shiny luminous

Arienai Pretty Cure Max Heart - 06DD3B0B01mp4-00000

shiny luminous



cure type : cure of life shiny luminous

attacks:rainbow brooch rainboww sheild,luminous heartiel action,luminous extreme luminario(encluding cure white & cure black.



transformation:luminous shining stream


rainbow brooch







luminous heatiel action


luminous extreme luminario

shiny luminous is a girl named hikari in futari wa prettycure max heart.she is the main event throughout the series.she is thought to be a prettycure but she is not.she is the light of hope and the queen of the garden of the light.after the queen got hit in the heart she faded and the faded power created hikari.she has the strongest power out of cure white and cure white she has 2 magic pets porun and lulun.she says luminous shining stream to transform.and lulun gives her a crystal brooch when there is trouble and she blasts the zakenna with a the end she sacrafises her life to stop the dark king destroying the world.she comes back again at the end of the max heart episode.

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