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    Okay, any ideas?

    August 29, 2012 by Flamestar&Skystar

    Hey guys, I need your help for some ideas. Here you can give me some ideas for fics, and I will be posting my own ideas here as well.

    If you want to give me an idea, keep in mind that if I go from that idea, it may end up going a different direction than you expect it to. Fair warning.

    Submission form:

    Title (if you don't got one, that's okay):

    Crossover (Yes/No):


    Main PoV:

    Note: I do plan for a sequel to Dragon World when it's finished, but I don't have the details just yet.

    (Prequel to The Dragon World) The island of Ninosull has been in civil war for decades: Major vs. Minor element, and Man vs. Dragon. When young Soren is revealed to be a Major element, they attempt to recruit him and his friend Rolaef to the army. But when his dragon…

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