aka The Universe Ninja

  • I live in Ninjago
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Being a Universe Bender...
  • I am TOTALLY A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    Long ago, before time had a name...The first Spinjitzu master created Ninjago...and the two seas that made it up. The Sea of Danger, and the Sea of Peace. Each sea had seven islands, the Sea of Peace contained tranquility as well as its creatures...but the Sea of Danger's waters were as violent and dark as a battlefield.

     You all know the story. With the use of the Four Weapons, he did so create life...

     But, what you don't know, was that he created, a fifth  weapon...

    The Staff of Dragons

     The weapon itself was so powerful, then any other weapon in existence, including the four. The cause for it's creations, was that if Ninjago were in peril, and the Four Weapons were out of use...

     The Staff would act as a substitute, purposely thwarting all ev…

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    Hi! N.E.R1508 here! So, I was thinking on starting to wrote poems about the Ninja...but people get to guess who they are in the poem!

    So...heres the first one:

    A poem by N.E.R1508

    This creature cries,

    every day and night.

    But appears in the village,

    without a cause for fright.

    He lurks in the sea,
    with no need for harm...

    But of course,
    you'll have to lure him with a charm.

    Toss a great whale,
    in the depths of the sea...

    and he'll appear,

    but without no smile or glee.

    If you tame him,

    he might change his mood...

    and reveal his secrets,
    beneath his black hood.

    His cries are a mystery,
    to villagers around...

    but the answer might just be,
    beneath the ground.

    Still, he howls,
    and he weeps...

    but some people say,
    that he rarely sleeps.

    So why does,
    this mighty snake cry?


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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    A story, told by Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508, takes place after Day of The Great Devourer...and told in Coles point of veiw...

    This story is when I was posessed by an evil spirit...

    It was a peaceful day...the ninja had defeated The Great Devourer, Sensei Wu was alive, and everything was in peace...but as the sun set on that very day...something dark happened to the leader....

    Me and my friends were just walking back to our apartment, when...I heard a shrill voice. Curiously, I looked around to see what it was...but I saw no one or nothing. I decided to find out what it was. So, when the others went to go to bed, I snuck out, and raced off into the forest...again, I did not see anyone or anything...but I could hear the voice once seem…

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    Hi, my name's Andrea Potter. I happen to have a big family, Kai, Nya, Harry, and Rahja are all my siblings. I train mostly everyday along my brothers friends: Cole ( Ninja of Earth), Jay ( Ninja of Lightning), and Zane ( Ninja of Ice). They also have siblings as well: Thorn ( Coles Sister), and Jaz ( Zanes Sister). But enough about them, lets get, to my story:

    Long before time had a name...after Ninjago was created...a great big ball of light fell down from the evening touched the ground, gently. It then sprouted to create two dragons: a magenta one, and a blue one. They each looked out for each other, watching over every mortal upon Ninjago, caring nicely. One day, the magenta dragon, the female had a girl...and guess who it was? …

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  • Ninjagoenormouslyrules1508

    Heres the test for Darkness In My Head:

    1. What happened in the first chapter of Darkness In My Head? Explain your answer.

    2. Why did Cole think that his dreams were beginning to turn to reality? Exxplain your answer.

    ( Some quiz's will have more than one ' explain' queshtions...but dont worry!)

    3. Why was Cole so il?

    A. He's been dancing in the rain for hours

    B. He got struck by Garmadons lightning

    C. Chancler bumped into him

    D. He faced Garmadon

    4. Why did Cole sacrifice himself for the safety of his friends? Explain your answer.

    You know what to do, answer all of them, you get story ideas, you get at least half, I give you a little ideas for your stories, if you get all of them wrong, you get one or more nice comments on your stories. Remember, easy…

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