Hi every one they call me IronSniper aka BornagainJesusfreak and I am here to discus the fannon cannon. On a fannon wiki like this thing tend to be one edit articles or articles that are edited only by the user who created them. As this causes problems such as five different purple ninjas of three different purple ninja dragons. I am here to purpose a new way of doing things. What if you can only create articles if they are from a (fannon) story. Eg: If I create a story theat ha a yellow ninja in it then if you create a yellow ninjag article then you haveto go by my dicription in my story and if someone else then made another yellow ninja article from a different flory that they posted after my story then it would have to be labeled as a non-fiction fannon article. Thanks for considering this!--When the world says no-way we say Yahweh, IronSniper 13:20, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

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