(Previously on Regular Life as a Teenaged Child)

Tragic witch: (sighs) Maybe we need something more hands-on. Hey, Kids, listen, that's it for class today,Okay, dude, we're going on a field-trip.

Male districts 50: Remember, emmet!

Tragic wotch: D'ya see? They helped you. You have to help them now. It's your responsibility.

Emmet: No! I don't have to do anything that I don't want to. They set me free, and free means I decide what I do, not them and not you!

Eren: i tries to keep the fang blades fom pythor want to revenge, here take it (he give emmet, a fang blades.) don't let pythor will see you.

Pythor: willi get you ninja (evil laugh.)

(Theme song)

(Epsiodes start with the Destiny's Bounty flies through stormy skies, Sensei Wu is meditating with the aid of his Spirit Smoke. The smoke shows him a vision of Pythor awakening the Great Devourer, causing Sensei Wu to come to a horrible realization.)

(Meanwhile Teammates crew and lover teammates crew are in the dining room, with the four Fangblades on the table.)

Nya: why they have to go all the way to Torchfire Mountain to destroy the Fangblades.

Kai: that the blades are made from the Great Devourer's teeth; only the hottest place in all of Ninjago will be able to destroy them. (Cole come, being sick.)

Cole: i gonna be sick, how no one expected him to be the star lord. (gulp and run to vomit.)

Angela: poor that guy.

(Cut scene to training room, where emmet is train)

Emmet: i did it. (Emmet is mocked by Pythor, who appears before him, simply ties him to a punching bag and duct tapes his mouth shut, Pythor cloaks himself once again and moves deeper into the ship.)

(The storm passes as the Destiny's Bounty arrives over Torchfire Mountain, where they meeting sensei wu)

Darlyn: why. Sensei is doing.

Zane: Sensei Wu is rather melancholy, prompting him to tell the ninja about his destiny.

Sensei wu: will not be able to see tomorrow.

(They walk to plank intol volcano, as they throw it,Pythor chooses that moment to sabotage the engines, jerking the ship to one side and throwing Sensei Wu over the edge,The ninja form a human chain to catch their teacher, kai hanging his foot.)

(Cut scene to training room, Emmet manages to get the tape off.)

Emmet: Pythor is aboard. (Back at the scene, Anacondrai General is on the deck, all four Fangblades back in his possession. Emmet arrives.) I'm gonna fight you.

Pythor: you can't defeat me. (but reveals that he's only stalling until lover teammates crew's Samurai Mech can join the battle)

Emmet: (although he does manage to kick Pythor in the face) yes, i did it.

(However, Pythor dodges the mech's attacks and jumps off the Destiny's Bounty, being caught by a Fangpyre Rattlecopter as he makes his escape. Kai's hold on the plank finally fails, but They catches their friends and takes them back to the ship.)

Pythor: we're never gonna make it.

Scales: don't worry sire. (specifically, the Serpentine have commandeered a tour bus and forced the driver to take them to Ouroboros.)

(At the Destiny's Bounty,emmet is carrying the weapon from the case.)

Sensei wu: if pythor return, he awaking the great devourer.

Emmet: what about me.

Kai: sorry, you stay with Lucy. (They the ninja summon their vehicles and pursue the bus.)

Pythor: minion, let give the, a ride (The Fangpyres use their venom to transform the bus into a train-like mobile fortress, which attacks the Ninja with its tail, side-mounted turrets, and a group of Bite Cycles. As Cole and Kai fend off the Serpentine vehicles, Nya and Jay draw the train's fire, allowing Zane to leap aboard the back car and detach it from the rest of the vehicle.)

Darlyn: no time to retreat. (As Cole and Kai fend off the Serpentine vehicles, Nya and Jay draw the train's fire, allowing Zane to leap aboard the back car and detach it from the rest of the vehicle.)

Sclaes: will never awaking the great devourer.

Pythor: faster.

The driver: can't,more effort will cause the engine to explode.

Pythor: get out.

The Driver: now.

Pythor: now (the driver jump of the train.)

The driver: oh i hate snakes!

(Pythor pushes the train to its limit. Despite the speed boost, the ninja still manage to board, and start battling their way towards the front. Skales personally confronts Cole in the second car, but the ninja simply summons his Tread Assault Vehicle and blasts the Hypnobrai General with its cannon. As the others gather with their ally, Sensei Wu leaps onto the front car and separates it from the rest of the train, declaring that battling Pythor.)

Kai: will never reach that.

Emmet: i have idea (Emmet uses the Bounty's anchor to carry the rest of the vehicle to Ouroboros.)

(Cut scene the overworked front car crashes in front of the city,Pythor takes the Fangblades over to the arena, where he plans to awaken the Devourer. The reptilian villain climbs into the mouth of the Great Devourer's statue at the head of the arena and places the Fangblades into the holes in the statue's teeth. With the Fangblades in place, the statue begins leaking venom, lighting up the Slither Pit.)

Sensei wu: what have you done, pythor, if the great devourer will awaking, Devourer will consume the Serpentine along with everything else (Unconvinced, Pythor continues to observe the ritual, declaring that he controls the Devourer because he awakened it. Suddenly, the statue crumbles.)

Pythor: what, this is not a statue, then where is it.

(the Ninja and Samurais, arrives while emmet is follow them.)

Emmet: hey wait up guys (chase after them, while the Slither Pit itself begins to crumble, revealing the Great Devourer underneath; pythor screams and tries to escape.)

Pythor: it so big.

Sensei wu: you shall stay, if you sees what have you done. (Holding down the panicking Snake King, Sensei Wu tells the ninja that this is his destiny)

Kai: what going on, what that creature underground.

Sensei wu: must do everything in their power to stop the Great Devourer, go ninja go.

Kai: what sensei.

(Slither Pit finally breaks down, and the Great Devourer bursts free, its massive body towering over the city as it roars and lunges at the screen.)

to be continued...

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