(The prologue start with darlyn fix her flying hover bike, when finn come to asks.)

Finn: darlyn, i tell you about the blood sins.

Darlyn: who is blood sins?

Jake: the blood sins is the rival of king rogue, who steal the rainbow heart gems.

Darlyn: (shocked) Oh no.

(Theme song)

(The episdoe start with the newsgirl talk to audience with microphone, the scene changes to turbo/king candy along with his henchman driving to casablanca, cut scene to Casablanca nightclub---the Cafe Au Lait Americain, where jeans stole the A German secret document to run inside, cut scene to nightclub, where all people singing while Finn and jake playing piano.)

Finn: ♪who got trouble♪

All: ♪we want trouble♪

Jake: ♪how much trouble♪

All: ♪too much trouble♪

Finn & jake: ♪don't you found just knock on wood (Finn knock in his head with mallet) who unhappy♪

All: ♪we're unhappy♪

(Jeans run to keith)

Jeans: mr keith, keith.

Keith: (angry) what.

Jean: you need to hide stolen document.

Keith: you have to hide it.

Eren: nope, big deal i cant to hide it.

Jean: i not sure (laugh goof.)

Eren: nope, i ain't to-

Jeans: well i will give your new arms

Eren: really give me that paper (he get a stolen document, scene to pilaf walk along with his daughter Samantha)

Jeans: ohh, i tat i taw a two crazy people. (While pilaf and Samantha still walk, then roshi sees sam) i did i did a two crazy people (laugh goof)

(Scene changes to pilaf give Samantha a chair, when master roshi run to sam)

Master roshi: ahh, my little sweet girl it is loving too (kissing at sam, while pilaf angry)

Pilaf: hey, get off my daugter, you little b*tch (she take out her knife and attack roshi, while goku get freak out by sam attack him and throw into wall.)

Master roshi: she is shy, you know

(Scene changes to Annie still stay on door like doorman, when she hears knocking door. Until she open the door who slapping Annie by turbo/candy king's car run inside while Annie survives door slap has injured body)

Annie: (dizzy laugh) i tat i taw two people (while her tooth fall down)

(King candy/turbo walk to stair, while his hecnhman blow the horn)

King candy/turbo: I'm General Pandemonium!

Eren: I'm Eren, i don't want to give you.

(King candy/turbo take out jean)

King candy/turbo: let sees that gut told me now (laugh)

Jean: don't mind me (laugh)

King candy/turbo: i want that paper and i want it now (jean run off)

Eren: i gonna kill you (attacking and kick King candy/turbo out) i hate him.

Pilaf: i will be right back. (Walk off)

Samantha: it been a long time, Finn and jake (they sees sam; Finn and jake screams) could you play my favorite song. (Finn press the tiles from piano)

Eren: i told you don't play that song.

Finn: nope, (shout) she made me do it IT WAS HER, HER, HER, HER (jump down while he put all the sign; eren sees Samantha in the last episodes)

Eren: hey i remember now (in all flashback, he and friends goes to train) her where my letter.

Darlyn: it right here (the things fall onto them, while eren read the note and the fake rain was Kai accidentally put on the fountain water with his head and they pull Kai.)

Eren: sam (the flashback end, while Eren got drunk about sam) i remember now, i found the girl named Samantha, when i tries to save pan.

Kai: yeah, i had girl for once (he drink the alcohol as they sees sam arrives.)

Keith: his your own, woman (sam attack and kick him out) ahhh! Ow!

Samantha: (to Eren) Yeager please help me they arrest my father, General Pandemonium think may know about that stolen document?

Eren: my friend can't not go (sam cries as Eren get angry at them) hello pals

Kai: (grulp) nope! (Scene end, while what if song play.)

(Scene to Mystery shack)

Stan: what, why are you talking about!

Kai: we about the document was the one. When sam told us.

Stan: gangs come (The knight and friends then arrives at the Mystery shack. They jumps from his horse onto Stan's shop, landing headfirst in the dirt. Darlyn then helps them up.) slicer you gonna save my daughter.

Kai: your daughter.

(The scene changes to town, where Katie save the orphan girl from the two killer as She then quickly fleas the scene. The killer chase them and fire their guns, but their aim is way off. Katie then throws a grenade, destroying one of the killer cars. Katie then prepares to shoot the killer car, but at that very moment, she sneezes. This turns her back into a sweet, innocent girl. The killer then got out of their car to murder them)

Finn: Katie, Katie where are you

Katie: help! Help me. (They jump off the ship.)

The killer: what who are you.

Darlyn: (attacking them) don't mind me.

Katie: thank you for saving me.

Finn: now let get you home, if your dad gonna scold you for good.

Katie: okay i will.

(Scene to General's office)

Candy king/turbo: i want that answer and i want it now.

Pilaf: who many time i have to tell ya, i don't have document.

Candy king/turbo: you really expect me believe that.

Eren: hey leave me alone.

Candy king/turbo: all right boy, let fight.

Eren: you going this all wrong pals (throw pilaf out of chair and put Candy king/turbo on chair as Eren switch cole as officer)

Cole: it that true for stealing the girl

Candy king/turbo: i can't explain (Cole switch zane as cop)

Zane: you're under arrest

Candy king/turbo: oh no! (Zane switch darlyn and lloyd as two child.)

Lloyd and darlyn: that here mommy, that stupid old man who pop our ballon (cries; Candy king/turbo whip off the sweat with tissue as they knock him with her lollipop then they switch jay as woman)

Jay: that him officer,oh you rude (slap Candy king/turbo on his face with bag inside Anvil and switch Kai as Judge)

Kai: General Pandemonium how do you feel.

Candy king/turbo: I'm Guilty I'm guilty (run into prison)

Eren: mr lazlo have play to catch.

Darlyn: bon voyage. (Candy king/turbo gasp and sees a clown woman)

Candy king/turbo: ahh! (Gulp)

All: ahhahahah!

Young Angela: help

Kai: Angela, who are you.

Blood sins: I'm king blood sins.

Darlyn: he's right it was real. (Blood sins use his lava blood breathing at them)

Shadow Ninja: Agh! No more fighting! (kills all of the Ninja and laughs evilly)

Kai: (screams like tom cat)

(Heroes fall dead. Angela run up to them and try to wake them up.)

Young Angela: Get up! Help me Please, wake up!!

Blood sins: Goodbye, little girl! The earth shall be mine! (fours a shadow ball and throws it at Angela who use her power from them)

Clark: (obtains an Earth shield and sword) No! I have No idea!

Shadow Ninja: Oh, please! I'm the creator of Darkness! What coward could possibly defeat the powerful Fear?!

Young Angela: (eyes glowing) The creators are us!

(Angela transforms into a queen ocean)

Blood sins: (shocked) No, no way! You guys can't have power too!

Oceana mermaid: You will never kill anybody again!

Kai: (Groans)

(Angela uses a sort of telekinetic power to control blood sins.)

Blood sins: Whoa! Oh, No! She got into our secret sauce, bro! It's all over! Long live the queen!

(Angela moves all of the Blood sins into lava, then crashing)

Kai: thank.

Darlyn: no time, we got all friend to save the castle of Isabella. (Castle cover with lava, while all people are inside.)

Finn: let save them.

Jake: with friends

Robin: let go (scene changes to wall was smash into hole by eren who bring them with his friends, while bella on Finn's shoulder)

Finn: hold on tit, if you fall you will died (Bella hug Finn)

Sir slicer: go on (push them off; they screams)

Finn: hey, no pushing.

(Scene to ballroom, where they panic in terror)

Darlyn: okay i will save you all.

Queen Isabella: please, I'm sorry to tries to angry at you please save us!

King Adam: i told you so! (Darlyn grab them and they exit the castle, scene changes to outside where the heroes tries to remove lava acid)

Kai: i cover idea.

Zane: there has to been somethings that we stop.

Preacher: too powerful to create the lava acid, soon blood sins become too strong and strength, I'm afraid the quest is doomed and there nothing like.

Queen Isabella: I'm really mess up that thing?

King Adam: you're the bad woman!

Princess Bella: not it off, daddy!

king Adam: yes, sweetie.

Candy king/turbo: help me (they gasp, when they sees Candy king/turbo was running from lava acid) the hot slime! (He jump off the cliff into the ocean water as he tries to swim and water goes onto the lava acid) I'm a king, i can't do like this (sees lava acid was turned into stone by ocean, until lava acid Still chasing Candy king/turbo.) ahh!

Lloyd: that stuff turned into stone and is ocean!

(They uses tornado of creation wave at the base of the island, causing a massive wave of water to flood the island and turn the lava acid to stone.)

Kai: we did it, yeah!

Darlyn: i told you so (a giant blood sins burst out of the ocean; they screams)

Zane: every have i idea!

Lloyd: we better run! (They sees blood sins was turned into stone, due to he too is solidified by ocean. Darlyn and lloyd blast him to smithereens, destroying him once and for all,.)

King candy/turbo: please, help me.

Katie:offers, but in exchange for 100 million zeni (king candy/turbo shocked and sinked)

Emmet: remember, Katie told me (they all laugh at king candy/turbo was swimming away)

King candy/turbo: you will pay for it the teammates crew!

(Scene to airline, where they arrives.)

Kai: now, pilaf i gave it now (pilaf take it and read it)

Pilaf: this is gonna be rich!

Pilot: Attention, everyone you're all going to Toronto, New York City and Cucamonga. ALL THE BOARD!!!

Samantha: eren, i know how to leave you again.

Eren: listen, sam if i sees you again.

Mai: yeah, yeah don't mind me.

Shu: (grab Samantha) gonna go, gonna go.

Pilaf: say goodbye, dear.

Samantha: goodbye. (Airplane door is closed by shu, as the plane flies away, scene changes inside, when they sleep as well. Until Samantha sees Louis on the plane working as a steward)

Master roshi: Coffee, tea, or moi? (Sam screams and she flees and jump off the plane)

Samantha: EREN!!! (Eren save her by catch her, after his arm grown back) oh thank (they They kiss, while the parachute opens, covering them)

Eren: hey, my arm is back.

Samantha: oh eren. (Scene end, while Om nom sleeping play, scene changes to Angela still mermaid)

Angela: oh, I'm so sad about curse (sees Kai and friend was captured by sensei wu.)

Kai: please help (sensei wu kicked them into truck)

Angela: kai!

(The scene cuts to a moon shot above. Below, Shirtless injured Kai is seen lying down and His friends is seen staying on the corned)

Kai: (to scar on his arm) How's it going, guy? Is any of this helping?

(His Skin falls off kai's arm.)

Kai: I'm gonna forget you did that. Right in the vault, i died.

(The song "Lost in the memories" starts to play. Finn's flower arm suddenly grows to a huge tree)

All 6: Whoa, whoa, whoooooa!

(Nude angela is seen shocked and staring. The injured bodies grows up until the air until it explodes. Kai is seen with the remaining bark covering his arm. He rips off the bark to find his arm covered in blood. He flicks the blood off. His arm has fully recovered has a digital watch,like his friends)

Kai: (Dances with joy) Yeah! Whoo-hoo, I'm free! I'm free!

Sensei wu: (Waking up) What the f*ck? Oh, hey! Student, you got your suit back! (Freedom his studnet)

Kai: (laughing) Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Angie...

(A flower is seen falling on Angela's head. Angela takes the flower, and the episode ends right after she kisses it; wu screams in horror.)

The end?

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