One day the inventor: Rip Studwell and his partner Anti-Rip Anti-Studwell built the Fairy ship R.I.P with the meaning of: Rips identical problem. They earned each a good amount of money with the first Fairy and Anti-Fairy boarding the luxurious ship. Among them a young woman by the name of: Poof Fairywrinkle Cosma. She was travelling with her father Cosmo Julius Cosma, her mother Wanda Venus Fairywrinkle Cosma and with her fiancé Andrew. They were traveling with their daughter because Poof's fiancé Andrew wanted to get married on the other side of the sky. Right threw the traveling of the RIP.

"Poof this marriage will secure your life," Poof's parents told her.

But Poof wasn't so sure of it. As they boarded the ship Poof looked underneath her and saw a lot of Anti-Fairies were being forced on the boat, each wearing a white suite. Among them she spotted a young man about her own age.

His name was Foop Anti-Fairywrinkle Anti-Cosma, he, as well as his parents were slave workers on the boat, just there to serve and give the Fairies their pleasure as well as comfort, they just had to call the wanted slave and ask them to do their duties.

"I wonder what I could do now?" Poof asked herself.

Andrew grabbed hold of her hand and lead her to the ball room to have a dance with her. He snapped his fingers, 3 Anti-Fairy slaves as well as the violet eyed guy that caught Poof's eye floated to the stage and played a beautiful dance music.

As the music played Andrew slowed dance with Poof as he held her close.

Andrew swayed and forced Poof into the movements that he wanted, Poof wanted to take her high heals into her hand and hammer them into his two left feet. As the 3 artist finished the music so was the dance.

"Come my love, let's read a book now," Andrew ordered.

He was about to drag Poof out of the room as Poof stopped him.

"You go on ahead, I just want to thank these kind gentlemen," Poof said.

"Suite yourself," Andrew said.

He left the ball room and headed of to the library, Poof saw the two of the 3 artist just left and the last one was just carefully oiling his violin, Poof walked up to the Anti-Fairy slave and looked at him. He had pure black hair and like Poof violet eyes, but as well as a monocle to read with. As he finished packing up he saw Poof watching him.

"Oh... um what can I do for you Miss?" The Anti-Fairy asked her.

"I would like to thank you personally for playing for us tonight good sir. Could you take this gift as a offering from me?" Poof asked.

She handed the player a silver bracelet with Poof written on it. The Anti-Fairy flinched away from it as if it was acid.

"No, I shouldn't, as the law clearly states a Anti-Fairy slave is not permitted to take anything from the Fairy masters," The Anti-Said.

"Please, my name is Poof, with what may I call you?" Poof asked.

"Ok, my name is Foop Anti-Fairywrinkle Anti-Cosma. But just call me slave," Foop said.

Poof nodded, then she walked out to her fiancé, but sill watched Foop. As her fiancé left to play bridge she left for the slave quarters, wanting to see what Foop would be up to now.

Foop went down to the other Anti-Fairies and he mostly talked how they did a good job with the music. They may have been in small quarters but they seem in a good mood.

Poof was quiet astounded, down here in the slave quarters every Anti-Fairy had their own colours from their masters, it was a lot bigger then her own private room, they had a flute, guitar, drum band playing some cool street music. Poof flew down and saw Foop was just breaking some bread and handing it out to a lot of Anti-Fairy children who were all starving, just like him, a few more joined bringing down beer, wine, cider and many more food and drinks.

"So Foop, how is the slave work with your master: Cosmo and Wanda going on?" One Anti-Fairy spoke to him who seemed to be his mother.

"It is going quite well. I meet today their daughter Poof. She is kinder then the others," Foop reported.

Suddenly a Anti-Fairy who seemed to be the smallest in the group flew up and raised his hand, it grew very silence as every Anti-Fairy looked to him like a leader.

"Today we celebrate another successful day of survival, great accomplishments in food and pray that once we reach our destination we will be free," Anti-Jordan called out.

Everybody cheered and the dancing continued. The music was very freely, not joined boring violin, but drums were being smashed, trumpets blown, it was sung whatever they could think of even if it didn't mix in with what it was played and everybody was having the time of their lives.

Suddenly Poof saw her slave Foop float up, he balanced a chair on his chin and the others cheered for him, as it fell of him and crashed to the ground he spotted her. Quickly Foop placed the chair down and glared at everybody, it grew very silence as all eyes were turned on Poof.

"Um... hi?" Poof said and waved.

"What brings you down here?" An Anti-fairy asked.

"Well um..." Poof began.

Everybody quickly lined up and stopped the celebrations all together. Then they bowed down to her.

"How can we be of service Miss Poof?" Foop asked her.

"By just being yourselves. I want to see what a normal servant would do on their free day," Poof instructed.

Everybody looked at each other worried. Then one had a sly grin and looked at Foop, he understood what was being said and nodded.

"Well I presume we are being too loud down here, so we could be a bit quieter. Ok everybody, service of the cards," Foop said.

Everybody nodded, within 3 minuets everything was tidied up and a massive table was set back up together. Then Foop got from under his mattress a set of cards, threw them threw the blender and shared them out between 30 Anti-Fairy servants. As well as Poof.

"Um... what is service of cards?" Poof asked.

"Well Poof, we play cards against each other to just get some food, the ones who can't bet are automatically out," Foop explained.

He had some chees, another had old biscuits, another had the delightful sight of moulded vegetables, a fourth had a bottle of wine and Poof had a box of chocolates. All set there bets out and Foop shared the cards. It was suddenly dead silence, the Anti-Fairy slaves split themselves up into 4 groups, each group peering over the shoulder of one of the players. Foop placed his first bet, which was a small potato, with a sly grin, another Anti-Fairy by the name of Anti-Blonda set 1 biscuit out, the 3rd Anti-Fairy called Anti-Schnozmore lay out 1 carrot, Poof who joined in placed one chicken drummer out. The Anti-Fairies mouths watered already it was so delicious.

"Ok then we have to call out our highest bid on our hands, like by me I bid that I have 2 kings. High class," Foop said with a sly smile.

"I'm out, I only have acid," Anti-Schnozmore said.

He placed his cards down and really he only had acid, even the smallest number. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

"Well I'm going to rise my bid, I have the other 2 queen's second high class," Anti-Blonda said.

Poof looked at her confused, she could tell she was lying because Poof had the other 2 queens as well as the 2 kings.

"I'm calling you a liar Blonda since I have the lower queen," Foop said.

"Ah now I get it," Poof said.

"I'm calling you a double liar-" Poof was about to ay, but was stopped by Anti-Schnozmore.

"That is called a thief in this game," He explained.

"Oh sorry, ok a thief, because I have the other 2 queens," Poof said.

Anti-Blonda growled and had to put her hand away, true she only had 1 10, then 2-5 and 1-6. Now it was Master VS Servant. Foop kept his eyes on his hand, not knowing if he could out beat Poof. Poof was just as worried.

She had 2 king, 2 queen's and 3 jokers on her hand. Foop had 2 kings, 2 queens and 1,2,3 as pic.

"Well Poof and Foop, who will rise?" Anti-Blonda asked.

"I say all out," Foop said.

He placed the last he had in the circle, Poof looked worried.

"You win," She said.

Poof placed her cards out. Then Foop, everybody's eyes widened and applauded. Foop smiled at Poof.

"You won Poof," Foop said happy.

"Hu? How?" Poof asked.

The others explained to Poof how her cards had Foop beat. He had a queen which was beaten by her king, then he had a 10 which was beaten by her joker and last he had a 7 which was beat by Poofs 8. Poof apologised, but then knew how to repay him. She shared the pot equally between everybody out.

"Thank you Miss Poof," Everybody said happy.

Poof smiled back, but then her smile disappeared as she looked at the clock, quickly she excused herself and left for her own dorm. Foop quickly escorted her there. As they got there he tucked Poof to bed and left. Poof was smiling, today was surely fun and she made a few new friends.

Fop as well as the other Anti-Servants all lay down in their straw beds, cuddled close next to each other and slept, getting ready for the morning buffet. One Fairy was steering the ship quietly and without problems threw the night right until morning.

Soon it was morning and the Anti-Fairy Slaves woke up to the new morning.

Poof woke up calmly and was helped to dress in a red ruby dress, Poof absolutely hated it, to be dressed like the queen. The Anti-serving girl helping her put make up on and helped her to get dressed was really well.

"Um... Miss, may I know where to find the serving parget Mr Foop?" Poof asked her.

"He is scrubbing the floors on deck 23 since this morning. Miss Cosma. Why would you ask?" The maid asked her.

"Um... I was just curious," Poof said.

She walked away and off to deck 23. As she got there she saw a broom and dust pan next to 4 black bin bags full of plats, mouldy food and such. Poof looked carefully around and saw Foop on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor like crazy. The morning buffet was still standing. Some more Anti-Fairy servants were carrying the stuff outside and throwing them into the furnish which was driving the ship.

"Wow," Poof said amassed.

It grew quiet again, some Anti-Slaves rolled their eyes in there head as they saw Poof again.

"Hey servant get up now," One Fairy master shouted at him.

Foop got up and looked what they may want from him again. Suddenly the Fairy guard punched Foop in the stomach making him bleed out almost.

"How dare you hit him. Foop are you ok?" Poof asked shocked.

Foop still held his stomach, before rubbing it and it grew a bit better.

"Get out of here Foop before you spoil the cleaning. The others back to your jobs," The guard shouted.

Poof quickly grabbed Foop by the hand and followed him to his room. There she fixed him up. Foop was quiet amassed by her kindness. Suddenly Poof spotted a picture of a nude Anti-Fairy drawn and sketched by Foop.

"Oh... that is one of my arts," Foop told Poof as she turned to look at him.

"You drew that?" She asked. Foop nodded. Poof looked at the drawing once more.

"It's amazing," She told him.

"It is not much, but it is the way I see the people. Here this one for example, that Fairy woman payee me 3 coins to have herself drawn three times, the first one she hated, that is the second one you are seeing here and the third drawing I made it so perfect that her husband asked me to do his drawing to, paying me only 1 gold doubloon. It took me almost 2 weeks to finish his work since he was dressed with so many colours that I had to take a while to find all the colours. The main colours I have are blue, white, black and red. Not a big collection, but with precision I can create a few more colours," Foop explained.

"Can you do a drawing of me to?" Poof asked.

"Sure if you want too," Foop said.

"How about tonight in my room at 9 PM?" Poof asked.

"Sure ok. I'll just gather all the equipment," Foop said.

Suddenly there was a knock on Foop's bedroom door. Poof and Foop looked worried, as Foop opened the door outside stood Poof's fiancé. Poof told Foop threw her eyes to not tell him of her plan of having herself drawn half naked. Her fiancé took Poof roughly by the arm and lead her away to the ball room, where a dance was taking place. Poof growled between her teeth and danced with him.

Later as promised Foop came towards Poof's room with his art equipment. He knocked on her door.

Poof flew quickly to the door and let him inside. With her was Anti-Goldie, another maid slave.

"Oh, hello Foop, did Miss Fairywrinkle Cosma require your service?" Anti-Goldie asked him.

"Um... yes actually she asked me to do a drawing of her, in private," Foop explained.

"Could you please leave Anti-Goldie and make sure we are not disturbed for an hour or so," Poof asked.

"Of course Miss. As you wish," Anti-Goldie said.

She closed the door and Poof was left alone with Foop. Foop set himself up and had 3 canvasses with him. Poof looked at him confused, she only wanted 1 portrait of herself, not 3. Then Foop turned to her and explained what he was up to.

"Well Miss Poof, on my way up here I thought of Picasso, you know he went threw a few stages from depression to cubism and so on? Well the first canvass is going to be a normal portrait of you, the second one I am going to focus on the opposite of what I see, like the couch is quiet dark so instead of drawing it dark I draw it light and the last canvass is for a cubism portrait," Foop explained.

"How long would it take to finish all 3?" Poof asked.

"About 20 minuets per canvass, so about an hour," Foop explained.

Poof positioned herself correctly, Foop was still blown away by her beauty, he only hopes he can reflect her beauty back in his canvasses, as he had the right colours mixed and the water at the ready he began his quest to portrait Poof perfectly.

Foop started to sketch out her beauty. He carefully drew her slowly as he tried to get everything right.

Poof watched as Foop's eyes darted back and forth between the canvas and her position. Foop smiled all the time, as he sketches were done he painted with a lot of prestigious on the canvas, 2 hours went buy until the master piece was finished. As it was done Foop was smiling over his entire face.

"Here you are Miss Poof, your perfect portrait," Foop said and gave her the picture.

Poof's mouth dropped down, she was incredibly pretty, far more then the Mona Lisa she thought. Poof hugged Foop happy.

"Thank you very much Foop," Poof said happy.

But suddenly a key turning was heard, horror came across Poof's face as the door opened, Andrew as well as her mother, father and his parents came inside.

As they saw the nudity picture of Poof on the caners they were furious. Poof and Foop ran threw another door and all the way away from the others, leading to the under decks, where the cars and such stuff were from the Fairies. Poof chuckled, before pulling Foop into one of the bigger cars.

Foop looked over at Poof after they were in the big car.

"Um... Miss Poof aren't you-" He didn't get to finish as Poof kissed him.

Poof chuckled as she knew exactly what she wanted to do with Foop. The kiss grew warmer and warmer, after making out for about 2 minuets Poof took Foop's hand and had him unbutton her top, she pulled his off as well.

Foop wanted to stop, but Poof is a very determined young woman. After the top was of Poof got rid of their underwear as well. Then as they were both naked Poof pushed Foop into her. Foop trembled above her and gave her the perfect love kiss that Poof could ever dream of. Their kissing grew warmer and Foop unleashed his load in her, Poof screamed a bit, but hugged him anyway.

"Poof you do know if we are discovered I will be murdered for my actions," Foop reminded him.

"Then... we have to... make sure we are not... thank you so much Foop..." Poof said happy.

As they continued giving there love to each other, they felt so happy, that nothing could stop there love. Sadly faith had it otherwise. They stopped as they saw a light flash into the car. On the other end of the light was Poof's fiancé with a furious look.

Andrew dragged both Poof and Foop back to the room. Anti-Andrew noticed his friend Foop being dragged and he followed from the shadows.

"How dare you dirty Anti-Fairy lay a finger on my fiancé, you son of a bitch," Andrew screamed at him.

"I didn't mean..." Foop tried to explain.

"Andrew you have no right to complain to him, I love him with all my heart," Poof said.

"Brain washing her as well? How dare you dirty Anti-Fairy," Andrew snapped.

"Leave Foop alone Andrew," Anti-Andrew snapped.

Andrew was so mad he punched both Anti's in the faces constantly, Poof tried to stop them fighting, but suddenly from Anti-Andrew's pocket came the diamond necklace. Foop's eyes widened as he looked at Anti-Andrew shocked.

"You dare to steal from my fiancé you asshole," Andrew screamed.

He punched both of them repeatedly in the face and body. But Foop had the saving idea.

"Stop it Andrew, please. Anti-Andrew didn't steal it, I paid him to take it so that I can do that drawing of Poof," Foop quickly came up.

"What?" Andrew asked confused.

Foop quickly got the drawing out and showed it to him. It may have saved Anti-Andrew's neck, but now Foop has dug his own grave 2x as deep.

It was the last straw for Andrew. He ordered Foop to be arrested for drawing his wife as a prostitute and stealing the necklace, Foop was dragged away from Poof and down to the middle part of the ship. The Police officer chained Foop onto a poll and guarded him with a pistol. Poof was dragged by her husband to the upper deck to have their dinner at moon light.

Poof was angry and upset at Andrew. She dumped her food on him before throwing him back the ring and left right then and there after that.

Poof flew up to the upper deck and screamed her sadness out. How could Andrew look so badly down upon the Anti-Fairies? They were no more different then the Fairies. Poof flew up to the end of the hand rails and climbed them up, she wanted to jump off the ship and burn up to be with Foop again, but she knew she couldn't. Suddenly Poof saw that they were driving straight towards a meteoroid.

"Oh no," Poof said shocked.

Poof ran as fast as she could to the captain of the ship.

"Turn the ship round, meteoroid straight ahead," Poof screamed.

The captain turned the boat so fast it tipped to it's side. Then the unthinkable happened, the ship hit it and half of the side was exploded, the heat of the meteor was so sever that it burst up in flames burning the how ship. Rip Studwell saw it and flew up to them furious.

"What are you doing you idiot, it wouldn't have harmed the ship much, now look what you have done," Rip snapped.

The howl ship's wings were ripped off and the ship was falling from the sky. The Fairies and Anti-Fairies were all jerked awake. Rip Studwell screamed for his Anti-Partner and they set out to get everybody off the ship as fast as possible. It was pretty much impossible.

The alarm rang as Fairies and Anti-Fairies screamed and panicked.

Everybody entered some weird looking bird type of planes that suddenly appeared on the deck. Each bird could hold up to 200 Fairies or Anti-Fairies and there were 20000 of them all together.

"Ok first the Fairies then the Anti-Fairies," The captain called out.

Poof looked at it horrified, there was no way in hell that she was going to be sitting comfortable and in safety whiles the others burn up. Poof pushed past every Fairy and Anti-Fairy as everybody scrambled to get onto those birds. Andrew saw this and held her hand mad.

"What? Why are you going to that piece of bad luck shit? Poof you are my wife, not that smelly garbage rat," Andrew snapped.

Poof was furious, she punched him and then glared at him.

"I would rather be his garbage rat then your slut of a wife," Poof snapped.

"Poof, get on this ship," Cosmo and Wanda snapped at their daughter.

"No, good bye mother, father, stay save," Poof said.

Andrew was so mad he ripped at her hand and almost got her on the ship with him, but Poof punched him of her and flew as fast as she could past everybody and of to Rip Studwell.

"Poof you have to get of this ship now," He told her.

"No I won't, I want Foop with me, but he is being held captive, I have to know where and get him out of there," Poof said.

Rip Studwell saw in her eyes that she was determined, he nodded and then called Anti-Rip Anti-Studwell to him.

"Anti-Rip, take Poof straight away to the lower prison deck's, get Foop Anti-Fairywrinkle out of his cage and up here quickly, you have about 30 minuets before his side of oxygen runs out. Move it," Rip said.

Poof and Anti-Rip flew as fast as they could, luckily they found the cage, but it was almost to late, a hole was exploded in Foop's prison and he was running low on oxygen fast, before they got in there Poof and Anti-Rip had to put on some oxygen masks and entered it quickly. Poof hugged Foop and tears fell from her eyes, quickly she got her oxygen mask off and placed it a while over Foop's mouth to keep him alive.

Anti-Rip warned her not to do it to long otherwise she will run out of oxygen as well. So they swapped back and forth till they reached the upper deck. As they got there all 3 could breath normally again. But almost all the rescue ships were gone. All the Fairies as well as Poof's parent's were the last ones to enter the ship.

"Mum, dad wait," Poof called.

Foop looked around and saw that every Anti-Fairy were being forced into the other smaller and even un-saver rescue ships. Poof was hugged by Wanda happy as tears fell from her eyes.

"Oh Poof, quickly come inside, then we can get away from this hell hole," Wanda said.

She was about to pull Poof into the capsule and close the door, but Poof held the door open. Foop and everybody looked at her confused.

"Foop, come quickly. Come inside as well," Poof said.

Foop saw that there were several Anti-Fairy children on board. He mouth to Poof that he will be out soon and let the kids inside the capsule with them.

Poof nodded and was flown away with her parents, but just as Foop wanted to get on the ship with the Anti-Fairies he saw they all were gone.

"No, mist, what now?" Foop asked himself.

He found some of the propellers that were next to a unused capsule, the children's capsule was to full with 5 baby's and 4 children on it, as it was shot last off the ship Foop build quickly his own with a communicator on it.

Poof on her ship grabbed hold of the communicator.

"Ship 9 to ship 10 is Foop Anti-Fairywrinkle Anti-Cosma on it?" Poof asked.

"No Ship 9, Foop is not on it," The last ship said.

Poof looked horrified. But she was determined not to give up hope. She asked in all the 8 other remaining ships if any of them have turned around, but nothing, everybody was off save, apart from Foop. Wanda looked at her daughter confused as to why she would worry over a Anti-Fairy in the first place, Poof's eyes were filled with tears.

"Poof, why would you worry? You are off safe," Wanda asked her.

But Poof couldn't contain it any more, she had to tell her mother the truth,"Ok mother, I shall tell you... I am in love with Foop, true love not just pretend... a few day's ago I tried to kill myself by jumping off this ship, but Foop saved me... we made love to each other in a hidden place, I just love him so much."

Suddenly the communicate was bussing with a very weak link to somebody unknown. On it stood: baby monitor. Poof quickly picked it up.

"zzzzz... hello... zzzz... ship 9... zzzz... please... zzzz... open the... zzzz-" The communicator went.

Poof's eyes widened as she recognised Foop's voice, she quickly pulled a oxygen mask from the hospital compartment and glared at the steward of the ship.

"Foop is alive, quickly open the door, we will let him on," Poof ordered.

"Poof are you out of your mind, we are in the middle of space, with barely enough for us all till we get home. Do you want to bloody live or have all of us killed?" The captain of the ship asked.

Poof punched his nose, she was so mad. Quickly everybody made room, Foop flew very weakly up to Poof's ship, if he doesn't get on it in a few more minuets he was sure he was going to die. Suddenly Poof opened the door and heaved Foop onto the ship. Foop collapsed under her and passed out.

"Foop, Foop you are alive," Poof said happy as she hugged her boyfriend.

Quickly the other Fairy's and Anti-Fairy's heaved Foop onto a bed, placed a oxygen tube down his neck, placed a medicine bag into his arm and worked on keeping him alive. After working for 2 minuets his heart stabilised and Poof hugged him with tears still falling.

Foop slowly hugged back.

Everybody on the ship were so relieved that Foop lived, he was happy to that his parents were on a different ship and that soon he would be in contact with them again. As he could sit upright Foop talked a lot with Poof about there experience on the R.I.P. The rescue pods each had a recycling food centre with which the customers could have a small hearty meal. After traveling for 2 day's the communicators suddenly jumped on again.

"Hello... hello this is Rip Studwell speaking, can all 10 ships hear me?" The radio asked.

On ship 10 where Poof and Foop were just carefully hugging each other whiles all the others slept Foop picked it up.

"Hello Rip Studwell, this is ship 10 with Foop speaking, what news do you have?" Foop asked.

"Here is ship 9 with Jordan on the phone, go on," Jordan's voice came next.

"Ship 8 with Anti-Cosmo is here to," Anti-Cosmo said.

"Ship 7 with Anti-Rip Anti-Studwell," Anti-Studwell called threw.

"Ship 6 with Blonda is here," Blonda spoke as well.

"Ship 5 with Anti-Blonda on this line," Anti-Blonda said.

"Ship 4 with Schnozmore here," Schnozmore spoke next.

"Ship 3 with Anti-Tooth Fairy," The Anti-Tooth Fairy spoke soon.

"Ship 2 with Andrew," Andrew spoke as well.

"The last ship, ship 1 with Anti-Andrew," Anti-Andrew pronounced.

"Good so all 10 ships have a good communication line," Anti-Rip said.

"Yes," Everybody said.

"Ok, I presume you have already worked out how the small food system works on your boat?" Rip Studwell asked.

"You mean that our smelly stuff from our bottoms go in the small hole and is then transformed as food to eat? Yes I think we worked that out and that our water comes from the moister from the air," Foop explained.

"Correct, keep that working otherwise you may start starving. I have sent out a SOS across the stars, so far we haven't found any space ship even close enough to come and save us. So it may take a few day's before we get to see Fairy world or Anti-Fairy world ever again," Anti-Rip said.

The others nodded, whiles the boats talked amongst themselves the space wind drifted them across the start to the unknown.

After about six hours of drifting in space they were finally rescued.

The Fairies and Anti-Fairies were rescued by the space ship: Star track, the crew first thought that they all were aliens, so adapted them on board, Anti-Cosmo and Jordan explained what happened and asked for a trip home since the sips have all last there energy, they were only designed to hold a certain length of time out. Not forever. The startreck crew agreed and flew quietly to the unknown black hole that suddenly appeared.

"Guy's that is the way home," Jordan said.

The Startreck people flew straight threw the black hole, not showing the slightest bit concerned for their safety, but more for the adventure behind it. Anti-Cosmo as well as everybody else started to go to bed, it was a very tire ring trip. All except for Jordan he watched very carefully after them making sure nothing will go wrong. After flying on the ship for 2 more day's they found Fairy world again. everybody cheered and thanked the star track crew. As the last Fairy and Anti-Fairy was off the ship Jordan got a forget pen and flashed that into the star track eyes. A short while later the ship vanished.

"Wow, what an adventure," Everybody said happy.

All except for Poof and Foop. They quietly flew of to a hidden spot and started making-out again. They both knew they are in love for all eternity, nobody, not even the Fairies or Anti-Fairies could tear their love apart again. It was definitely stronger then ever.

It had been a few months after the incident. Poof and Foop were still together and were getting married.

On the day of the wedding Poof was pacing back and forth in her room nervously. She had on a beautiful light violet wedding dress with pink diamonds stitched into it. Her flower bouquet had light green, violet and red roses in it. As Poof got her hair and small amount of make-up finished she looked even more beautiful then ever.

"I hope you and Foop will be happy forever Poof," Wanda told her daughter.

After the incident with the ship Wanda wanted her daughters happiness to be her one priority, seeing her daughter date her counterpart Foop left for every Fairy and Anti-Fairy a bitter taste in their mouth. Poof was just putting on her veil as the door knocked.

"Come in," She said happy.

To Poof's surprise it was her mother and her mother-in-law, Wanda and Anti-Wanda. They both gaped at Poof's beautiful dress. Wanda had on a pink dress with red crystals stitched into the fabric and Anti-Wanda wore a grey dress with a few small red crystals stitched into the fabric.

"Oh my god Poof, you look so beautiful. Are you sure you still want to go threw with it, we can still claim that you broke your foot and can't marry Foop," Wanda tried to talk her daughter out of it.

"Now Mrs Fairywrinkle Cosma, Foop loves her with all his heart and so does Poof. We approve of it very much, our children's happiness should be on the first position," Anti-Wanda said.

"Thank you for accepting me as your daughter-in-law Anti-Wanda," Poof said happy.

She hugged both of her mothers, then there was another knock on the door. It was her father Cosmo.

"Hi Poof, ready to get married?" Cosmo asked his daughter.

He was in a black tuxedo as well, Poof nodded, Wanda, Anti-Wanda, Cosmo and Poof poofed them all to the coach and drove up to the church to have the dream Wedding Poof was so badly hoping for.

With Foop.

Foop has recovered nicely from the traumatic experience from the RIP, he loved all the dates he had with Poof as well. On one of the Friday the 13th he proposed to Poof, she beamed with happiness and accepted to be his wife, a month later their wedding took place, now Foop was in a light blue tuxedo, his father standing next to him in a black one with each a black rose in there button hole. Anti-Cosmo was still not a bit happy that he was having Poof as a daughter-in-law, but it could be worse.

"I'm proud of you Foop," Anti-Cosmo started his conversation with his son.

Foop looked at his father confused, he would have bet his dad would have bitten his head of before allowing him to get married.

"I'm proud, because you followed your heart, instead what others told you or Poof to do. As well it was very smart how you escaped the RIP with your life. I'm very happy that you plan to spend every day of your life with her," Anti-Cosmo told his son.

"Thank you father. I really do seriously love Poof very much. She is like a very rare black crystal with a violet flame inside of her," Foop said happy.

The 3 headed family drove down to the church where they meet up with the rest of the family. Anti-Mama Anti-Cosma, Mama Cosma, Wanda, Cosmo and even Timmy and Nega-Timmy came for the wedding. Both humans were now 37 years old and very excited for the wedding of their god family. Foop floated outside of the church waiting for Poof to turn up.

Both Poof and Foop held their hands as the Fairy priest came in.

As the Fairy Priest looked up he saw Cosmo and Wanda before him, his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Ah Mr Cosma and Mrs Fairywrinkle, here to renew your vows?" He asked excited.

"Um no lord, they are standing in front of you," Wanda pointed out.

As the Priest looked closer to the front, adjusting his glasses he saw Poof and Foop in front of him.


Suddenly behind him the cross has been lifted and slammed on his head, the Anti-Priest just came in and made sure his counterpart doesn't ruin this ceremony.

"Priest now calm down, that's why I am here. We have to do the Anti and Fairy vows together," The Anti-Priest said.

"Ok, names?" He asked adjusting his classes to see the book.

"Miss Poof Fairywrinkle Cosma and Mr Foop Anti-Fairywrinkle Anti-Cosma, soon to be known as Mrs Poof Cosma Anti-Cosma and Mr Foop Cosma Anti-Cosma." The Anti-Priest explained.

"Ah yes... ok. And we have the rose and book here as well as the candles. Well Foop Anti-Fairywrinkle Anti-Cosma begin your vows, first you have to hold Miss Cosma's hand and say them to her face," The Fairy Priest said.

Foop nodded, he faced Poof and saw she had a sweet blush across her face, he was feeling very warm and happy as well, quickly without making a mistake he said his vows.

"Miss Poof, from the first day our book began,

we hated each other we were no fans,

dough we have a candle to light your way

I was scared to not make this word play,

dough our love is like this rose

it only goes to show,

that a Fairy so true as true can be,

can even love a hated Anti-Fairy like me,

I ask with this ring and my life,

will you become today my wife?" Foop spoke exactly.

Everybody chuckled, it was such a sweet vow from Foop, he was happy that the last minuet practice worked. Poof blushed as well before starting hers.

"Mr Foop, I thank you for that sweet rhyme,

I hope that in time,

we start seeing more of each other,

and continue to love one another,

I don't know what I would do on that day,

if you would suddenly have gone away,

dough you can be a black band,

will you become today my husband?" Poof asked.

Everybody chuckled, as Poof and Foop said their vows they looked at the priest, he was turning his finger in a circle. They didn't understand what he meant with it.

"You two have to answer your questions," He explained.

"Oh sorry, I do Foop," Poof said happy.

"I do too," Foop said smiling.

"Ok, has anybody got anything against this reunion they may speak up or forever hold their peace," The Priest asked.

Foop was ready to blast anybody out of the room who dares and stop this perfect day, but nobody spoke.

"Then with the power invested in me, I pronounce you now husband and Anti-wife. You may kiss each other," He said.

Poof and Foop smiled widely as they kissed each other passionate. Then they went with everybody following them, spraying confetti all over the place, then they all walked of to their wedding venue.

And they both lived-happily ever after.

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