sailor moon


sailor moon

 Name:serena (usagi)



attacks:moon tiara magic,moon,healing activation,moon princess septer illimination,moon spiral heart atack,moon rainbow heart ace,silver moon therapy kiss,starlight honeymoon crystal power kiss.moon georgous meditation.

transformations:moon prism power,moon crystal power,moon cosmic power,moon cosmic dream action,moon eternal power,moon crisis power. 

sailor moon is the first sailor senshi in the tv sereis and manga.she has other following sailor senshi with her sailor mercury,sailor mars,sailor jupiter and sailor venus.she has a brother named sammy and she has a mum up in the moon called queen serenity.sailor moon is sailor scout and a moon princess.she is very annoying towrds her friends she is also a piggish eater.she has a cat name lunar which guided her to become sailor moon on episode 1 a moon star is born.she fights many evil servents from the  neagverse throughout the series.her boyfriend is tuxedo mask (derrien).



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