Unknown memories





Original Airdate

October 20 2014

Song and Short

talk dirty to me/ lost memories

That's All Folk

Porky pig


All the Little People


Eren save the fang blades

read to talk

Transcript part 3: 30

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Tired of Sensei wu lecturing him about how it is his responsibility to save the Lalaloopsy People, kai yearns for freedom, so he sets off out into the world to be a free orphan child, when Kai's teammates Though Kai finds refuge from the desert with ocean monster hunter Kelly Robert, he might not be able to escape the ghosts of his past.


The prologue start off with Rachael was inside the king paradise stomach and she calling for help in many years, kai is wake up on his dreams and sleep again.

The episode starts off with kai having a dream in which he was young and has wings and is flying through a dark landscape, and there are several doors. He hears knocking on one but cannot seem to open it. He is soon woken up and comes inside to continue a sort of school run by Sensei wu. There, he watches a video about king paradise saying that the Lalaloopsy kingdom is doing just fine, despite obvious issues in the video, the most obvious being him enslaving the kingdom's residents. He then strongly advises Princess Bubblegum not to go there again. Princess Bubblegum then unsuccessfully tries to convince kai to go back to the kingdom by presenting him with two pizza, and convincing him to see why he should give two to lloyd and darlyn.

Sensei wu decides to visit the perimeter of Castle lalaloopsy, which is heavily defended, with kai. As Wu and kai cloak themselves to prevent being spotted by king paradise, he tries to explain that kai should help and free his people. Jewel Sparkles tries to escape the castle walls, but fails as he is spotted and grabbed by a flying guard and taken to king paradise and eaten. Kai decides to run away into the forest because he wants to be free.

Kai, after traveling through the forest for a while, visits a flaming village. He sees a great ship leaving the dock and attempts to catch up to it by following it across the beach and climbing up a loose rope. He finds a lime on the ship, which he begins to suck on, and uses his flute, which appears to have luring powers, to make rats form a blanket on him. While he's sleeping, the ship runs aground and he is knocked out by falling items. While he is knocked out, the crew of the ship presumably evacuate. He then has a dream about cryptkeeper having fallen off a horse that is Kai (as a kid), who is ignoring her. Kai steps on a drop of blood, which is Tragic witch in his dream. She talks to him, as he attempts to get her off his hoof. At the end of the dream, she screams "Unacceptable!" in a manner similar to the same phrase by cryptkeeper. He wakes up, perhaps weeks later, to find the ship in ruins, aground in a hot desert.

By this time, he becomes very thirsty, claiming he has run out of juice. He leaves the ship, making remarks on the freedom of the things around him, such as that the cloud above him has the freedom not to rain on him, and he is not annoyed at that. After wandering for many hours, he eventually catches on acid and falls unconscious, while hoarsely whispering "Freedom."

Meanwhile kai, dehydrated and on acid, lies unconscious in the desert. A cloud comes over and fire on him, putting out the acid on his head. He regains consciousness, and a man who introduces herself as "Kelly Robert" offers him shelter in her flying cloud-ship. Kai accepts, and the two take to the sky. Aboard the ship, kelly asks him if he'd read any good books lately, to which kai replies that he can't read.

On the cloud trawler, the two are pursued by a Giant raven. Kai, at her father's request, plays his flute, which makes a sour note and angers the bird. Kai then plays his viola, appeasing the bird, which the ship then lures into hitting a rock. Kai, while looking at gold coins falling out of the bird's carcass, thinks that he sees lalaloopsy people, and screams for kelly to stop the ship. After landing, kai looks more closely at the objects and determines them to be loot, to which kelly explains that she's a monster hunter who kills monsters and then keeps the reward for herself. He then asks kai if he would like to be her apprentice, and kai replies by ecstatically repeating that it is 'a dream come true!'

Young kai later has a nightmare in which he is a marionette suspended by chains, singing the song coral seashell was singing when she first appeared in "Little Orphan Heroes." Walking and followed, he finds a huge fat king paradise biting into a heifer. The heifer greets kai, and king paradise throws up chains to ensnare him. He tries to run, but he cannot move. looking up, he sees his mother pulling his strings. He wakes up and, after talking with kelly about his nightmares, he decides he must go back to paradise island and help his people.

Phlannel drops Lemonhope off in the Lalaloopsy castle, and kai walks towards the fort while it begins to rain. He scales its walls and is confronted by king paradise, who has put corks in his ears in order to resist Kai's his viola. Understanding the situation, Rachael reaches out from king paradise's stomach and removes his ear plugs, urging kai to play his his viola. Kai does, causing king pradise to explode. Kai is knocked out and burned his left face by the pool of acid and has a dream in which he climbs up a stone spire to a bird's nest and sees the sun rising over a mountainous horizon.

Later, the policeman come to sees what happened to lalaloopsy and Angela who shocked look at him was have one of his burned face, at the hospital, Kai wake up sees his friends (cole who have a surface injury, after his left face bite by big raven, jay who have a surface now, after he accidentally get sliced his left face by anchor, zane who have surface too, after he was a robots and bumped by car crash, lloyd have a surface now, after being bite on his left face by giant rats.) when darlyn arrives, while hopes of finishing her comic. When she finishes drawing the expanded circle (which is actually in the shape of a woman), Darlyn proceeds to finish the comic. However, she starts acting strangely shortly after, soon revealing that she is possessed by the king paradise due to the loss of protection from the circle.

The king paradise, using Darlyn's face, starts attack Kai who inject her with injection and kill the king paradise who survives and attack Kai, he wake up to sees Darlyn have surface, after being her face was exploded by Kai's viola. Nurse give six of the masks to them, so they don't have surface anymore.

In epilogue, Kai's viola was broken apart, when the Blackflame is here.


Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Darlyn Mae p. de Guzman

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon


Pirates (debut; voices only)

Kelly Robert

King paradise

Rachael smith

Cyptkeeper (in dreams.)

The nurse

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