(the prorogue start with kai is wearing a wrestlersuit, so he walk to save them but fails as darlyn and lloyd survives attack by fighting a monsters to be lemonhope.)

kai: (gasp) you're not afraid beging attacked.

cryptkeeper: you won, don't you think (a vistor come) welcome?

darlyn: (gasp and tap kai) brother?

kai: what (sees lemongrabs, screams) huh?

lemongrab: where is lemonhope! (shoot laser at darlyn, when kai save her by pushing Darlyn as he got injured by lemonhope's enemies to kidnap lemonhope.)

finn: kai! your feet.

kai: what, i have injured (screams) NOOOOOOOO!

(theme song)

(the epsiodes start on kai's shoe, finn and jake walks up to a rotten, bleeded foot)

jake: (sniffs) Blegh

Finn: Your feet looks bad, Mr. smith. It smells like a garden shed in here.

Kai: (groans in pain)

Jake: kai,friends, I think you have to go Hospital.

kai: I can't go Hospital., finn, Jake. You gotta take care of it.

Jake: (sighs) Just go Hospital, dude. (approaches rotten foot)

Finn; Okay. Easy does it, jake. (jake presses against tooth)

Kai: (screams like tom cat)

Finn & jake: (screams)

All: (screams)

Kai: (panting) ow!

jake: (exiting mouth) This is so bad.

finn: What did sensei wu say when you showed then?

(Flashback begins. the doctor looks inside Kai's mouth.)

Young kai: Ahhhhhhhhhh. i want the reward!

adult wu: Hmm. kai, this is literally serious. You have to go Hospital.

Young kai: NOOOOOO!

(Flashback ends.)

Jake: smith. You. Got. To. Go. Hospital.

Kai: (running out) Nooooo! I'm too strong for the world! (falls off bridge, crashes through the roof of the caferoom room) I don't want to go Hospital, Guys. The put you in a hole filled with mouses and rotten muds and they leave you there.

Jake: Come on, Mr.Smith. It's not that bad.

Finn: (sighs) Okay.

(Scene cuts to The teammates crew dangling by a rope over a well.)

All 6: (screams)

Jake: Right?

(Jean dumps rats into the well while another Survey crops scoops in rotten mud. Eren gestures for finn and Jake to let go of the rope.)

Finn: Whup!

All 6: (screams as they falls to the bottom of the well) ow!.

Darlyn: (cough) sorry!

Kai: This isn't so bad... (Their bags lands next to them) hey! Wonder wh—

All 6: (screams)

(The floor gives out and They plummets further down the well and through a tunnel until he lands on a pile of sand in the Titan Nation.)

Kai: Soft sand. (turns and sees a titan) Titan.

Titan: Welcome to Hospital, cadet. (salutes) I'm lieutenant Gamergate. (sniffs) Rats and rotten muds. A common mistake—you were expected to arrive with snacks and a flashlight. Either way, you're here.

Zane: So... doctor is titan?

Gamergate: Doctor is doctor, cadet! Drop and give me twenty!

Jay: I don't have any money.

Gamergate: Funny friends goes doctor, huh? The queen's office is in the royal room.

(They Walk into the room and up to the door.)

Kai: Door. (opens door and turns the chair around to face them; it's empty) Hmm.

Queen: Listen, I wasn't here when you came in. I'm a very busy woman. (sits down, swivels chair to face the wall, then swivels it back to face them) Hello. My name is General Tarsal. I am the current queen of this regiment, and please have a seat.

(They sits down as best they can in the cramped room.)

Queen: As a first-time recruit, I'm confident that you have no idea what you're doing here.

Kai: My foot hurts.

Queen: Let's take a look at your file. (opens drawer, takes out folder) Ahh, you're a fighter! (to herself) We could use a fighter.

Darlyn: His feet hurts.

Queen: What? Of course it does. Let me explain. You have gone doctor. That means that you will server a brief tour of duty, and in exchange we will provide full hospital rehabilitation. You will be on the front, fighting monsters. Monstrous monster titan!

All 6: Titan.

Queen: The titan are employed by the slayer.

Kai: Titan.

Queen: Work for the slayers. You fight them; we'll threat your foot.

Kai: Me.

Queen: Yes, you! (opens map) Your mission is to secure this junction at all costs. Upon completion of service, you will be sworn to absolute secrecy. The slayer have spies everywhere. Deceptive spies!

Kai: Heh heh. (imagines a deceptive dressed like a spy)

Queen: These worms are no joke, so you'll be assigned a partner. Ah, let's see... Cadet... Your sister and friends.

All 4: Sis?!

Karen: (in Their's mind) B*tch! You, I'm gonna kill you!

Kai: That woman wants to kill us!

Queen: Tough nuts, that's doctor.

Loudspeaker: Cadets, dinner is being served in the mess hall, central hill subtunnel eight.

(They go their way through a tunnel to the mess hall. A doctor serves them a pile of granulated rice.)

Jay: Hm. Do you have anything less food?

(The doctor spews steak and falls backwards.)

Jayna: Hey, b*tch! I'm gonna kill you!

Kai: (sighs) (to himself) Doin' it for my tooth. (sits beside them)

All 6: (growls and beats their chest) Ruff! Thought so. (shovels food into their mouth)

Cole: (sighs( Hey, uh, sis. Um. So how are you doing, Colena?

Karen: Yeah, I lost my body parts eating the Deadly apple. It's a lot of poison, right?

Lloyd: Oh. Did you already know what doctor is?

Karen: See, this is a good example of why I want to kill you. You're ignorant. (pokes Darlyn between the eyes) Heed my words, Guys. As the miller's wheel forever outrages the seed, so the good fruit boringly receives his neighbor's worm.

Darlyn: (quietly( The hey?

Karen: And all the corn gets smushed to grease—to grease under the miller's fleaping wheel.

(They stares.)

Suzane: You're getting greased!

Zane: Pleas, look. We gotta work together, right? Why don't we let bygones be bygones.

Colena: Bygones? Ha! (points to peach) That's you. Bye! (smashes peach with tray) Gone!

Kai: (sighs( Do you want my peach?

Colena: Bye-gone! (smashes Cole's peach)

Gamergate: Hey! Stand down, cadets! Retire to your bunks!

Colena: Tonight, light's out. Tomorrow, your eyes out! (Scene end, while i tat i taw a puddy tat play.)

(The next day, Kai is sleeping on soiled,then wake up as eren landed on him)

Kai: (groan) eren, what happend to you

Eren: because, he think i don't have my arms, i injured (brought a little girl, who revealing herself to be Angela)

Kai: what happen to her?!

Eren: she be cursed with young body

Young Angela: oh no, I'm young again you gonna help me

Kai: don't worry angie, i tell them.

(Scene to The teammates crew,agents of R.E.S.C.U.E and them exit their room. Kai throws his sword out and follows after it. Karen reaches for it at the same time as Kai, and the two bonk heads.)

Kai: What the stork, sis? This is my special things. Why didn't you take one of those titan swords they offered you back there?

Karen: I don't need some fancy thinger to kick asshole b*tch when I've got these! (raises fists) You know about these?

Kai: No.

Karen: You will. Anyway, I just kinda wanted your weapon 'cause it's pretty cool, I guess. Whatever. I'll get it soon enough... from off your dead corpse, you chump! (laughs)

Kai: (sigh)

(They continue walking.)

Kai: Hey, Sis... you know, we're really not so different, you and I.

Karen: bull****.

Kai: Well, we're both friends with Us, and that's something, right?

Karen: I was friends with you,nya and our couson kate. Then some baritone herb stole me away from you.

Kai: tom didn't steal you. We're broth—

Karen: And when that snow-white young woman is finally dead, Our parents will be devastated.

Kai: it was Marlow?

(Karen imagines She crying on kai's shoulder at Their parents's tombstone.)

Karen: I'll need a shoulder to cry whiny, Parent-style tears on, and that shoulder will be mine— me's! Then tom can get busy with undoing your cheesy influence, plus more! With his help, Our dad will become the criminal juggernaut he was always meant to be!

(In Kai and karen's imagination, a giant Clown vampire roars and beats his chest over a city, while helicopters with searchlights hover nearby.)

professor tom: We won't just be robbing banks anymore.

(Thomas grabs hold of two buildings and rips them off their foundations.)

professor tom: We'll be robbing the actual banks. The whole banks!

(Thomas swallows the buildings.)

Karen: You get it? They gonna steal actual whole buildings.

Kai: Yeah, I get it.

Karen: So don't tell me we're not so different, okay?! We're opposites, you and me. Oil and goody-goody snow-white baby-vanilla bean mitten water! Go, Sister! (runs off)

Kai: (unsheathes sword) Hey ,that nut's gonna try and stick me while I'm not even looking. (sees thier reflection in the sword's gem) Don't even stress it, Kai. You're Kai smith, man. You got this. (sighs) Man, I hope so.

Karen: Kai! Get in here, quick!

(They catches up with Them.)

Lloyd: The junction.

Sarah windmill: There's something moving in the walls. It was like (imitates sound).

(Suddenly, the walls rumble, and three giant titan break through, roaring.)

Kai: Wall titan! Holy moley!

(They prepares to stab Them in the back with a dagger. They turns around.)

Kai: Damn it, Sis, not yet! We got to work together to beat the tit! Here they come!

(They slices off one titan's head, while They punches and kicks another. The third titan comes up behind Them and prepares to lunge.)

Kai: Sis!

(They turns and shields themselves with their arms. They throws their sword into the titan's head. It falls on the road with a thud. They retrieves their sword and smiles at The,. More growling is heard.)

All: Oh, snap! Look out! They're coming in from the side.

(They each jump on a different titan. Kai runs up its back to reach its head while dodging titan breaking through the walls and lunging at them. Kai glances over at Karen doing the same. They reach their tian's head at the same time, and They stabs their's titan in the head. Simultaneously, They punches Their titan The titan worms fall. They land back on the road.)

Colena: You good?

Cole: his feet hurts?

(Another titan lunges at Them from behind. They grabs Them, and they duck as it passes overhead. It turns around and prepares another attack. They exchange looks and nod. They leaps off the road as They grabs his feet, letting Them slice the titan down the middle. They continue battling titan as a team. Afterwards, they rest while panting heavily, thinking it's over. However, one last titan, the biggest of them all, emerges from the floor.)

Kai: Damn! It's the head titan, and she's livid! I say we get the heck out of heeeeere—!

(The road crumbles beneath him, and as he falls, they smacks their head on the ledge.)

Young Angela: kai!

Kai: (hanging on to the ledge with them) Angela, quick! Pull me up! Quick, Please! I'm slipping!

(Angela slowly takes out her locket to say goodbye.)

Kai: Damn it, Please! Weren't you paying attention? We're two loev in a heart! We're not far friends. We're love! It's good, please. It's yummy!

Young Angela: Mm...

Kai: It's good for you!

Young Angela: (sighs) You're right, Kai. I can't bring myself to do it...

(Kai smiles.)

Young Angela: ...but I can't bring myself to save you, either.

(They is still smiling.)

Young Angela: Why are you still smiling?

Kai: Sorry. I didn't hear what you said. I was just gonna let it slide.

Young Angela: Look, you're—you're on your own. I'm sorry.

(Their's smile vanishes.)

Young Angela: Catch you on the flip, I guess.

Kai: Angie? (His hand slips) angel— (falling) nooooooooo!

(They falls into the titan's open mouth and lands on its palate. The lemongrabs coughs and gags Them back out with such force that they smashes their head against a stalactite, shattering all their skulls. They falls on Angela, who left her friends and brother, as pushing her into the titan's mouth.)

Young Angela: (screams)

(The titan snaps its mouth shut to death. When They opens their eyes, the hereos is back in the Titan Nation.)

Queen: Whoa! Easy, sir. Don't try to speak. Your mouth is full of corpses.

All: Huh?

(The corpse start leaving their body.)

Corpse: It's okay. We just finished up.

Kai: Ah. (smacks lips) What happened down there? Where's Angela?

Queeen: Well, the good news is the king titan was defeated, choked to death on some foreign object, presumably Cadet Angela, who is missing in death. which is the bad news.

Kai: (cries) angie...

Queen: But we didn't have to fi their body, which is nice news. But we did have to fix your foot, which is okay news.

Kai: (rubbing his foot) Huh huh. Aha!

Queen: So, on behalf of the titan nation, I'd like to thank you for your service, which is now concluded. As soon as you're ready, we'll get you stuffed back up there well with all the rats and mud.

(They reaches the top of the well.)

Lloyd: Oh my back.

(Everyone cheers at their arrival. A banner reads, "Welcome home Heores," and Mikasa and armin showers them with confetti.)

Mikasa: Welcome home, Everyone.

Armin: Yeah. Welcome home, eren.

Darlyn: Thanks, you guys! Everyone, you'll never believe it. It is actually awesome right, kai... Kai?

Kai: don't worry, i save you (fade screen, as scene end. While Kai has a comdom?! play.)

(Scene to kai's room, where kai can find out is angela was survives shoot by dolltaki.)

Kai: i remember now?

The end?

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