Felicia, they all are the spy's around here." my sister stated. I waved to them, and they in return gave me a bow. Finally, she introduced me to a nice-looking Wood Owl. " This is Errol, he's the messenger of the camp, and he belongs to the ruler of these lands...thus you." Thorn said. Errol flew onto my shoulder, and I scratched his chin, making him hoot. " He's ok, for a charming fellow.." I stated. Thorn laughed at my statement, and looked up at the sky, the sun was setting. " Whoa! I gotta go...find a place to sleep tonight..tomorrow we have a big day." Thorn said, as she turned into a wolf and raced off with the other wolves, probably off hunting. I looked at my new pet, and I climbed up onto a large tree. The other animals were soon, sound asleep, all except for me, who was still awake along with Errol. I thought about my mom and dad, once ruling here...I felt a pain of sadness in my heart as I thought about it. " My friends are in danger...and I cannot do nothing about it...." I said in a low tone. Errol looked at me, and hooted. I chuckled. " At least you understand me, as well as the others, and Thorn..." I looked up at the sky, the sun was now gone, and the moon lit the darkened sky with its glow. I decided I'll right a letter to the others, telling them I'm fine. I took out a peice of rare paper out of my pocket and wrote with a stick pen, I then gave it to Errol. Before he flew off, I told him one thing, " Look for a Fire Wolf, or three other ninja..." Errol nodded, and flew off, taking my message with him. And as the the moon lit the sky, I made myself comfortable and layed down to sleep. But, what I didnt know was that someone was watching and listening to me. " I see my brothers still.....alive.....grrrrr....time to send out the...Fire Wolverines...."
Wood Owl-Errol




Mountain Bear-Jake


Mountain Wolf-Thorn

Thorn-Coles Sister



Chapter 6: Ambush

Chapter 6: Ambush

( Kai)

Me and my friends were still headed for TorchFire Mountain, when suddenly, a Wood-Owl flew over in front of us. I stopped, and so did Zane, Lily, and Jack. The Owl hooted and gave us a letter. I took it, careful not to burn it with my paws, unfolded it, and read:

Dear Kai, Zane, Jay, or Lloyd....

I know that you guys are headed to save me, and Jay and Lloyd, but dont...beacause I'm free from the Fire Owl's grasp...I have landed in the Fall Forest where I met my sister, Thorn. I wrote this letter to tell you guys that I'm safe, also I found out I'm the ruler of anything on land, thus carrying the tradition on from my parents, anyway, I hope you guys are ok, and I'll be searching for you...just send me a letter by using Errol, my Owl.



Zane was overlooking at my shoulder, and he read the whole thing. " Cole's alive?" he asked. " I suppose so..he said he'll be looking for us, and we'll look for him too...but first..." I said, turning the paper over. I retracted my claw, and I wrote a letter on the back, I then tied it to the Owl's feet, and it flew off. " Errol? Who's Errol?" Zane asked. " The Owl...." I answered. " Come on, lets move.." Just then, we all heard a growl, and Lily, I, Jack, and Zane turned into our tribe animals. We formed a circle, and waited for a signal to attack, but nothing came. Just then, a Fire Wolverine the size of a werewolf lunged at us, it slashed my leg, and I grred. Zane had a trouble too, another wolverine lunged forward him, and slashed his right ear. Jack and Lily attacked two more Fire Wolverines, as I kept myself busy with the first one, who had an orange jewel on its forhead, and a flaming tail twice the size of my body. I finally recgognized the wolverine as Jade---my cousin. " Jade..." I snarled. Jade looked at me in disgust and stated, " Rahja sent me here to kill you...." " Well tell him, I'm too early age to die..." I growled. Me and Jade circled each other, ready for one of us to attack. Jade finally lunged forward, and clawed my right ear off. I screamed in pain as the ear layed on the ground, all bloody. Now it was my turn, I lunged forward to return the favor, but I missed, I tried again, but yet again, I missed. " Is that all you got?..." Jade teased. I grred, and lunged forward, but I missed again. Jade laughed wickedly, but stopped when she heard a loud, painful roar in the eastern mountains. " He's finished....." Jade stated. " Come on girls our missions complete....." The other wolverines stopped, and ran away as well as Jade, but before she left, she snarled at me. In return I grred in fury. Zane, Lily, and Jack all turned into their human selves, and ran towards me. " Kai, your bleeding badly..." Lily stated looking at me. " I know, but I'm fine...what I'm really worried about, it Rahja." Kai said. Lily was stunned. " Rahja? Our brother has escaped?" she asked. I nodded. " But, who's Rahja?" Zane and Jack asked. " Our brother...." I answered. I looked towards the spot where Jade stood, and thought...what did she mean by, ' He's finished? ' who was she talking about? Then, it hit me. She heard the roar in the eastern mountains, and Cole stated in his letter that he was right there....which means----- Oh no!....I thought already running. " Kai! Where are you going?" Zane called out to me. " No time! Just run!" I responded, still running. Zane, Jack, and Lily turned into thier animals and raced off after me. I ran through tree's cliffs, gorges, and finally, I stopped. Zane stopped as well as Lily and Jack. We all appeared to be at the top of a cliff in the middle of the Fall Forest...I looked around for anyone I knew, and thats when, I looked down. Down the cliff, I saw a black-coated dragon with glowing amber eyes. I almost screamed----it was Cole.
Fire Wolverine-Jade

Jade-Kai's Cousin

Chapter 7: They Meet Again

" Cole!" I yelled. Zane saw him as well as I did, and made his way down the cliff. Lily and Jack followed as well. I ran up to Cole, who's eye's glowed bright amber as he gazed upon me. " Kai?" he said weakly. " Yes." I said, concerned. Cole looked at Zane as a Lynx, and Lily and Jack. " Who are the rest?" Cole asked. " Jack is from the Ice Tribe along with Lily, my sister, and Zane he's the ruler of the Ice Tribe.." I replied. " Who attacked you?" Zane asked me. " I couldnt see it, all I saw was a red, fiery figure..." Cole replied. I remembered Rahja. I grred, and sped off. " Kai!" Zane shouted. But I ignored him as I was speeding towards the end of the forest, and once I heard a voice, I stopped. " RAAAAHJAAA!!!!" I yelled in fury. I heard my brother come close, as I could hear his voice from a mile away. " I see your still....alive....." he said with my voice. I looked aound for anyone, but saw no one. Then, I saw a red figure dart past me, and their he stood. My brother, Rahja was still a Fire Lion, all covered in red and orange flames. " Missed me?...." he stated. " I do not wish to speak with you in your animal form...." I snarled. " Well then...." he said. He turned back into his human form, and as always, he looked just like me. " I see you haven't changed a bit..." I said, turning back as well. " Of course, we're still twins...." Rahja spoke. " Well, you keep attacking me and my friends!" I shouted. " I guess so, which makes me want to do, this!-" Rahja yelled, as he clawed my face with his clawed hand. " OW!" I screamed. I grred at my brother, who was smiling wickedly. " Your turn?" he teased. I grred, and jumped on him, which in return we both transformed into our elemental animals and were fighting each other. We rolled around in on the ground until we rolled down a hill. Rahja landed on a pile of leaves, which caught fire. In fury I jumped up and pounced on him. We both turned into our human selves, and fought each other---brother, VS, brother. I guess we were being too loud, because soon Zane, Lily, and Jack who were carrying Cole came to our spot. " Kai whats going on-" Zane stated, but stopped when he looked at us fighting. I was still approaching my brother, when Lily stopped it. " Enough!" she shouted. " Ok, Rahja, stop this..." Rahja and me stopped and stood up. Zane, Cole, and Jack all looked at us in confusion. " Umm, is it me, or is there, two Kai's?" Cole said. Rahja grumbled, and I hit him in the arm. I finally sighed and said, " This is Rahja, my twin brother..." Cole gaped, and Jack as well. " Whoa! You guys look exactly alike!" Cole stated. " We're twins." Rahja said, rudely. I hit him in the arm again. " OW!" he yelled. " Your welcome.." I said, smiling. " Alright, partys over, where did you lock Jay and Lloyd up? Huh!" Rahja rolled his eyes and responded, " I sold them..." I almost hurled, and Cole nearly choked. " YOU WHAT!?!" I screamed. " T-To who?" Cole staggered. " I dont know! He had a dark cloak over his face, I didnt see his face.." Rahja answered. I thought I was going to burst in to flames with anger. " You-You-You!----" I said. Zane, Lily, Jack, and Cole all stepped back. " Uh-oh, he's going to burst!" Zane stated. I turned into my animal and Rahja turned into his, we circled each other, eyes flashing. Just then, Rahja pounced on me, and I tackled him. As we fought, the ground started to catch fire, and the others had to climb up in a tree. " If they keep fighting, this whole place will catch fire!" Cole shouted. Just then, they heard a girl scream, and Cole ran as fast as he could. He saw Thorn and the other wolves near me and Rahja fighting. " ENOUGH!!!!" he shouted. Me and Rahja felt the ground shake, and we stopped. Zane, Lily, and Jack all put out the fire and finally catched up to us. " Kai, Rahja! Stop! If you keep fighting, this whole place is going to burn, as well you two!" Cole shouted. Me and Rahja layed low, and turned back to ourselves. " Sorry..." we both said. " Man, I cant even tell you apart!" Jack said looking at me and Rahja. " I mean, you have the same hair, same markings, same face---its like your clones!" " Ughh, I know...and we both hate each other..." Rahja grred at me. I snared at him. " Ok. First things first...Rahja, where did you see that guy you sold Lloyd and Jay take them?" Cole asked. Rahja climbed up a tree, and thought for a moment. " Well, I saw him headed towards some dark portal, and then the Fire Temple. " Then we'll check both...." I said, staring at him. " Come on then...lets go." Cole said, turning into his animal. Thorn told the wolves she needs to go, and they left. So Cole, Zane, Lily, Jack, and Thorn traveled up front, while me and my brother traveled in the back. " I hate you..." I said to him. Rahja punched me. I grred. Lily sighed and said, " This is going to be a long trip..." And so we all headed towards the Fire Temple and to check a dark portal, but as we began our trip...we didnt notice, that an old enemy was watching.
Two Identical and Different Brothers

Kai (Left) Rahja (Right) Two Brothers

Chapter 8: The Lightning Tribe

Chapter 8: The Lightning Tribe

Meanwhile, in a dark fortress...Jay and Lloyd were inside a deep cell of darkness. " Lloyd...this stinks..." Jay stated. " I know, man....I wonder if the others are looking for us." Just then, a dark figure appears in the room. Jay and Lloyd look up and see a black-cloaked person. " I see you are still...concoius...." it said. Jay and Lloyd almost fainted at the tone of voice: it was Garmadon! " D-Dad?" Lloyd staggered. Garmadon took off his cloak to reveal his, evil face. " Yes is I, your father...." Jay grred, but stopped when he saw a large red, tiger in a cage. " Who's that?" Jay asked, staring hard at it. " Oh, you dont know?" Garmadon said with a chuckle. " I thought you were going to recgognize your own girlfriend..." Jay's eyes grew, as the tiger stared at him, the tiger really reflected the way Nya looked, and Jay was beginning to feel angry. " Uh-oh..." Lloyd muttered. " But, I guess, you cant do anything to free her...the bars are made of solid steel, they are, I've got to go, and enjoy myself...." Garmadon laughed, disappearing into a the mist. " Jay...I'm fine..." Nya stated looking at Jay, who wanted to burst into rage. Jay was starting to feel very angry, and so, when he burst into rage...his eyes glowed blue, and his skin turned white with black stripes. He had become, a lightning tiger! Lloyd and Nya gaped as Jay broke each of the cages which held them. " Whoa!" Lloyd said, looking at Jay. Jay purred when Nya rubbed against him, in order of saying ' thank you'. " Umm, hellllo?" Lloyd stated. Jay and Nya stopped and looked at Lloyd. " We need to escape!" Just then, a lightning bolt crashed the entire wall, and out stepped a Lightning wolf, and a Lightning Owl. " See, I told you he was here!" said the Owl. Jay looked at both of them in horror. " Ursa? Jackie?" The wolf and the Owl came over to Jay. " Yes, Jay. Its us." the wolf said. Jay smiled and hugged the wolf, and high-clawed the Owl. " Umm, queshtion? Who are they?" Lloyd asked. " Nya, Lloyd, this here is my cousin, Ursa." Jay responded pointing towards the wolf. " Pleased to meet you." Ursa said. " You as well..." Nya and Lloyd replied. Then Jay went over to the Owl, who landed on his shoulder. " Oh, and here's my messanger...Jackie. He belongs to the ruler of the lightning tribe, thus me." Jay explained. " So wait. Your king? King of the ligh- what tribe?" Lloyd asked. " Lloyd, what he means is, he's the ruler of the fourth tribe of life. There are four tribes of life, Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth...." Nya explained to him. Ursa changed into her human form, and so did Jackie. " So, what were you doing here?" Ursa asked. " We were captured, and sold." Lloyd stated. " Ok, anyway...want a lift?" Jackie offered, turning into his animal. Jay, Nya grabbed onto Jackies talons, and flew off, while Lloyd went on Ursa. Soon, once they arrived at a torn-down camp, they stopped, and let down Jay, Nya, and Lloyd. " Jason!" Ursa shouted. From out of the teared-down tents, came a man with dark, brown hair. " Jay?" he said. " Jason!" Jay exclaimed running towards him, and hugging him. " I missed you!" Jason said. " Me too.." Jay responded. " Whose your friends?" Jason said looking at Nya and Lloyd. " Oh them, the girl is Nya, my friends sister, and Lloyd, our enemies son..." Jay responded. " Ok." Jason responded. " Is this the lightning tribe site?" Nya asked. " Yeah, it used to be a paridise, when Garmadon came here." Jackie said. " It was an ordinary day here, when he came and nearly killed half of the tribes members..the only ones left are us three, and of course you Jay, your the ruler." Ursa exclaimed. " Thats father did all this?" Lloyd asked, looking around. " Your father is Lord Garmadon?" Ursa asked. " Yeah, but I'm on the ninja's side, now." Lloyd responded. " Well, in that case, maybe you guys could stay here for a while until tomorrow or so..." Jason said, pointing towards a tent. So for that night, Jay, Nya, and Lloyd all spent the night in the lightining camp...while me, Zane, Cole, Lily, Jack,a nd my brother...all were busy looking for them.
Fire Tiger-Nya

Fire Tiger-Nya

Lightning Tiger-Jay

Lightning Tiger-Jay


Lightning Owl-Jackie

Lightning Wolverine-Ursa-Jay's cousin

Lightning Wolverine-Ursa

Lightning Wolf-Jason

Lightning Wolf-Jason

Chapter 9: Tribes Unite

It was an early morning, and me, my friends, and brother were still walking. Me and my brother fought during the whole trip, but we were stopped, short by Lily. Finally, we reached some point, and decided to take a rest. Cole went inside the water to rest, Zane chose a place to meditate, Lily and Jack both practiced their stealth skills, Thorn kept watch, and me and my brother wandered far to fight. " I deserve to be king!" Rahja exclaimed. " Father didnt approve you! You were too agressive!" I shouted. " Agressive?! AGRESSIVE!?! Your the one whose agressive!" Rahja yelled, jumping on me. Me and my brother fought, and fought...Lion VS Wolf, fire VS fire.....just then, Rahja threw a rock straight for me. I missed, but thats when, the rock had flew past me...we heard a familiar " OW!" I gasped: it was Jay! " Jay!" I exclaimed, as I ran off to the spot. Rahja looked confused, but he ran off behind me. When I finally reached the spot, I saw a Bangled Tiger covered in sparks of lightning...I ironically knew that was Jay. " Jay?" I stated. The tiger turned and saw me, he looked happy and confused. " K-Kai?" he staggered. I turned back, and so did he, we each hugged each other. " I missed you!" I cried. " So did I..but, well....I'm here!" Jay exclaimed. Rahja soon catched up to me, and he turned Jay looked extremely confused. " Ummm, Kai? Is there two of you?" Jay asked. " No. This is Rahja my twin brother....he's been my enemy for as long as I can remember..." I sighed. Rahja glared at me. " Twin?" Jay asked. " Yep..." Rahja stated. " Ok, anyway...where are the rest?" I asked. " Oh! Them? They're fine, Nya and Lloyd were with me." Jay answered. " Wait, Nya was with you?" I asked. " Yeah, Garmadon kidnapped all of us three...well actually, your, twin sold us to him, and Garmadon kidnapped Nya..." Jay explained. Just then, I heard a bunch of footsteps behind me and Rahja, instantly, the others had heard our commotion and came to see what was going on. " Hey, Kai, Rahja, what are yo-" Cole stopped, and saw Jay. " Cole?" Jay asked. " J-Jay? How'ed you get free?" Cole asked. " My cousin and friends came to break me, Nya, and Lloyd out..." Jay smiled. " Lloyd's with you?" I asked. " Yeah. Come on, I'll take you to them...." Jay offered, turning into his animal. Cole, Zane, Lily, Jack, Thorn, and Rahja looked at Jay, gaping. Jay climbed up onto some rocks, and mentioned for us to follow. I turned into a Fire Wolf, Rahja turned into a Fire Lion, Lily turned into a Winged-Ice Wolf, Jack turned into a natural Ice Wolf, Zane turned into a Lynx, Thorn turned into a Wolf, and Cole turned into a Night Fury. We all followed Jay towards the others,and we finally stopped to see Jay climbing down to a worn-down camp: thus, the Lightning Tribes camp. We all landed, and turned back, and we saw a fire tiger walk towards us...Zane, Lily, and Jack all stepped back in weakness of the glowing flames on its mane. I knew this beautiful beast was Nya. Nya turned back, and there she stood, just like I left her. " Kai?" she asked, looking at me and Rahja. " Yep..and Rahja too. " Yeah..." Rahja said, in a low mutter. " Is this the camp?" Zane asked, looking around. " Yeah, Jay's cousin told us it looks like this because of my father..." Lloyd said, coming towards us. Lloyd stopped, and looked at me and Rahja. " Is this you r twin brother?" he asked in disbelief. Rahja grred, but I kept him back. Lloyd hugged me, and I hugged him. " Its been long, Pie Size..." I told him. Lloyd laughed, and ran off to Nya. " So what do we do now that this, Garmadon'll be after us?" Rahja asked me. I looked at him, and he looked at me, eyes flashing, ready for a fight. " If he wants a fight.....we'll give him a fight...."

Chapter 10: Gravely Injured

( Rahja)

Jay lead us to our tents, and they were the only things that looked like new, other than the bigger tent where Jay's cousin and other friend, Jackie, Ursa, and Jason, stayed. That night, as I slept....I had a crazy dream:

Me and my brother, Kai were all alone in a tree near the Fire Temple....when suddenly, we heard a cry inside of and my brother walked towards it, and inside of it. Inside, we looked up to see Cole, Jay, Nya, Andrea, Zane, and Lloyd were all inside a gooey cage stuck to the ceiling. " Guys!" we shouted. Cole looked down at us, and tried to answer, but the goo shocked him badly. Jay pulled him away from the border of the goo, and examined his injury, while me and my brother worked together to try and get up there. Kai balanced himself on me, when, a dark figure shouted ' halt!' It revealed his hood, and revealed.....our father!

I woke up panting. My eyes darted towards my brother, he was still asleep and so were the rest. I knocked that thought out of my head of me and my brother and sisters, no...he's gone...I thought. I got up quietly, and sneaked out of the tent, and out of the camp. I walked around into the forest repeating three words. " This is'nt happening, this is'nt happening..." I muttered. I kept walking, until I came upon a river. I stepped back in fear...everyone knows what happens when fire and water mix: the fire, dies. I climbed up onto a tall, high tree and looked around. I saw the Ice Tribes camp, the Earth Tribes camp, and the Fire Tribes camp...which is where me, Kai, and my other three sisters were born...also when our family died. I sighed, thinking about that night they banished me.....after that, I had heard they died...and I came back, only to be sent to Gong Prison. Just then, I heard a bush rustle. I turned into my fire lion self, and leapt down to the ground...ready for battle. I waited for something to come out and fight...but nothing came. Just then, the dark figure from my dream appeared. I gasped, taking a few steps back. " You should think twice before helping your enemies....." it said. I looked confused. " W-What do you mean?" " I selling me your friends.....and by giving me power...." I turned back into a human and faced him, full of rage. " Stay back!" I yelled. The dark figure laughed with a warm chuckle, and he took out...the water staff! " pathetic.....your just a child...a mouse waiting to be a cats lunch....." it said, as he waved the staff. The river swirled and swirled, it went towards me, and it splashed me....sending me to the ground. All I could remember was, the dark figure left...and I saw a blue figure in front of me. But, my lungs were clogged, and I could not breathe. Finally...I blacked-out.
Water Staff

The Water Staff

Chapter 11: The Water Tribe

( Kai)

I woke up next one. I got up, and looked around for Rahja. I looked outside, under, in, and near the trees, and over the mountains hiding the camp...but I saw no sign of my brother. Great......I thought. My brother wandered off into the night.....that-that-slacker! I walked outside of the camp, and ended up inside the forest. I looked around but I again, I did not see my brother. This is strange.....I thought. My brother always comes after me, yet he's not here....but if Rahja's not here...then...where is he?

( Rahja)

When I woke up, I had a aqua-colored wolf in front of me, it had frills on its paws, and a large one on its tail. I got up, and looked around, it was a deep dark cave...and beside me...some fresh water. Then an aqua-colored ninja came. " I see your awake..." she said. I stared at her, eyes gleaming. " Umm, yeah...I guess so..." I replied. The ninja took off her hood to reveal she had short blond hair with aqua highlights at the tips, and crystal-water eyes. Whoa....I thought. She's-she's-she's beautiful! " Umm, are you ok?" she asked me. I snapped out of it, and answered, " Yeah, I'm fine..." I looked around again, and this time, I saw a palace beneath the crystaled-water. I finally knew where I was: the entrance to The Water Tribe camp. And the girl who stood before me, was the Water Tribe leader. " You must be the Water Tribe leader?" I asked. The girl smiled, and said, " You got that right....I am...and you must be a part of of The Fire Tribe....." " of the king of the Fire Tribe..." I mumbled. The girl looked suprised. " Your, Rahja? Brother of Kai?" she asked. I nodded. " Yep...I gotta live under my brothers orders cause he's the king...." I stated. " But lucky for you your the prince...." the girl replied. " Yeah...but your a queen..." I replied. Everything remained silent...but then teh girl spoke. " Well, I'm not the queen...." she finally said. I looked suprised. " Your, not? But-but...why-why do you have that?" I asked, looking at her vest. " I'm the princess, my mother's the queen...she's still alive you know..." she answered. I looked at her...and she looked at me...we both awkwardly looked away, then she spoke up again. " Names Jezebel, long for Jaz...." Jaz said. " Rahja...just, Rahja..." I answered. " Ahh, so you are brother of Kai...." Jaz said. I nodded. The wolf rubbed against me, as a sign of ' hello'. " I think Aqua likes you..." Jaz stated. I looked at the wolf looked like, half-fish, half-wolf, and her name was Aqua? " Are you and her the only ones?" I asked. " Nope...I could show the rest if you want?" Jaz offered. " Umm, I dont...think so. My weakness is water...and if I go in...I burn out..." I answered. " Not a problem...." Jaz said, whistling. In came an Owl with a horse-sized Sea Horse. They both landed on top of Jaz's shoulders. Jaz spoke to the Owl in some strange language I could not understand...and then the Owl flew towards me, and formed a bubble shield on me. " With this, you could go in water...although it looks like you dont have the do." Jaz smiled. I smiled as well. And so the Owl reached out its hand and I grabbed it, thus letting it take me underwater along with Jaz on the Sea Horse. When we finally reached the palace, me and Jaz stopped, and I let go of the Owl's hand, and Jaz climbed off the Sea Horse. We both went in the palace. It was huge. They had a chandelier made of pearls, and a hallway which was staged with water. " Jaz!" came a voice. Me and Jaz turned around to face a Water Fox. " Cora!" Jaz exclaimed. Jaz and the Fox hugged. The fox looked towards me. " Who's him?" she asked. " Rahja, brother of Kai." Jaz stated. The fox looked very shocked. " R-Rahja? Son and now brother of the king of The Fire Tribe?" the fox asked. I nodded. " Whoa...the queen, has been waiting forever to meet you!" teh fox stated, leading us to the throne room. When we went in, it was so shiny, I almost went blind. The pillars on the wall were all made from pearl liquid, and the carpet had gleaming shells on it...and the throne was a big, shiny shell, and the one who sat on it...was the Water Queen, Moonbell. " Rahja...son of and now the brother of king of the Fire Tribe...I've been waiting to meet you, my daughter has been waiting to meet you..." she answered. Jaz looked at me, and I looked at her, I then told the queen, " You do know we are opposites, right?" The Queen smiled and said, " Yes, I know your Fire, and that my daughters Water....but she was craving to meet a prince that was related to the king..." I looked at her shocked. " R-Really?" I asked. " Yes." Jaz said. " I-I've always dreamed of meeting a fire prince...but I never got the chance...until now..." I looked at her, and smiled. " Well, now you got the chance, I guess..." I answered, shyly. She giggled. " I see its getting dark.....Jaz, you might want to lead our guest to a guest room, for he would be staying until tomorrow..." Queen Moonbell exclaimed. " Alright mother..." Jaz said, as she lead me to a guest room. Inside there was an original bed, and an Owl perch. " Whats the perch for?" I asked. " Dont you have an Owl?" Jaz asked. " Oh yes..." I whistled, and in came Ora, she looked confused at Jaz. " Why is a Water elemental by your side?" she asked. " Easy Ora...this heres Jaz, princess of the Water Tribe..." I answered. Ora bowed in respect,and thats when Jaz'z Owl came in. " A Fire Owl!" it exclaimed. " A Water Owl..." Ora exclaimed. The two Owl's went into my room and Jaz placed two sheids onto both as they slept together. Jaz put a sheild on herself as she approached me. " Thanks for coming here..." she told me, and then she kissed me on the cheek. I blushed, and she left. I went into my room, and so I got into my bed, but before I sleapt...I wondered how my brother, and sisters were doing....
The Water Kingdoms Palace Throne Room

Water Palace Throne Room


Water Wolf-Aqua

Water Fox-Cora

Water Fox-Cora

Kaiwai and Tally

Water Owl and Sea Horse-KaiWai and Tally

Water Princess-Jaz

Water Princess-Jaz

Chapter 12: Rahja and Jaz's First Date

( Kai)

The next day...I woke everybody up from their sleep, they responded with an 'ow!' and got up. " Uhh...what is it,Kai?" Cole asked. " Yesterday, I couldnt find my brother guys are going to help me find him!" I exclaimed. " Whoa, whoa, whoa, you think, that he's going to be around here? He could be wandering near the forbidden lands of Ninjago!" Jay exclaimed. " The what?" Zane asked. " Its an old myth..." I answered. " Uhh, no its not! Let me tell you a story..."Jay began. " Oh, here it comes...." Cole grumbled. " Long ago, some people lived near the border of Ninjago...and they each helped each other to make it look a beautiful place..." Jay started. " Then, one day....all that changed...the people were doing what they normally do when...a wicked storm wiped away all the food, grass...and water. The people were loss, and so they decided to move out of the land, and once they left the storm passed, and was replaced with something more dangerous: a giant, ghost snake! Everything on the border was all gone excpet for shame and misery, it is now a graveyard, filled with all those who died, and the guardian still roams there today.." I laughed. " Thats just an old bedtime story!" I exlclaimed. " Well, it does sound pretty real to me..." Zane stated. " Yeah, but its not..." I replied. " Anyway...shouldnt we start looking?" Cole asked. " Yeah, we should...." I stated. So, me, Jay, Zane, and Cole all sneaked out of the camp quietly so nobody wakes up.

( Rahja)

Me and Jaz were walking together in the Forest of Tranquility along with our Owl's who were playing playfully. Jaz seemed to like our walk, together. " So, did you like your stay?" Jaz asked me. " Yes, I did, very impressive..." I answered. We soon found ourselves near a dark and Jaz nearly gasped: it was the forbidden lands of Ninjago! " mom always told me about this place...." Jaz stated. " Amazing...its really true..." I said, gaping. We walked on the dark border, and as we walked more, the more shame, despair, and misery we saw. " I heard that this place was once a paridise...but now...its full of misery, and shame..." Jaz stated. I looked around, the tree's were dead, the grass was singed, and the sky was dark. It looked like an abandoned graveyard. " Me and Cora sometimes like to come here to remember all those honorable kings and queens that once ruled the tribes of of them was my father..." Jaz said, patting one of the graves. I felt her pain...I knew what it was like to miss someone who wasnt there anymore. I walked around the grave spot, and I spotted a grave that looked familiar. It had the name James Potter 1989-2011: King, and Father. I then recgognized the name as my fathers, my father was buried----here? And all these years, I did not know. " Rahja?" Jaz aaked. I looked away, and looked at Jaz and said, " Yes?" " Is there something wrong?" she asked, looking at my face. I shook my head. " No, I'm fine..." I replied. We than heard a tree fall. We all turned to see a giant, black, ghost snake! Me and Jaz backed away, the snake had a bony body, and a ghostly shield which signaled it was eternal. " RUNNN!!!!" Jaz screamed. Me and Jaz ran as fast as we could......the snake was fast, and right at our tails. We then crossed ack to the bright side of Ninjago and the ghost snake could not soon went back to the dark waiting for another victim to cross over. We walked away from the border, and started to speak again, " That was terrifying..." I stated. " Yeah...but I wasnt scared..." Jaz bragged. " Oh really?" I said. " I'm not scared of anything!" Jaz bragged again. " Oh yeah.." I said. " Look! A fire breather! Its going to get you!" Jaz screamed and ducked. " Ha! You were scared werent you?" I asked. " Ok, ok, you got me..." Jaz said. We both burst out laughing, and than we came to a rushing river. " Ahhh..." Jaz said. Jaz went inside the deep river, and pulled me in. Inside I tried to swim but couldnt, thats when Jaz teached just a few moments....I could swim like a fish in the water. Soon, we finally got up to the surface to dry ourselves off. When we all were and Jaz sat by the water, mirrored by the gleaming moon. " This is nice..." Jaz said to me. " I know...." I answered. We all stayed silent for a moment, and then...Jaz kissed me. I felt my heart dance with satisfaction, and wonder...I closed me eyes, and dealt with felt good.
Bone Ghost Snake

The Dark Side of Ninjago Guardian- Bone Ghost Snake

The Dark Side of Ninjago

The Dark Side of Ninjago

Chapter 13: Two Other Siblings Find Each Other

( Kai)

Me and my friends were still looking for my brother...and the others were beginning to get thirsty again. " Kai...I'm so thirsty..." Jay moaned. " We need to find that troublemaker...he's too dangerous to be around..." I answered. " Kai does have a point...when he and Rahja fought they nearly cast the Fall Forest on fire...we need to find him and quick..." Zane agreed. Me and my friends had made it across the WildWood Forest, and were all now in the Frozen Wastelands. Me, Cole, and Jay were all freezing...all excpet for Zane. We walked through the snowy fields..and now the snow started to fall, we were in the middle of a blizzard right now. " Just we're going to come out here freezing like a frozen catfish!" Jay yelled to me. I kept going, trying not to let the cold snow affect me. For the past few minutes, me and the others had made it halfway to the other side of the Frozen Wastelands, where the Forest of Tranquility was. " K-Kai..." I heard Jay mutter to me...his sound was soon cut off by the cold. I turned, and I saw that Jay was gone. " Wheres Jay?' I asked. Cole and Zane helped me look around for Jay as more snow began to fall. " Jay!" I yelled out. " Jay?" Cole called out. " I-I-I'm right h-h-h-here...." I heard Jay said, in a sick voice. " Jay, are you ok? You sound sick..." I asked. No answer. I then heard the sound of hissing, and Jay screaming. I gasped and ran towards him to find him lying on the ground by a crystal icicle snake slithering away. Cole and Zane catched up to me, and saw Jay on the ground, and Cole saw to his horror the snake. " Oh no..." Zane stated, as he bent down to feel Jay's forehead. Me and Cole waited for the results, and then Zane told us, " He's been bitten by an Ice Snake...thus he has a Frost Bite..." Me and Cole exchanged terrified looks. " What can we do?" Cole asked. Zane lifted up Jay, and carried him. " Well, we need to get the medicine, and we need to find your, lets just cross and light a fire, maybe Jay will wake up. " This reminds me when I had Frost Bite..." Cole said, in concern. " Yeah, I had to get that medicine for you....." I grumbled. We finally reached the Forest of Tranquility, and we made a fire. Jay soon awoke, and got up. " G-Guys?" he staggered, still consumed by the bite. " Jay, we have some bad news..." Cole said. " W-What?" he asked, shuddering. " You got bit by an Ice snake and now your being comtaminated by the Frost Bite..." Zane answered. Jay's eyes widened. " W-W-What? No wonder I'm freezing c-c-cold!" he exclaimed. Zane felt his forehead again, it was at least 60- below zero...thats less than when Cole had it! " Its getting worse..." I said. Jay looked at his both arms, they were both coldish blue. " I-I-I'm starting to freeze...." Jay stated, shivering. " I'll get his fire medicine.." I offered. " I'm going with you." Zane spoke. I nodded. " Ok, me and Zane will get your medicine, and Cole you stay here and guard him from any harm, also keep his body warm..." I stated. Cole nodded, and Jay tried to maintain his body heat from freezing, while me and Zane headed towards the Fire Temple.

( Rahja)

Me and Jaz were walking to someplace secret, when we heard a stampede of fire horses trot by. Me and Jaz climbed up a tree, as the terrified horses stampeded beneath us. When they passed, we came down from the tree, and watched them go. " Looks like your kingdoms knights are going to be running after them for a while..." Jaz joked. " Yeah..if we had any..." I stated. Jaz looked at me confused. " Wait you dont have knights?" she asked. I shook my head, and said, " fact our whole kingdom is gone...leaving me, Andrea, Kai, and Lily all orphans..." Jaz patted my back for confort. " Thats terrible..." she said to me. I began to cry, hot tears. They fell on the ground. " So you only have your siblings who support a kingdom of...nothing except fire animals?" Jaz asked. I nodded, still crying. She felt my tears...they were burning hot. " Ouch! Thats hot! What is that stuff?" she asked. " Fire Water..." I answered. " But how can you not feel the burn of your tears?" Jaz asked in amazment. " We're fire creatures...we dont feel pain from heat or flame...thus, when we go through a blizzard, we feel weak and hurt...but in lava, we feel stabalized and fine..." I answered. Just then, we heard a loud, crash, and we saw a Fire Wolf and a Lynx land in a tree. " I told you we shouldnt have jumped!" the Fire Wold said. " was our only option to be quick, and we got here, so lets move!" said the Lynx. I recgognized the Lynx's voice as Zane's and the Fire Wolf's as my brother's. " Kai?" I asked. Kai and Zane looked at me. " Rahja? Oof!" my brother yelled, as he fell to the ground. Zane fell out as well with a loud, 'thud' and the two opposite tribe creatures turned back to normal. Jaz looked suprised at Zane. " Z-Zane? I-Is that you?" she staggered. Zane also looked terrified. " Jaz?" he asked. Jaz and Zane smiled and hugged each other. Me and Kai looked both confused. " Umm, could someone please tell me whats going on?" I asked. Zane and Jaz stopped and started to talk. " Me and him are brother and sister!" Jaz exclaimed. My brother's mouth dropped open, and so did mine. " Sister!? But-But-How?! Your not even a robot?!?" my brother exclaimed. " My dad married her mother and she made Jaz...thus she's a Nindroid too!" Zane exclaimed. Jaz opened up her stomach, and inside were gears...gears that looked just like the ones on Zanes stomach. Me and my brothers eyes widened. " Whoa..looks like your not the only Nindroid in existance!" I said awkwardly. " Wait till mom finds out your here! She'll flip!" Jaz said excitedly, leading me, my brother, and her brother underwater. " Wait, dont you think we'll burn out bro?" my brother asked, nervously. " She put a shield on me, Jaz if you please.." I stated. Jaz waved her mothers staff and Kai felt a glow in him, as he went in the water. " The shield is set, you can dive now..." Jaz said. I took my brothers hand, which felt wierd for the first time, and me and him dived underwater together. He struggled a bit, but I taught him how to glide through the water in just about 5 seconds. Soon, he was able to swim throughly as I could, and we both followed Jaz, and her brother, Zane to the Water Palace again. Once there, Cora greeted us, and gaped at Zane. " Zane! Is it...really you?!" Cora said, as she jumped on him and licked him. Zane laughed, hardly ever has he laughed like that...maybe his family has never seen him again like this before. We went into the Throne Room again, and Queen Moonbell looked suprised to see Zane. " S-Son? Is it, really you?" she asked, getting up. " Yes mom...I'm home..." Zane replied. Moonbell ran towards her son, and hugged him. " Its been so long since I've seen you! And I see your friends with Rahja and Kai...arent you and they part of a, ninja team I believe?" Moonbell asked. " Yes, there are...4 others..." Zane answered. Queen Moonbell smiled. " And here you grown and as well as your look just like your father..." she said, fighting back tears. I got reminded the fact that Jaz's and Zane's father died, and I felt bad for them. " Well, anyway do you need to stay for a while?" Queen Moonbell asked. " No thanks, mom...although I might be able to stay nearby in the Snowy Forest where father ruled once...I'd love to stay for a while, but one of our friends has a problem...and I need to leave..." Zane replied. " Ooh! Mom, can I go? Please, Please, Please!" Jaz said. Moonbell thought for a moment, and finally said, " Well, I suppose that wouldnt hurt, so can go dear.." Jaz jumped up for joy, and stood by her brother. " I hoped you enjoyed your stay, and Jaz will be waiting for any more visits if you can.." Moonbell stated. " Yes. Thank you." I replied, politely. Moonbell waved goodbye to us, and we waved as well. We made it back to the surface, and dried ourselves off...thats when I asked my brother, " Which one has a problem?" " Jay." he answered. " What?! Why? Whats happened?" I asked. " He has a Frost Bite, and we need to reverse it before its too late.." my brother answered. " But we dont know where we can find Fire Water!" Zane exclaimed. Jaz soon perked up. " Did you say, Fire Water?" she asked. " Yes, why?" Zane asked his sister. Jaz turned to me, and responded, " Because he has it in his tears..."
Fire Horse

The Stampeding Fire Horse

Chapter 13: Two Brothers, Finally Get Along

( Kai)

" Hmm, so how could we make Rahja cry?" Zane asked. " We could hit him..." I stated. Jaz held me back, but let go when she got burnt by my flames. " Kai! Stop! there at least anything you two dont think about besides fighting?" Zane asked. " No..." Rahja answered, getting ready. Me and him tackled ecah other, and Jaz and Zane watched in concern. We btoh cacthed ourselves on fire, and we rolled down the dry fields. Me and Rahja faced each other, and he pounced on me, I scratched his arm, and he scratched mine. " Dad chose me to be king!" I stated. " Yeah, beacause your a complete hothead!" Rahja yelled out. I gasped, and lunged forward him. I pounced on him, and we tackled each other again. Just then, Jaz and Zane broke us apart. " Enough!" he said. " Ok, we need to act quick, or Jay'll be else, can we make Rahja cry?" The rest of us thought, soon Jaz came up with one. " How about, one of his early memories? One could make him sad!" she brought in. " Ummm, dont, remember any of my memories from childhood..." Rahja replied. I lowered my head. " Ok, what else?" Jaz asked. We thought again, then Zane brought up something. " How about we make him feel sleepy? People cry after they yawn..." he spoke. " Umm, I only get tired at night..." Rahja replied. " We're running out of time!" I said in frustration. We thought again, and this time, it was my turn, I kicked, when no one was looking, my brother in the foot. " OW!" he screamed, as a puddled of flaming tears came out of his eyes. Zane got some using a small cup. " Well we got Jay's antidote, now, we better head there..." he stated. Once we got back to where Jay and Cole was, Jay's entire face was blue, but he turned back to normal when we gave him the fire water. " Ahh...thanks guys...I feel so much better..." he said. " Your welcome..." I stated, grinning. Rahja had a look of annoyance on his face, and in return from me, he kicked me in the leg. " OUCH!!!" I screamed, and flaming tears came out of my eyes as well. Zane looked stunned. " You cry hot tears too?" he asked. " Yep..." rubbing my leg. " All fire creatures do that...." " Well, in that case...what do we do now? Go back where Sensei and Nya are?" Jay brought in. " Naww, I thought we were going to face Garmadon in a fight, right?" I asked. " Its best not to look for danger, Kai..." Cole stated. I rolled my eyes. " Well then, we best head back to the lightning camp then...lets go.." Jay said, already heading south. The rest followed, while me and Rahja stayed behind. " I dont want to go back...I want to fight..." I whined, as I threw a rock into the lake in front of us. " Well, what do you want to do?" Rahja asked me. I was stunned. " Your...actually asking me that?" I asked in amazement. Rahja shrugged. " Well, I'm bored, and I certainly dont want to fight bores me..." he replied. I layed on my back beside him, and looked up. ", I dont know...go to The Dark Side of Ninjago?" I asked. Rahja got up, and said, " Alright, I'm up for it..." We both headed for the dark border, and as soon as we got there, we were both stunned. " Whoa..." we both said as we walked across the border looking around the debris. We looked all over the place, the trees were dead, the grass looked black-dry, and the sky was covered in darkness. The only thing pure on this part, was its water. Rahja and me came closer to the waterfall, and Rahja dared me to go near it. I answered with a ' peice of cake' and thats when he pushed me inside. " Hey!" I shouted, seeing him laughing at me. I looked mad, and then I pulled Rahja inside too. I laughed, and he looked mad, but we didnt stay that way for long, we both splashed each other with the purified water on the dark side, then we stopped when we heard a grr. " What was that?" Rahja asked. We both came out of the water, and, once we did, out popped a bony-looking snake. " AHHH!!!" we both screamed. The snake chased around the dark side, and we turned into out animals for more velocity, thats when my brother got the courage to jump up, and hop on top of the snakes bony back, and catched himself on fire. I didnt know what to do, but I stood up for myself, and jumped on top along with my brother, and caught fire on myself as well. " What are you doing?!" Rahja screamed. " Helping out..." I replied. Rahja looked stunned, but he smiled, and lended me a hand. I climbed to the top of the snakes head, and catched fire, using my flames, I cast fire in top of its skull. The snake screamed in pain and melted and turned to ashes onto the ground. Me and Rahja landed cleanly on our feet and turned back, staring at the snakes ashes. " WOO-HOO!!!" we both yelled. By the ened of the day, me and brother sat alone in a tree. " That was awesome..." Rahja stated. " I know...hey, thanks for not, ' attacking me or anything'..." I said. Rahja turned to me and said, " Sure thing, bro...even though in the past, we got off on the wrong foot at first by fighting...but, we'll still be brothers..." I smiled at him, and I hugged him, he hugged me as well. It felt weird at first, but good...and by the end of the and Rahja were finally happy together...

Chapter 14: Taken!

( Rahja)

It was morning, me and my brother were still sleeping in that tree, all we heard was silence. Just then, we heard a loud scream. Me and Kai woke up by the sound, went running towards it. We finally stopped to see Jaz being taken by a dark figure. " No!" I screamed. I lunged forward to him, but I missed...Kai tried, but missed as well. It was too late to save her, and I was left in tears. " I'm sorry..." my brother told me, patting my back. Thats when I heard another screech, and then...I was faced with reality:

I woke for real this looks like, that event was only just a dream, thank god, I hoped. My brother, Kai soon awoke along with me. " ( Yawn) Morning, bro..." he said. I laughed. We went down from the tree, and turned into our animals to go and find some breakfeast. " I dare you, to shoot down a bird, flying with an arrow, eyes closed..." my brother stated. I gulped, I took out a bow, and pointed it toward the sky, I waited. Soon, I saw a Robin in the air, I closed my eyes and shot my arrow. ' Thunk', the arrow shot the Robin and it landed on the ground, dead. " Ha!" I stated. My brother rolled his eyes, and by the light of his sword, he roasted the small bird, and cut it in half. We happily ate our meal when we heard a flash. Me and Kai looked over a clearing, and saw a dark figure, the one from my dream...I began to get scared. I then, saw a lightning bolt, and then a dark cloud covered everything. I was blinded with darkness, and so was my brother. " Rahja!" I heard him shout. I ran towards Kai, and he held out his hand, I instantly took grab of it. Thats when, we felt the ground shake, and thats when, we heard a man scream. Me and Kai turned into our animals and used our flames to eliminate the darkness as we walked. Finally, when we were out of the darkness, we found ourselves in front of the others and the dark figure from my dream. " Guys!" I shouted. Cole, Jay, Zane, Lloyd, Nya, and Jaz were all on the ground, unconcious, while the dark figure looked at me. I wanted to burst with rage and teach him a lesson! I ran towards him and tried to pin him to the ground, but I missed, Kai tried to do the same, but he missed as well. The dark figure just laughed at us and disappeared along with everyone else. " NOOO!!!!" I shouted, dropping to my knees and bursting to tears. My brother, who saw my pain, patted me on the back to confort me. " I feel you..." he said to me. That calmed me, and I stopped crying and got myself up. " Who was that?" I asked. " Dont know..." Kai answered. I looked at the spot where the dark figure was, and my eyes turned from green, to flaming red. " Well he's going to pay..." I stated.

Chapter 15: Rescue Mission (Part 1)


Me and my brother raced together towards where the dark figure was headed. I noticed he was beginning to cry...I felt bad for him, that the girl he has a crush on was kidnapped....but, who would do that? "Dont worry, Rahja...we'll get Jaz and the others back...I promise..." I said to him. He looked at me and smiled...thank goodness he felt happy now that me and him stopped fighting, even though I was still the destined Fire King.

We finally arrived at the location: the Fire Temple. Me and Rahja came to a halt and he approached it, like if it were a stranger. "So...beautiful...." he stated. If you ask why he said that, let me explain: when our father was still alive, he told us stories about Ninjago, especially the Fire Temple. That was the story me and Rahja liked the best, we thought it was going to be an awesome experience going there for the first time in our lives...and I guess we were right.

"Save it...." I spoke in a serious tone. "We're here for the others and your girlfriend, remember?" Rahja snapped out of his trance and nodded as me and him entered the hot place.

Iniside, (as usual) was hot and and lava pouring everywhere as if it were a hot mountain of magma. We looked around for Cole, Jay, Zane, Nya, Lloyd, and (or) Jaz...but so far, no progress. "Ugh, where are they?!" my twin yelled, unpatiently. "I just her safe...." I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "Not to worry, we'll find them and face that devil...I'm sure of it..." I spoke, in a low, calming voice.

Just then, we heard mechanical laughter...we turned to see the dark figure, still wearing the black hood. Me and brother got into fighting stance, and I asked, "Who are you and where are our friends?!" The dark figure chuckled and replied, "Dont you know?" We then heard a small 'HELP!!!' coming from behind us, we quickly turned to see the others trapped in balls of fire around the spot where the Fire Sword used to be.

"JAZ!!!" Rahja yelled. "Rahja!!!" she yelled back. My brother rushed to her, only to be zapped by an invisible border. "Ow!" he yelped. I turned around and shouted at the figure. "Whats wrong with you?! LET THEM GO!!!!" I screamed. Again, he chuckled...then he removed his hood to reveal: dad?!

Rahja turned to see it as well, he gasped. "B-B-But y-your-" "I know I'm supposed to be dead...." our father said. I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw...our father was alive?! "B-But h-how?" I finally said out. Our dad laughed and replied, "I'm a god, sons...." A god?!? "What about mom?" my twin asked. "She didnt make it..." our dad answered.

Wait, our mom didnt make it? Then how was our dad, alive?! I mean, wasnt she a god too? I'm beginning to think this isn't really our dad....but only one way to find out:

"Dad.." I started.

"Yes, Kai?" he answered.

"When was I born?" I asked.

Our dad remained silent for at least a minute when he replied, " August 1st..."

"Correct..." I replied. "Alright, next queshtion....where did we live during our childhood?"

Again, our dad stayed silent...then he answered, "Dragon Island."

"Correct again...." I stated. Then Rahja walked up to me and whispered, "Kai, what are you doing?!" "Finding out the truth..." I whispered back. "Now....if you were an imposter, would you, or wouldn't you know that you trapped our friends or, Garmadon?"

Rahja was shocked, and my dad (or posibly Garmadon) was stunned. "Um, well..." he stuttered. "Hmm?" I asked. Then our dad's eyes glowed red and his frown turned into a wicked smile....then his skin turned black, his chest with a rib cage on it, and he had a torn belt around his weist, and his pants were purple: I knew it, Garmadon!

"A-ha!!!" I shouted. Garmadon's smile faded and he yelled, "How did you know it was me?!" I smiled at him and replied, "The way you should hide your speech pattern when your in disguise...." Garmadon growled. "Whatever...what matters to me is that your friends and soon YOU wont be able to escape!" he yelled.

Rahja jumped to my side and Garmadon took out his Mega Weapon with his good arm, (the other arm was torn off by Cole) and we all lunged at each other as the fight started. We moved through his attacks, and used them against him as he was trying his best to find our weak spot. We even freed the others when he shot a blast of energy from his Mega Weapon.

"Thanks..." Jay said. "No prob...." Rahja answered, kicking Garmadon in the eye. The others joined our side as well, and thats when Garmadon snapped and in 2 seconds, millions of Shadow Ninja appeared and took our their shadow blades and fought the rest...leaving me and Rahja against Garmadon. "Its just you and us...." we both said.

"Or is it?" Garmadon said, as he called upon more Shadow Ninja to fight us. We fought bravely, using my Sword of Fire to destroy half of them, and Rahja just using his regular Katana to slice them. As the numbers of fighters grew low, Garmadon became more and more angry. "Thats it!!!" he shouted. He whispered something to the Mega Weapon and then it glowed, causing a blast of darkness to shoot from it and hir Rahja, my twin brother.

"RAHJA!!!!" I screamed, as I saw him hit the floor. The others stopped fighting the Shadow Ninja and me and them ran over to him. "Oh no..." Jaz stated. Then Garmadon readied his Mega Weapon again...pointing it at my brother. "Say goodbye to your twin, Kai..." he laughed. I angrily shielded him and yelled, "NO!!! IF YOU WANT RAHJA, YOU'LL HAVE TO KILL ME FIRST!!!!" Rahja, shocked at my words awoke and sat up and looked at me in disbelief, Garmadon smiled and put down his Mega Weapon. "I will LOVE to kill you...but I musn't here...I'd rather kill you in a much dangerous place...." he sneered. "So be it...." I replied, in defeat. Rahja and the others gasped. "Kai, dont..." Nya pleaded. I turned to my sister, looking into her violet eyes and replied, "I have to...for Rahja...." Rahja got up, but he fell not before Zane and Jay caught him. Garmadon pulled me towards him and tiedmy hands. "You'll die by tomorrow...." he said with a chuckle, as he pulled me towards the exit. The others looked at me, and I looked at them...and then finally at Rahja who started crying. "I'm sorry to do this but...goodbye..." was all I said before Garmadon and me walked towards my death place...leaving my friends, family...and mostly brother behind me.

Chapter 16: Rescue Mission (Part 2)


I saw him take my twin brother, Kai. I felt hot tears roll down my face and then an urge to hit something. I growled in anger and pounded my fist on the ground...making the Fire Temple rumble. "It's coming down!!! Get out!" shrieked Sensei. We all ran to the exit as the temple crumbled to the ground. "Wait a go, Rahja..." grumbled Lloyd.

That set me off and caused me to grab him by his shirt collar and tell him, "You think this is funny?! That red-eyed has my brother!!!" Sensei hit me on the head, and I dropped the little squirt. "Rahja...I know your mad...but you need to control your anger-" "Control my anger?! How can I do that?! This-this-freak tied my brother, and is planning on killing him!!!! How would you feel if Garmadon stole your brother and planned on killing him? Huh?!" I cut in.

Sensei looked at me in shock...he then lowered his head and said, "I would feel terrible but you see....Garmadon is my brother." That shocked me...wait, what? I sat down on a stump and said, "Oh...I'm sorry....just got a little...short-tempered about my-" I began to cry thinking about him...and I noticed the others gathering around me. "Rahja don't cry..." Jaz said in her gentle, quiet voice. I wiped my tears which burned my hand a bit...what, you try wiping tears made of pure fire!!!

"I'm just so sad about Kai...(sniff)...I know we didn't get along at first but we were still brothers! And now...(sniff)...he's about to get killed by Garmadon..." I started crying again, and Jaz patted me on the back to try and confort me...thats when Cole stepped in. "We're going to rescue him." he said. I stopped crying and looked at him, the others looked at him too. "Cole, are you nuts?" Jay asked sarcastically. "No...we're not gonna let Kai get killed after all what we've been through...Kai has always been a hot-head, and a bit stubborn but that doesn't mean we can't prevent him from death. He's a good, loyal, and nobal friend who looks after us and persuades us to keep, what do you say?" he stated. I nodded and got up. "I'm in." I said. "Me too...I agree, Kai is a good friend..." Jay said. "Us too...." Lloyd and Zane said. "We're helping get our brother back..." Andrea and Nya spoke. I smiled and Cole winked at me.

I felt like hugging him for a thanks...but right now it was getting dark, we needed to find out where Kai


I woke up tied to a rock jutting out of a fire rocky cliff. I gasped and realized where I was: my mom and dads death place.

I didn't have time to pull away when Garmadon grabbed me by my hair and held the MegaWeapon up to my throat. "Your a fiesty little one are you?" he teased. I just graoned in pain and he laughed...I felt like growling but all that came out of my mouth was a painful shriek.

"So, charming yet very despicable...why are you even on my brother team?" he scouled at me. He let go, and I growled at him. He laughed, and there was no doubt Garmadon was enjoying this....whos he calling despicable?

"Such a pity...I can see you want to do this for the stupid yet...amusing..." he teased, along with a foul chuckle. "How could you be so cruel?" I snapped. "Oh thats just the thing, Kai...the Devourers venom is crueler than anything wicked in this, mudball planet...and that power has been granted, to me...hahahahahaha..." he laughed as he walked away.

I glared as he did, but inside, I felt that he was right. least the rest are, dad...I'll be seeing you soon...


Me and the rest of the team sat in the living room of the Bounty, thinking on a good plan to rescue my twin. "How about we...get an army?" Jay suggested. "Hmmm...Jay I highly think that'll work. 1: We dont know any, and 2: How will we get them to fight for us?" Zane replied. Jay just remained quiet after that...(sigh)...all this tense is killing me!!! WHEN ARE WE COMING UP WITH A PLAN?!

Thats when Andrea, my lovely sister chimed in. "I have it." she stated. "Uh, have what?" Jay asked. I rolled my eyes and we all listened. "We could distract Garmadon by fighting his skeleton army, and while he's busy with us, Cole, Rahja, Lloyd, Jay and Zane will rescue Kai!" she finished.

I smiled at her, I love my brilliant sisters. "Thats genius!!!" Cole exclaimed. Andrea blushed, and looked at me, I nodded and she hugged me. "Dont worry little bro...Kai will be ok..." she whispered in my ear.

I sighed and nodded, I hope she was right...because if anything happened to my twin brother, Garmadon would not want to mess with us AGAIN!

So, hours later, Andrea, Nya, Lily and Jaz all went off to the Underworld to fight off the skeletons, while me, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, and Jay went towards the location. Andrea told us where Kai was, and I was shocked: Fire Mountain...that where our parents died!!! And its all because of me and temper...

But, I guess I shouldn't have showed my look because Lloyd asked, "Hey...Rahja, is something wrong?" I turned to the little squirt, and shook my head. "" I said. Lloyd crossed him arms. "Come on Rahja...your hiding something..." I sighed and told him, "Well...the place where my brother where...(sniff)...I killed our parents..." I began to sob quietly, and I could tell Lloyd was gaping at me. Then, the most shocking thing happened...Lloyd said, "I know how you feel."

I stared at him shocked. "Wha-What?" I stuttered, wiping my tears. "I said...I know what its like to not know your dad, Lord Garmadon turned evil before I was even born...and my mom...well, I've never met her..." Lloyd replied.

I looked at him, pity in my eyes...I smiled at him and nudged him. "Well...thank you. You might be a little, insecure but your still pretty cool..." I said. Lloyd laughed at that and we kept walking...I cant wait to give Garmadon a peice of my mind.

Chapter 17: Rescue (Part 3)


I was just tied to this chunk of rock waiting for my death. Hours later, Garmadon pointed a knife to my throat, "Prepare to die." He slashed my eye...I screamed in pain.


We all were heading to the mountain when we heard Kai scream. "KAI!!!!" I turned into my lion and ran ahead. "Rahja wait!!!" the rest chased after me. I just ignored them and ran've done it this time Garmadon!!!


I was wound up with cuts...all of my muscles were sore. Garmadon laughed and pointed the Mega Weapon at me. "The fire has been estinguished..." I was ready to meet doom when I saw...Rahja? He roared and pounced on Garmadon...I limped over to him. He hugged me. "I'm glad your ok..." I smiled but then Garmadon got up and was about to hurt Rahja but I pushed him out of the way. "Leave him alone!!!" I yelled. Garmadon snickered. "Tough cuts." He kicked me, I screamed and he cut me. I fell back...I saw Rahja and he jumped on Garmadon...but to my horror I saw Garmadon use the Mega Weapon to throw Rahja off the cliff. 

I gasped and jumped after him, "RAAAHJAA!!!! NOOOO!!!" I turned into a Fire Wolf and swam looking for him. I soon saw him drowning, I quickly swam to him and pulled him to the surface...then towed him to shore. Although when I set him down...I felt weak. My tails flames were dying out, and soon enough my fur turned into ash...I tried to walk but I soon collapsed...blacking-out forever. 

Chapter 20: Brothers Once More

[Rahja's PoV]

"Kai! Rahja!"

I open my eyes, painfully to the sound of footsteps edging closely, I look up to see everyone run towards me. Andrea assisted me upward, I looked at her, "W-What happened?"

"You nearly drowned," she explained. I look down, my mind struck realization, "W-Wheres Kai?"

I turn to see Zane kneeling over my brother, he was in his wolf form, but it didn't look too good. His whole body had become ash, and he was still and motionless like a lifeless corpse...oh no. My eyes widen and I rush to him, "Kai!" Zane stood aside and I knelt over my brother, the anxiety rising inside me. "K-Kai, Kai can you hear me...?" There was no answer. My eyes welled up with tears, he couldn't be dead, he's my big brother for goodness sake, always better at me, stronger, much more awesome...he just, cant be gone!

Zane checked for his pulse, I awaited a response, my heart beating against my chest, this was all so tense for me, was he going to make it?

The ice ninja pulled his hand away and looked down, I look at him, "I-Is he..." He then faced me, his eyes watering, and that's when I knew the truth, "I'm so sorry."

My eyes widen, a gasp caught in my throat, I could barely cope with the realization, "N-No...n-no...he cant be!"

I felt someone put a hand on my shoulder, I looked up to face my grief-stricken sister, she looked as crushed as I did, and I could understand why. "Kai, risked his life for you, he did it right...he will be remembered, I promise you that," she stated, on the verge of tears. I look at her, and throw my arms around her, she looked at me with pitiful eyes and did the same. 

Everyone else just stood in silence, not wanting to interrupt. Sooner or later, we had to go, and so we did. A few days after, we held a funeral in my brothers honor, right in front of the sea. I knew it was a little out of topic for his funeral but we had no better place to put it.

"A few years back, I remember recruiting Kai like it was just a week ago," Sensei began, "He was driven by the thought of saving his sister, encouraging him to join. It was not easy to train him, for his stubbornness and hotheaded attitude got in the way, but he later became the greatest hero this world has ever seen. He stood by his friends, his sister, and especially his own brother, while facing the face of death, and evil. Yet here I am, paying my respects as everyone else."

Everyone else held in tears, it was all too painful to bear, I myself couldn't keep it in for much longer, but I just had to.

"That is why, I say this. Kai, you were a fine student, I'd always believed you wouldn't come down without a fight, yet I also believed you would give yourself over your own loved ones. So I wish you great happiness, and a great time in the heavens. May you rest in peace..." Wu finished and I threw my brother's ashes into the sea. My lip quivered, hardly holding in the tears, yet now it was my time to say something, "I-I...always believed, I would b-be the one to go b-before Kai...he was my b-big brother after all. Yet, here I am, at his funeral with everyone, e-else...still missing him."

I looked back to see everyone, they were trying to keep from crying yet some had already let the tears come down, I sniffled and looked at the sea, watching the ashes swirl up into the sky. "I-I always thought he would grow up to become a feirce warrior, protector o-of all....y-yet now I believe he will, u-up there," I continued. I look up at the heavens, "S-Say hi to mom and d-dad, bro...may this be your all time burning low."

I let a few tears come down, I feel a comforting hand on my shoulder, I turn to see Zane, he looked sorry for me. I wipe my tears, "Thank you Zane." He nodded in remorse. We all went home after that, it took a long time to recover from his pass, now things were anew, and fresh, New Ninjago City was running and well, with everyone at peace and balanced...I guess you could say everything was fine with the world.

Though as always, I never forget Kai, my older brother...yet still, I knew he would be back, reborn again some other day...the others don't know, but, he will. I smile, thinking least Kai died as my brother...not as my enemy.

The End

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