eas/setsuna/cure passion


eas is the first dark servants of mobius she first appeared at a fortune mansion when she took loves fortune.she uses nawakenna to attack people to get frightened to fill the gauge bottle she also was granted a eye nawakenna which costed abit of her life force.she wants to grant mobiuses wish to rule infinity.

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setsuna is eas but not her cure form or labyrinth form.she hangs out with love and her other friends sometimes.but after she hangs out with them she attacks them.she also went to dinner with love at a restraunt and once again attacked by her.
Setsuna switching to eas

setsuna switching to eas



                   cure passion


cure passion is the fourth fresh prettycure.she leaves labyrinth when she finds a 4 leaf clover which leads her to happiness then the key akaru fairy told her that she is the fourth fresh prettycure.she she gives her the linkrun and she transforms and shouts changing prettycure beat up.her transformation is different to the other fresh prettycure.her attack is prettycure passion harp.
Fresh Pretty Cure! - Passion Harp

passion harp attack


cure passion


passion linkrun

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