jupiter thunder cloud zap

4755048 orig

jupiter oak evolution

sailor jupiter


Sailor Jupiter-687

sailor jupiter


attacks:jupiter thunder crash,jupiter thunder dragon,jupiter thunder cloud zap ,jupiter oak evolution.

Sailor moon sailor jupiter lita kino school uniform cosplay 1


transformations:jupiter power,jupiter star power,jupiter crystal power.

lita is sailor jupiter and the fourth sailor senshi.she was band from her school from fighting and transfered to usagis school.she first appeared when usagi was in a gang fight when lita came in and won the battle.then when usagi when to the backyard in the school and saw lita sitting down and eating.she has a crush on andrew but not derrien luckily.she first transformed when one of her crushes jame machine joe turned evil.she transformed and used her attacks against him.she likes going out with guys all the time and it gets annoying.

jupiter thunder crash

Jupiter thunder dragon

jupiter thunder dragon

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