(Previously on Regular Life as a Teenage Child)

Sensei wu: queen Elizabeth cordially invites you to the wedding of Prince allen and... (gasp in horror, after sees the letters along with his brother.) Out cousin?!

Heather dawn: (take off the helmet and smile) tommy, Marmaduke Wellington! Ah, I've missed, you, guy.

Sensei wu: How dare you not tell me in person that you were getting married!

Heather dawn: A threat has been made against Atlantis. queen elizabeth asked that I help provide additional protection.

Lord garmadon: But I'm still pretty ticked you're marrying somepeople I don't even know.

Heather dawn: Prince Allen is Allen.

Misako: allen is only the most amazing person ever!

Prince allen: I hope I'm not interrupting anything important.

Emma wu: allen, it's us, emma, misako!

Prince allen: (uninterested and walk to heather dawn) Uh-huh.

Heather dawn: And I think I should wear it.

Prince Allen: Are you disagreeing with me?

Sensei wu: He's evil!

Lords garmadon: We saw him put a spell on our cousin that made her eyes go all (wu's eye do bells jangling)!

Heather dawn: allen hasn't been casting spells on me. He's been using his magic to heal me! If I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all.

Sensei Wu : We just lost a cousin. we're sorry!

Prince allen: You will be (ring of green fire, which engulfs Wu and garmadon in a sphere of energy. While allen walking out of the room as the sphere and Wu and garmadon sinks into the ground.).

(Theme song)

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