(The prologue start with a song come from, a locket from the staue it being.)

Emmet: (wake up) ah! I just a dreams (cut scene to blackflame manor, where emmet went)

(Theme song)

(The episode starts off showing the Museum of Natural of History. Inside, Ninjago Children are running through an obstacle course.)

Ninjago Children: (All screaming and cheering) Whoa-a-a!

Ninjago Child: That was awesome!

Ninjago Child 2: Lets go over there!

(All laughing and cheering continue as they slide down the obstacle course)

Ninjago Children: Whe-e-e-e!

Ninjago Child 3: Come on! Come on!

Ninjago children: Wow! Yay! Whee!

Ninjago Child: Whoa-a-a!

(They finish the obstacle course. The scene changes to Eren,mikasa,armin And The teammaets crew observing the allen family. Muffled cheering and laughter in the background)

Darlyn: Hmm. Why would I need to learn about allens families? I don't get it.

(Cheering and laughing continue as the scene changes to the Ninjago Children eating ice cream stick. Eren,mikasa,armin and The teammates crew observe them from the back.)

Jay: Well, they look like they're having fun.

Zane: (Scoffs) Real leaves aren't made out of candy. They always have a gross, bitter taste.

(The scene changes to the children now eating tacos)

Ninjago Child: Whee! (laughs)

Ninjago Child (Terry): Terry eats all the tacos!

Ninjago Child 2: Mmm! Ah, it's so good!

(Scene changes back to Eren,mikasa,armin and the teammates crew)

Lloyd: Ugh. That's gross, too. There's no way real tacos are delicious.

Cole: You think? I bet they taste great if you're a boid.

Eren: shut up!

(The scene changes to a close up of a the Serect of the gems wheel as it changes its image on it about every three seconds. professor tom appears to be teaching the Ninjago Children about the the Secret of the gems.)

professor tom: A baby girl named emma stronger was born in 1000. Then emma saw a gems called rainbow heart. Then emma meets her new friends. Then rainbow heart guardians create rainbow heart song note. Then rainbow heart guardians defeat crystal darkness. Emma stronger and percy flame had child named bella. rainbow heart guardians dies by blackflame curse, and they remains decompose into spirit, fertile soul And from that soul, a new human bursts to life. And then the girl named darlyn the descendants of emma stronger. And so the circle of life continues. This is a law of nature we call the the Secret of the gems.

(The shot zooms out where can visually see professor tom and the children at the the Secret of the gems wheel.)

professor tom: Isn't that fascinating?

Ninjago Child (Terry): Hey, professor tom, do sins fighters play football?

professor tom: No, Terry. They don't.

Ninjago Child (Terry): (Sighs) That's weak, Sir.

(Eren,mikasa,armin And The teammates crew, from the back, walk out.)

Ninjago Child 2: You guys, this is lame.

(The scene changes to The teammates crew walking to the snack bar. Indistinct sighing, complaining in the background)

Darlyn: No way We're eating a good food. Those kids are right. Whats the big f*ck about the Secret of the gems, anyway?

Kai: Lets hit the snack bar and eat something yummy.

(From behind, Emmet, up to no good again, uses his suit to transform Himself into star lord and join them into ship. Emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin and the teammates crew sing out the Electronic version of "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen.")

Emmet: Hey, this is pretty fun!

Eren: what the f*ck!

Lloyd: Hey, have you noticed you join us now?

Darlyn: I'm hungies.

(The camera angle pans down where an oasis is seen from a distance.)

Zane: Look over there. That oasis looks pretty good to me.

(Kai swipes a bunch of tacos on a leaf in the air.)

Kai: Bon appetit!

(The tacos which Kai swiped in the air now fall into his mouth.)

Kai: (Gulps)

Darlyn: Oh, ****, you ate those?!

Kai: Come on, kid. We're sweet, survival, and we get to eat good food. This is a unique experience.

(Jay,zane and cole swipes the tacos from another leaf into the air, and they eats it.)

Jay,zane and cole: (Gulps)

(Darlyn and lloyd throws up on the floor.)

Darlyn & lloyd: (Groans)

(The scene now changes to emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin and The teammates crew.)

Emmet: (Groans) Uh, how did We get so tired? We only ate one food. (Finn and jake run with goku. Who survives from frieza, and turned into baby)

Jake: Dude, you've been eating tacos for hours.

All: What?!

Finn: Yeah, you're a beast.

(The shadow of a flying titan is seen coming closer to emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin,Finn,jake and the the teammates crew. The scene switches to a flying titan trying to grab emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin,Finn,jake and the the teammates crew. All screaming, emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin,Finn,jake and the the teammates crew dodge from the flying titan claws to scratch eren's and emmet's leg. A beat plays in the background as emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin,Finn,jake and the the teammates crew try to running away.)

Emmet: Help us, Guys! Our leg's too broken to run!

Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd,darlyn,mikasa,armin,Finn and jake: Hide, EMMET,EREN!

(Emmet and eren cowers. The flying titan is now confused as Emmet and eren is hiding. It flies away, but it notices Emmet and eren escaping from their cowering position. Emmet and eren continues crawling but is too broken to levitate, not realizing that the flying titan is watching them. The flying titan then dives down to snatch up Emmet and eren.)

Emmet and eren: (Grunting and screaming)

(Just before the flying titan grabs Emmet, who shoot with a gun at flying titan? Talk about your close call...)

Emmet: (Grunts) There goes our din-din. Why am Our survives?

(Emmet and eren are now walking higher and eventually starts walking with Their friends.)

Emmet and eren: Guys!

All 9: Who are you?

Emmet: It's me, Emmet.

Kai: Damn, when did you both of you survives from death, it doesn't it matter let go find the gems and-? (Yawn)

Finn: Let go to sleep.

(Weak from sleep, They falls and hits the ground with a thud and build a bed. The scene changes to an Irish beat playing as They lies on the ground, sleepy as the sun sets before them.)

Emmet and eren: So alone. So tired. (weakly) The Law of Nature... has claimed this... bod... (Groaning weakly)

(Thus ends Emmet and eren sleep on their dreams and the scene fades to black. The scene now changes to Emmet and eren have dreams next about a bunch of zombie. The dream like star lord part 1,2 and 3. This time, Emmet and eren has escaped from a flying titan to zombie - trillions of 'em.)

All zombie: Yay! What a big turnout. Top notch! To decompose stuff! Yeah-h-h! We are so pumped! Yeah! (Sniffs) What's that smell?

(The scene has changed to a flying titan made out of fruits and food, which interests Zombie)

All zombie: Wow. It looks amazing! Yay! Yay!

(Wavy colorful lines appear shining out beside the titan.)

All zombie: Party time!

(The scene changes back to zombies.)

All zombies: So good! Awesome. This flesh went bad so well!

(Goku now appears as a kid in heaven, positioned out of the hundred Zombies)

Kid goku: You took it too far, man. I'm a kid, and I eat all kinds of horrible things. This is disgusting.

Zombie 19#: Come on, think of it as a conversation starter—like, "The other night, I ate the grossest thing I've ever tasted." You know, it's interesting. (Gulping)

(The scene changes back to the flying titan now already consumed by Zombies, little more than a skeleton.)

All Zombies: Whew! I'm full.

(A whooshing sound is suddenly heard. A strong breeze starts blowing as the Zombies grab the ground.)

All Zombies: Whoa! Aah!

(Some of the Zombies fly off, and the scene changes to a closeup of the zombies holding on to the skeleton of the flying titan.)

All zombies: Whoa! Aah! Whoa! Aah! What's going on?! Whoa!

(The camera angle goes through all the zombies, and the scene changes as the background color turns blue sky. Three clouds sprout, and Emmet and eren wake up with Finn and jake.)

Emmet: (screams)

Eren: (gasp)

(The song "We're Sins fighters" starts to play as the surroundings rapidly change from day to afternoon to night (a day is short to a plant). Eren,mikasa,armin,Finn,Jake,emmet and the teammates crew get eaten by zombies (as indicated by the "zombies" bubbles pointing to the swirly vortices eating away at their flesh), and the agents of R.E.S.C.U.E run in and kill the zombies just in the nick of time. The camera zooms into Kai's face towards the end of the song. Static ends the song (apologies for technical difficulties).)

(The scene changes. The first shot is the sun, and the surroundings are full of fire.)

All 11: (Screaming)

Kai: (Panting) i was a bad dreams?

Darlyn: It doesn't matter.

(As the camera angle pans to the side of emmet,Eren,mikasa,armin,Finn and Jake the teammates crew, another person appears in the distance.)

Jay: (Panting) Hey, look.

(The camera shows a closeup of Sarah's and Bella's face.)

Darlyn: It's another person. She's just a solider, guys.

(Back to the closeup of Sarah's and Bella's face, they starts to faint.)

Lloyd: Looks like they's gonna faint.

Bella and sarah: (Whimpering)

(Sarah and Bella finally faints and falls to the ground.)

Emmet: You see?

(They isn't there and appears to be trying to rescue Sarah and Bella.)

Jake: Huh. that must apply to all species.

(Now They are traveling together.)

Jake: Oh, I see. Their name is Sarah and Bella, and there's a famine near your town, so that's why you're out here searching for save their twin sister.

Bella: Yes, I have to hurry and save their twin sister. Otherwise, my friends is killed by queen Isabella. (Weakly) But I don't know if I can go on... (Thunk)

(Sarah faints again, and Emmet holds her.)

Emmet: Hold on, Now.

Jay: Jayna Where are you?!

(agents of R.E.S.C.U.E is seen in the distance. And not a moment too soon.)

Jayna: jay, Over here, we're little help here.

Queen isabella: shut up, now shoot them, emily.

Emily: aye aye-! (They carrying the car and throw at area)

Kai: now, it my turn to not kill our twin sister, what are gonna do, murder! (Emily take out the gun.)

Queen Isabella: not quite! (Emily shoot at them,fires at the teammates crew, but due to being so powerful.)

Kai: (grunt and stand up) what was that!

Emily: i through you dies!

Kai: you tries to killing them, she told us you tries to murder them.

Emily: I'm not murder, I'm detective.

(Scene end, cut scene to secret room,where all heroes are in)

Darlyn: wow.

Emily: (after seeing darlyn's Gemsdrop necklace) Oh, my goodness, it's a Rainbow heart! (pushes them away and takes the rainbow Heart)

Darlyn: Hey, give my anut back now!

Emily: your anut bella, you mean this?

Darlyn: (takes gemdrop necklece) yeah, nobody, could touch it.

Emily: i have, (take out the two rainbow heart) see.

Kai: you got to me kidding us?

Emily: there rainbow heart (they put all rainbow heart to created in table)

All: wow!

Emily: there are gems, and they are spread all around the world. that when they are all collected, we allow the owner to receive 10 wish. In My case, wish to become a angel.

Darlyn: i miss my grandpa?

(And with that, the scene changes to a heroes at the room, Kai wake up to sees a shadow and he walk to professor tom's room,gasping as Suddenly, frieza are shown behind Kai, killing and kidnap him.)

Finn & jake: (wake up, screams) it was a bad dream.

Kai: (wake up) ahhhh! What the f*ck is that!

Darlyn: KAAAIII (point at frieza)

(frieza looks up, smacks away Them. Then he picks up tom.)

frieza: Wake up.

(frieza shakes tom awake)

professor tom: Wa—Wait, I've changed my mind— (gasp)

(Tom is off from the walls—his dream self has died.)

Karen: professor tom, don't worry! I'll put him to sleep and get you back!

Kai: Sis! That means Frieza jacked our entry into The Citadel.

Jayna: Aw, no please, how are you gonna see her grandfather?!

professor tom: Hello? Who are you guys? Could any of you strangers tell me how to go home? I'm done with my nap.

Karen,jay,suzane,colena,sarah and bella: professor tom.

(Frieze stares at professor tom who he is still holding)

professor tom: I just woke up from my nap, but I'm ready to go back to bed. I'd like to go home and take a nap.

Colena: No, professor tom, don't talk to him.

(Frieza holds professor tom over him)

professor tom: Are you my son?

(Frieza exhales a deadly black gas into old man professor tom's nostrils. professor tom gasps and, in a grotesque display of gut-wrenching horror, turns to ash, undone by Frieza's unholy death magick. Thus ends mighty professor tom indeed.)

Karen: professor tom! No! (She inhales deeply)

(Enraged by Frieza taking professor tom's life, Karen turned herself into a Nrg nina version of her brother along with her friends. Frieza has done it now...)

Karen: b*tch! I'm gonna kill you!

(They starts punching their knuckles in a berserker rage. Frieza, proud of the life he has recently taken, starts to laugh evilly and mockingly. The cosmic crime—murdering a Wishmaster—committed, a space hole materializes like a television flickering on in the Time room, beyond it a Guardian from the Citadel, which, with a closed-eyed, emotionless face, does its duty as jailer and warden as it fires off its forehead crystallizer beam to cage frieza in a frozen crystal, cutting off his laughter. Such is the justice of the Cosmic Guard. They turned back to their normal state. The Guardian grabs the crystallized frieza, bound for the Citadel to rot in crystallostasis for the rest of eternity.)

Darlyn: Oh, dang! I think they're going to the Citadel! I'M COMING, NOOOOW!

(And with that, They charges full speed towards the recently crystalized frieza and therefore the space hole leading to the Citadel which, in turn, leads to his grandfather. The moment of truth—the moment the heroes adventurer had waited for all his life—has come. It's now or never for Them...)

(Scene end, cut scene to Angela's house, where Angela is sleep on sofa watching horror movie with her friends and the the male agents of R.E.S.C.U.E.)

All 14: (snoring themselves, while the mystery villain tip toe to them as they wake.) huh?, what the- (the lich evily laugh; they all screams as fade screen end.)

to be continued?

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